Search Engine Marketing Vs. Influencer Marketing

In order to compare the search engine marketing with influencer marketing you first have to understand what each of them actually is. Search engine marketing is done by the experts by using the right keywords that the majority of internet users use to search for a product, event, place or a service. The keywords are used in such a way that whenever a user makes a search the result that appears on the first page is the one for which the SEO job has been done by the experts. Having a perfect SEO strategy plays …

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Win a Ninja Popup with Full License!

We will be holding a contest in a couple of days, and the lucky winner will receive a copy of Ninja Popup with full license! To use on your website of your choice the contest entails signing up and referring your friends to do the same. At the end of the contest, the winner will be chosen and announced. Please adhere to the rules of the contest. You must sign up to enter and you can have as much signed up as possible to better your chance of winning. Enter The Contest Here What is …

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10 Great New Tools to Manage Your Money Efficiently

The practice of money management refers to the management and organization of all monetary assets. It is the process of determining what your current expenses are as well as where you want to spend your money in the future. You should Pay off credit card debt fast to avoid any further complications. 10 New Tools for Money Management A large majority of people lack an appropriate and well-disciplined financial life. They do not hold fast to their financial plans and spend their resources beyond their confines. In order to help you avoid such insecure conditions, …

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Business Law and Commercial Solicitors

It is important that companies working today, particularly SMEs who may not have the resources to maintain a full time legal department of their own, understand employment law. Even the most well-meaning of companies can fall foul of a misunderstanding of current employment law; which can lead in the fullness of time to disputes regarding contracts; working hours; pay; leave; in fact any of the normal administrative bugbears experienced by teething businesses. The fact of the matter is this: the careful company, in an age of encouraged litigation, is the protected company. Attention to detail …

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The FedEx Jingle

FedEx has launched a new app on Facebook that highlights that they can help your business grow better than a cheesy advertising jingle.  They invite customers to input their business details which then become customization parts of their very own ‘jingle’.  It’s another way FedEx is looking to increase engagement within its fast growing social community on Facebook. The app is designed to be entertaining, interactive, and a unique experience, taking the idea of “solutions that matter” from a reverse angle:  there are many things FedEx can do to help your business succeed; a cheesy ‘Jingle’ isn’t one of …

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