Re-branding of Blog – be clear and move systematically

BrandingWhen we try to find out a solution to “How to re-brand your blog?” we have to get answers to many questions. It is easy to start a new blog, but it is not so to get rid of an old blog. Though the old blog a brand is already established and is popular among the customers. Hence changing the same all of a sudden cannot be a smooth transition. There may be a few readers of the blog who will welcome the change. But, there are going to be many who will oppose the change. Apart from that, a few among the customers may get confused. They may have apprehensions or suspicions. Hence the blogger who wants to re-brand his blog should ensure that the entire process must be a balancing act between those who agree with the change and others who disagree with it.

Convince the readers and get their feedback

Those who are caught up with the task “How to re-brand your blog?” must take the matter with the subscribers of his blog as the first step. He must explain in simple language as to why you want the change and what the change you want to bring. When the purpose behind the change or the reason for the change is clearly explained they are unlikely to get upset when the change really takes place. The blogger must converse with his subscribers and clear all their doubts. At the end of the conversation he must be in a position to take an assurance from them that because of the change they will not stop reading his blog. When the re-branding process is initiated with this type of a proper footing the readers are unlikely to be weary of the change.

Avoid drastic changes

The blogger must ensure that the re-branded blog should not look entirely different from the old version, but similar to the same. Instead of bringing all the changes simultaneously the blogger can adhere to a step by step process so that his readers can easily get used to the changes. He should ensure to maintain the basic structure of the earlier site.

Inform the readers one the process is over

The blogger should inform his readers once the re-branding is completed. He must tell them that the site will remain as it is now and he must explain them how the changes are going to help him.

Post the content only when the site is ready to go live

Exporting the contents from the old blog to the new blog must be the last step prior to making the new blog go live. The blogger should avoid posting of content on both the blogs simultaneously as it may create the impression that he has two sites. Unless the re-branded site is ready for the launch he should not think about exporting the content.

The blogger must be prepared to tackle the developments as a result of re-branding his blog:

  1. If he has too many fans on Facebook he will be forced to create a new page. A few fans may not like the change. The blogger has to find a way to get them back.
  2. A few readers will be disappointed by the change. The blogger has to convince them that he has no other option but to bring the changes
  3. The site may temporarily lose its search engine ranking till reindexing and updating by Google.

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  1. Nice tips for bloggers.
    In my opinion, i usually concentrate about content and my audiences as well, care about their needs.
    Thanks for your sharing.

    • You are right we need to concentrate on content creation and always write for your audience not search engines as it is the audience that will make are break your blog. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.

  2. Am with you on this one all the way especially where you addressed not making the new blog look entirely different. It will be strange to go to your favourite blog only to find that you have to start looking for buttons and other things you are used to because they have been moved. That could chase some people away.

    Nice post.

  3. Re-branding is a serious decision to make. I like the fact that you are, first and foremost, particular with the opinion of your audience and followers. It is, after all, set up to meet their needs and requirements. Indeed, they should have a say should you decide to make major changes on your blogsite or website.

  4. Never though of rebranding my own blog. I haven’t been here for a while but I noticed this blog has been rebranded. I looks amazing though. Very easy to navigate and articles are easier to follow. Great job!

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