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This Sunday where Round brings great post from around the web. Recently Google has updated it Rage Rank and the buzz around the Panda 2.2 update. some believe that Google has been very fair with its Page Rank update this time around. There is a new mark up refer to as the Author Rank which shows the ownership of content been implemented by Google. Some believe it is a good thing which i myself share the same opinion. Read the post below and get more details on this and please share your views on this one. I would love to hear your views on Author Rank. 

(2) Google+ + +1 or Google Social and +1 Sharing – Google has rolled out some nice changes over the last few weeks, as an SEO and as a search user I have to say that I am really pleased and satisfied with their updates. So what are these updates I am talking about and what can we do with them? +1 Global ,Webmaster Tools and Analytics +1 Google+ ,Rel=”author” in search results

And I don’t count Page Rank update as one of the updates, if anyone wants to add I forgot about that in the comments. Of course this post is about sharing and social updates, we won’t talk about canonical headers and instant pages and other new updates like Google redesign

(3) 10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 3.2- WordPress 3.2 will be released soon (at the time of this writing, it is in RC1 which essentially means it is done and being tested). This is an exciting release as it marks the first release that drops PHP 4 dependency. For years, WordPress has opted to play to the lowest common denominator while hosts have taken their sweet time arriving at PHP 5.Of course, this may mean nothing to you, depending on your technical knowledge of the underlying language. However, it has limited the amount of innovation that could be possible using the more modern version of PHP 5.

(4) Manage Team Online Efficiently With TeamWox - Starting and managing a company is not easy as you need to manage employees along with the services which you provide.To help in organizing and managing work in your company you should try TeamWox Groupware.TeamWox enables organizing management production inside a company and makes them more transparent while making decision process easy.

(5) How Google’s Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever – Whiteboard Friday - It’s here! Google has released Panda update 2.2, just as Matt Cutts said they would at SMX Advanced here in Seattle a couple of weeks ago. This time around, Google has – among other things – improved their ability to detect scraper sites and banish them from the SERPs. Of course, the Panda updates are changes to Google’s algorithm and are not merely manual reviews of sites in the index, so there is room for error (causing devastation for many legitimate webmasters and SEOs).

That is this week Round keep sending in those post you want to get feature here that is for this week edition of Round up. Please share your thoughts on this weeks post and the new Google social Networking site. Do you think Google +1 has a future?

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    Auto Leasing Tipssays

    Google+ is really a plus for blogging. I was expecting this from GOOGLE, they are simply the best.
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  3. 3

    Hello, Great post. I have a question though. Does the number of Google +1s you recieve contribute to the authority of your, like does it help with ur page rank or where you you rank for your keywords?
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  4. 4

    Today in every website google plus votes is used.It is increasing their popularity day by day.If you want anything about google+ here I am showing a way to find google+ related blogs,article,forums etc.

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  5. 5

    Google+ really a popular thread today.Its create challenges with other social media like facebook etc.
    I am also a user of google+.Now a day every websites google+ likes are also most popular like facebook likes. Make

    new friends and connect your friends on google+.

  6. 6
    Lisa the Car Addictsays

    Yeah, we’ll see how it will come up in the future … cause Facebook is sucking SOOO much -.-
    Lisa the Car Addict recently posted..HALDENHOF REVIVAL: Around the Pit LaneMy Profile

  7. 7

    Googel + is really increasing their popularity ..thanks for your nice post..know more about googel plus here

  8. 8

    I see google+ votes is one of the top social stuff but here is also many site like that now its time to see their activities and how much they will satisfy us with their performance. will come here to see your reply, thanks.

  9. 9

    we see google+ votes is one of the top social stuff but here is also many site like that now its time to see their activities and how much they will satisfy us with their performance. will come here to see your reply, thanks.

  10. 10
    car leasingsays

    Thanks for this piece. This change in Google ranking affecting my page too and I keep wondering! I actually found your blog interesting. Hope to visit your blog often.
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  11. 11

    Promoting google+ votes is becoming a very hot business. Using these types of services could have negative or positive affects on SEO.
    We just have to see how google treats them. Another place to buy google plus votes is
    Will be interesting to see how this evolves over the next few months.

  12. 12
    dolphin hostingsays

    It seems google has reversed its recent page rank update. Is that ture? I have seen many website ranks are reversed.

  13. 13
    cheap designer handbagssays

    thanks Lawmacs these links really helps me to recover all other posts which i missed previously. i am going to read it briefly. thanks again dude.

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    Term Paperssays

    I am really amazed. Today I spent a lot of my spare time trying to find something interesting on this topic. Finally I found your site. Thanks for that!

    • 15

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment here it is much appreciated and hope this is not your last visit looking forward to your continued support here.

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    Auto Godsays

    i think these changes are great for blogging world….thanks for the share………..!!!!!
    Auto God recently posted..Ford Figo 1.4 Duratorq Diesel ZXI, Review, Price in IndiaMy Profile

    • 17

      I believe that too since the google panda update i have been seen some great results in term of traffic to my blog. thanks for your comments and welcome to my blog.

  16. 18

    Thank you for sharing these vital resources. I went through the author rank post and I am really happy to see anything like this being implemented to enhance search quality. I am in favor of the same and hopefully it should help me out too as I have done the needful.

    Keep up the excellent work and have a nice week..!

    • 19

      You are most welcome Aswani this week saw lots of post around the web which mentioned about the new Google +1 and the latest Google page rank update.

  17. 20

    Try searching for “noodp” in Google, you’ll find Matt Cuts as a “featured author”. The picture links to his Google Profile. Nice thing visually, too bad you have to add the microdata format to your website.

    • 21

      Having you gravatar in your search results is the next thing been featured by Google it is called Author rank where you are featured as the owner of the content

  18. 22
    Shabnam Sultansays

    Google+ will surely change blogging.

    Thanks bro for adding my blog link to your Sunday round up :)
    Shabnam Sultan recently posted..Apple To Offer iPhone 3GS Free With Two Year Contract ?My Profile

    • 23

      No problem Shabnam. I support your thoughts that google+ will change the way we blog i think it has already done that. lets wait and see what next as Google+ is still in its beta stage.

  19. 24

    Great roundup post! Thanks for putting them in one place.
    sanji recently posted..How to create a Push Button Effect in Photoshop and CSSMy Profile

    • 25

      Hi Sanji welcome to my blog thanks for stopping by and adding your voice to the debate hope you found these articles interesting and hope to see you around again.

  20. 26
    Adressen kaufensays

    I think google’s +1 is changing a lot in the blogging world. Thanks for this post!

    kind regards
    adressen kaufen

    • 27

      Thanks Adressen for stopping by and leaving your comment Google seems to be rolling out its plus one at full speed lets hope they get it right this time as it looks promising


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