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Google-page-speed-serviceOnce upon a time, everyone was logging on the Internet from a dial-up connection. Images were small; music lovers had to wait all night to download a song, and online videos were unheard of. While you can now add more elements to your web design thanks to broadband connections, search engines still take load time into consideration, perhaps because nearly half of your visitors will leave if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load. However, Google offers a tool called PageSpeed to locate problem areas of your site and decrease load time.
Using PageSpeed Insights
With this tool, it takes only a few moments for you to analyze your website’s load time and the specific elements, including CSS, images and JavaScript, that might be causing it to load slowly. Google looks at both the desktop and mobile versions of your website, which is helpful if you have different versions. PageSpeed Insights gives you a score out of 100, and mobile and desktop versions may not come up the same. Even Google’s own index has a 15 point difference between the two. This score isn’t a comparison of page speed to other sites, however. It indicates how much faster your website could load if you made changes.

PageSpeed Insights doesn’t require any personal information, and you can access it from the Google Developers site. The online tool doesn’t connect to other Google services like Webmaster Tools, but this allows you to check page load times for other websites to compare them to your own.

The tool breaks down on-page elements into those that pass muster, as indicated by a green icon, issues you should consider fixing and elements that will greatly reduce page speed once you optimize them. Elements with a yellow icon could help page speed, but the improvements aren’t necessarily going to make a big enough difference if it’ll take a lot of work to fix them. However, you’ll want to expend some effort and time to fix those red-flagged entries on the list.

One of the nice things about PageSpeed Insights is that it shows you exact file names and compression that you’ll be able to achieve by optimizing those elements.
PageSpeed Service
Google offers a product to webmasters to actually make the changes to your website and decrease load time by prioritizing content and creating caches. It’s available as a free trial, allowing you to experience those improvements. Google will eventually move to a paid model, and only some webmasters are accepted into the application program currently. PageSpeed Service is ideal if you aren’t intricately comfortable with using GZip technology or image compressors.

As it stands, you must create a DNS TXT record and edit CNAME information for your domain to allow PageSpeed Service access to your website. You may be able to achieve some of the same by resizing images before uploading or adding a plugin, however. If you want to use the tool, consider running a practice site first to get the feel of it.

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    Thank you for this nice post. Page speed is very important i think, and hosting location is also important for speed.
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    Google page speed so kick as my site running so so faster now its amazing truly

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    pia D'Aliasays

    website speed is more and more important for user….today.
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    Page Speed which really much needed for our website promotions as many website tools are available like pingdom etc but each one varies the count but Google tool which makes as to get more accurate results
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    Hi James, this Google Page Service sounds to be good to me. I haven’t heard of it before, but thanks a lot for explaining everything in details. I found your language quite easy to understand. Thanks a lot for sharing this post with us.

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    Page speed is very important. If your website is taking too much time to load visitors will not come to the website again just like you have mentioned. You will see a separate section about page speed in google analytics to optimise your page speed. Guess that what we should use to get the job done!
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    Very nice post,
    time is really important those days and speed of website can influence users a lot. If you can improve your website speed that can make your website success easier.
    Thanks for your sharing.

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    Shiv Saroyasays

    Great overview. Speed and responsiveness is definitely a key part of user experience.

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    Wonderful article! Particularly liked about printsepe work PageSpeed Service! Thanks for the info!

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    To attract users, website’s speed is very important.
    This tool is greally great and i use him often.
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    Narendra Kumarsays

    Hopefully there will be time when internet connectivity will be so faster that page speed factor wouln’t matter. But as of now page speed is very important for every website to survive in competitiveness. Internet users never want to wait for sites to load as they have thousands of other sites to watch for information they are looking for.
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    Nuts Onlinesays

    Time is very important in todays world and if you website is taking a lot of time than most probably your visitors will go away from your website.

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    Syed Qasimsays

    Google page speed really depends on your site. We need to have equality in page speed.
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    I also regularly check my site loading speed with PageSpeed Insights. It is a great tool. Fast site loading speed is very important as it helps to get good rank & Google also loves it.
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    kool design makersays

    We are living in the era where time is money and everyone want to save his/her money therefore in web or online business, website’s speed is very important and essential thing to get good response from users and to increase sale leads. Before read this post i was unaware that Google is providing these services “PageSpeed”. However i was aware about some speed checkers tools now i am goingt to use this Google tool to make my website’s speed more fast.

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    As we all know there are number of things are depend on page load time and if site is taking much time to loading then it could be hurt number of things for you in online marketing. So these are the tips which would be work more better to rectify this problem about page load time.
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