5 most ravishing game website designs for 2014

Game DesignIf 2013 was named the “year of responsive design” 2014 looks even better. Gaming websites are really taking things to the next level, and famous names in the industry like “The Last of Us”, “Grand Theft Auto V” and “Tom Clancy’s The Division” have already caught our attention. This year it’s all about fancy frameworks, superb graphics, social media integration and easy navigation. Let’s see 5 of the most ravishing website designs for 2014 thus far.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Developed by the acclaimed Ubisoft, The Division’s website looks pretty sleek. We have huge sliders on the homepage with the newest game updates, an upper sidebar with a really simple navigation system, and we also have social media integration. Fans of Tom Clancy can easily head over to YouTube and watch the trailers, or share some of the newest game updates on Facebook. Packed with high-resolution photos, we have to admit that we’re looking at a pretty incredible website design. The Community Page is extremely well-made. Apart from an updated Facebook widget, there’s also a forum where you can share your thoughts and interact with other fans.

The Crew

Ready to be released this fall, The Crew is Ubisoft’s newest work of art. We love the homepage because of the moving elements. It’s like you’re somewhere in space and you’re looking at the planet through the moving clouds. The main aspect of the website design is the huge slider. Beneath there’s the main toolbar and the newsfeed (which by the way looks really polished); the added column on the right is dedicated to social media integration. Bottom line, The Crew’s website design is incredible. We love the high-resolution photos, the graphics, the layout, everything. Let’s just hope the game will be just as amazing.


Metro: Last Light

Unlike Tom Clancy’s The Division, which is simpler, Last Light features a more complex homepage. The social integration feature is right there in front of you. We have the Twitter and Facebook widgets, as well as the newsfeed on the main page. The design of the website is meant to bring fans closer to the experience and really make them dive into the game. Navigating through the site is quite easy; there’s an upper sidebar where you are at liberty to choose what you want to see first. Find out more about the game in Game Info or head over to Media to watch the game trailers.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto V website design is a one-pager. It looks different from the others, and that’s exactly what makes it unique. Plain and simple, yet really interesting, fans will have to use a computer mouse, touchpad or touchscreen and select where they want to go. Some other categories you’ll be interested in are “fast cars at your fingertips”, “the great outdoors”, “accessible air travel”, “exciting music & entertainment” and about 15 more. Make your pick and really get to know the game inside out. The navigation menu is on the bottom, which is quite ingenious.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Now that’s what we call a killer website design. We don’t have an official release for the game yet (probably June), but from what we’ve seen on their official website, The Elder Scrolls Online has a lot to offer. The homepage is extremely well organized. We have the main toolbar, an automatic slider in the middle with some of the most recent game updates, and an elaborate news section with lots of cool videos about the game. On the right side, there’s the social media integration with Twitter, Facebook and Google+; bottom line, the website design of The Elder Scrolls Online is just impeccable.

Author Bio: This article is contributed by a blogger and tech writer Jason Phillips. He is a lifelong gamer who loves to play latest and craziest games. Apart he runs an online gaming site Truck Games 365 where you can play lots of crazy truck games.


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