Search Engine OptimizationThe year of 2013 has seen a lot of techniques in the marketing niche. The SEO being the number one in this category has seen many hurdles but still managed to maintain its value. It has provided immense growth opportunities to different online businesses. The growing internet and dependent businesses continues straight to the year 2014. To face and fight the stiff competition, various small agencies as well as individuals have assisted business groups to find a better way to present their business ideas to the common people and win more and more business deals.

SEO have allowed different businesses to utilise the search engine platforms in the most profitable manner. Various search engines have even considered changing their search techniques to lessen the number of people benefiting out of the search engine optimisation of keywords. The year 2014 is made tougher for different content creators as the search engine giant Google has thought of removing the access to keyword lists. Without this facility it is difficult for one to know the keywords and their high frequency in the search engines. But with quality content, content writers can go over the keywords with perfect interest things for readers.

Many of us may wonder what such things could be. The answer lies in:

  • the simple and easy to understand language
  • better website pages
  • better visuals
  • Better images and similarly an overall better presentation of the posts on online websites.

Role of social media:

Also, it is high time that one learn the importance of utilising the social media in this regard. Creating back links to a powerful content can drive leads in huge numbers. Colourful pages and written content can draw many such other readers who do not pay attention to pale coloured letters and lines.

Updating of content:

With the incoming of the new year, the search engine optimization have created the job of updating existing content and adding more colors as well as value to the web pages. This is important to cope up with the changing policies of the search engines. This can also increase the leads looking for fresh and new content over the web.

Removal of spams:

If one needs a successful search engine optimization, then he needs to remove or avoid spamming. Links which direct to spams and ineffective content must be removed. Hence, it is not just SEO, but a complete development of web portrayal in a newer and e


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  1. Well, social media has been pretty much influenced this time around. Also social media is a good way to promote yourself or a product. I am expecting some changes this year 2014 to come. Thanks for sharing this here.
    Claude Skye recently posted…SEO Training And CareerMy Profile

  2. I think that social media will be the major influence this year. I have started to implement SMO, as it is now known, and expect this to be a big factor in building my blogging business.

    Being a part of the online community is the key to allow people to like, expect, and read you content. This is a big change in just a few short years.
    Tom Crawford recently posted…5 Ways Freelance Writers Can Generate Repeat BusinessMy Profile

  3. Thanks for sharing the information with . Google is changing is algorithm frequently for removing spam blogs from its search engines. As a googler i am happy with their policy but as a blogger am very angry at google. Frequent updates made blogging difficult. Don’t know what happens on 2014 . Am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Thanks again howdy for sharing the information with us.
    Nithin Upendran recently posted…Top Blogging Communities To Promote Your BlogMy Profile

  4. Hi,

    You’re right. This is the new era of SEO. And we can forget all the past methods of promoting the site, such as the massive link building and buying the links from SEO experts and merchants. This is some kind good and bad, because if someone wants to destroy our business like our competition he can just buy a massive links to our site and Google will penalize our site.
    In my opinion, the old school was better then this new one. I would also like to hear more opinions about this.

    Thanks for writing and best regards,

  5. Your shared points are very effective and important to know about the perfection of the SEO campaign. Social media marketing is one of the most important way to get good figure of traffic. Perfect and professional content of the website is very helpful to get good visibility in search engines

  6. Awesome post! the world of seo and social media is becoming a force to reckon with to promote internet business and also to make the web presence a good for a particular brand name.

  7. Social Media is better than search engine optimization. As almost everyone is on social media, people can share nice content with each other. Even search engines now give prference to websites with more likes.

  8. I do not know how much and how big are changes at SEO in 2014 compared to 2013, but if you were doing well in 2013 continue to do the same in 2014 and I think nothing will go wrong.

  9. SEO is very profitable platform for the online small business. Unique content and social media are more important tools in SEO on 2014. Thank you so much of wonderful post

  10. Now a days the way of business is changed and Seo is the best way for all types of business

  11. Search engine optimization depend on many things, Like one page and off page, Social media site taking also a biggest place of SEO, because Now days most net user using social sites, So top five social sites Facebook Gplus, Linkdine, Twitter and my space helping more in seo. You article also better as SEO thanks sire
    Dinesh recently posted…Top Best SEO Plugin For Blogger optimization Code 2015My Profile

  12. It is interesting content. Those who doing online marketing business can follow this SEO method and can improve the knowledge also. Thanks for this useful content..

  13. Now we’re in 2015 and the SEO landscape has continued to shift. I’ve been learning internet marketing for 7 years and find that the most challenging part is having a system that manages all the steps. Internet marketing is like a roo goldberg machine, you’ve got to get everything lined up exactly right for it to work.
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