Smartphones and music: it was meant to be

Smart PhonesIt wasn’t too long ago when music lovers thought it inconceivable to part with physical mediums such as CDs or vinyl records in favor of digital files, but now most people seem to embrace the idea.  Digital music’s proof of the success came earlier this year when statistics showed that the music industry grew in 2012, in terms of the revenue generated.  Sure, it was not a huge growth being a mere 0.3%; however, it was the first time grown has been recognized since 1999, which makes it a huge deal for the industry.

So what is it about smart phones that make it so good for music consumption?

First and foremost, it offers a way for music lovers to really connect with digital music.  Music is often said to allow the expression of a person’s identity, and what better way to express this identity than through a device that you carry around pretty much 24 hours a day?

A Smartphone is not like a traditional mobile phone – you are able to choose the apps you want to have, the layout of the phone and customize many other aspects of its use, so that the device becomes deeply personal to you.  With providers like Mobi-data, you can connect to anywhere whilst on the go and listen to your favorite tunes whenever you like. So rather than a physical medium such as a CD, many people are now able to form a relationship with their smart phones instead.

Music services offered through smart phones have also come a long way since their first introduction.  Customers can now expect seamless operation when they download, stream or subscribe to their favorite music service, such as iTunes.   From helping to discover new music, buying it and also sharing tunes with others, the various apps available offer good functionality as well as competitive pricing.

Instead of being stuck with the same old tunes on your iPod or any other digital music player until you access a computer at home to download new music, you can now access your digital music shop wherever you are.  This is an incredibly powerful benefit for music fans that come across a new tune or artist when they are out and about, as they can find and buy this music right away.  This helps to ensure a steady flow of new music on your smart phone, so that you don’t get bored of what you are listening to.

Apart from providing easy access to music, listeners are also able to buy only the tunes they want, rather than having to buy the entire albums.  Again, this helps to personalize your smart phone device to reflect your musical taste.  It is no coincidence that the popularity of compilations have really increased in recent years, as digital devices such as smart phones have really helped the growth of using playlists, by making it easy and fun to find as well as compile your own list of music.

Last but not least, as well as being easy to use and extremely portable, today’s smart phone technology satisfies the fundamental requirement of offering good sound quality.  Music buffs are not hearing ‘digital’ sounds but real music, making smart phones an effective mood enhancer and an important way of experiencing music.

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     11 Responses

  1. 1
    Event Photographer Londonsays

    The smart phone has become the swiss army knife of devices. I couldnt live without mine. Travelling with your phone now is synonomous with music even whilst driving you can connect via bluetooth it just makes so much sense.
    Event Photographer London recently posted..Lonres Summer Party at Belgrave Square GardensMy Profile

  2. 2
    Amy Shawsays

    Our smart phones now run our entire lives and they are an essential tool in modern life. I have a popular wireless music system in my house and my phone now not only plays music but is my HIFI and I can have a different song playing at the same time in 4 different rooms.

  3. 3
    Rosalie Smithsays

    basically poratble mp4 player was the inventor of smartphone as researcher wanted to do more with phones.So from begining there has been a strong relation between smartphones and music and it can’t be denied.Now a days no body can think about smartphone without Music.
    Rosalie Smith recently posted..Pressgram: An Instagram-like Service that Posts Filtered Photos to Your WordPress SiteMy Profile

  4. 4
    Connor Harleysays

    Smartphones and music is the best relationship ever made and I’m sure everyone would agree with me.
    Connor Harley recently posted..Help with Setting up a BusinessMy Profile

  5. 5
    Oana Loredanasays

    I personally think that smartphones and music have a relationship by compatibility. Music lovers have the music on their smartphones. The best thing is its portability. Thanks alot for the post.
    Oana Loredana recently posted..Coloured MixMy Profile

  6. 6
    Anchit Shethiasays

    What makes me go berserk is that if Smartphones, say an iPhone can play music and videos and all the media things, why is iPod still in the market?
    By adding an extra $200, we get the iPod = Phone thing.

    And combining the iPod + Phone is making our life much more easier then just buying and iPod and carrying an iPod and a phone separate.
    Anchit Shethia recently posted..Micromax Bolt A61: Specs, Features and PriceMy Profile

  7. 7

    Smartphones and Music can be considered ” a must” for people those days especially young generation. They are totally match with each other and they make our life more beautiful.
    Thanks for your article.

    Stephan recently posted..Arcu: Responsive OpenCart template for your online storeMy Profile

  8. 8
    Ella Smithsays

    There are very few person in the world now ,which does not have love with his phone,They wake up with phone and sleep with phone.
    Enjoying songs on smart phone came up with idea showing in some early days stars Wars.
    Ella Smith recently posted..Web Host Prompts WordPress Site Owners Regarding their e-shop OptionsMy Profile

  9. 9

    Smartphones and music share an eternal bond with each other. They are the perfect match. All msuic lovers have received smartphones as their ultimate gifts from technology. They can enjoy their music even on the go now.
    James recently posted..Los Angeles, CA. 2014 Thor Palazzo New Riverside, CA. Phoenix, AZ. McMahon’s RV for $205,958My Profile

  10. 10

    I personally believe smartphones and music have an unspoken relation between them. Indeed, music lovers have found their very food for music in their smartphones. The best thing is the portability, they never have to part ways with their beloved tunes now. Thanks for sharing the post.
    Rey recently NEW LOOK!My Profile

  11. 11

    yes.. it can combaine and make our live beautifull
    merry recently posted..Judi Bola – Hodgson Akui Kesalahan Mengenai SturridgeMy Profile


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