Social Media Strategies for Bloggers

Social media is a giant, and getting into this complex world could be a bit difficult. It provides a number of platforms that allow you to spend your time for fun or to interact with a wide range of audiences from all around the world. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are the major names in the social media world. Do keep this fact in mind that social media is not as difficult as it sounds and should be utilized by bloggers because social media and blogging go hand in hand. Social media strategies are important for …

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Top Marketing Strategy For Bloggers

Do you know that 54 percent of advertisers claim that their top target for inbound marketing is blogging? Do you already know that these advertisers are 12x more likely than marketers who don’t engage in blogging to have a good ROI? Over the past decade or so, companies have raised sales, enhanced market recognition, and boosted conversions for their target demographic and consumers with useful written content released. The key here is that the content of their blog is valuable; it is not enough to merely have a blog; its presence must have a meaning or …

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Best Digital strategy since arrival of COVID 19

A new digital strategy is the starting point for more than half of companies today. We are facing a new reality that has come to stay: the crisis derived from the coronavirus is transforming the world and the way we live in it. The concern of companies for not knowing how to cope with the scenarios that surround them is their biggest problem today. Therefore, the demand to carry out a new digital strategy at the moment is impressive. The branding has therefore been one of the main protagonists of the crisis because we have …

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7 Tips To Increase Your Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority? The best marketing analysis and SEO software provider known as Moz developed a search engine ranking score system that predicts the ranking of a website on SERPs. The domain authority scores from 1-100, the higher is the score the brighter are the chances of getting higher ranks. Moz is a reputable company that offers its services in the form of SEO software and marketing analysis to help you people understand the techniques that could be used to increase your traffic. In the past, Moz developed an algorithm that helped analyze thousands …

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Rebranding Vs. Redesigning your blog

There was a time when life used to give several chances to the people to become successful in their life, but not in the modern world of today. There is so much competition in the world that people are busy in proving their worth. Many times we start thinking whether rebranding or redesigning is best for our blogs when facing such situations in which they experience a standstill type of state in which they are neither attracting more readers nor losing the old ones. They do have a brand but not the level of recognition …

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