Astra The 1 And Best WordPress Theme

I love using this Astra lightweight theme. It’s so handy when wanting to use something that looks professional and slick without needing to spend too much time on developing the code. However, I do like how it’s simple to add anything extra that might need to be specific to a client and use CSS, JS, and HTML. Glad to have found this it is such a handy asset. This article will cover the following areas: The theme Multipurpose WordPress Theme Flexible & Easy Customizable Works Well With Page Builders Light Weight SEO Friendly Pre-Built Starter …

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Best customer retention programs

You are running a business and needs to motivate your customer one of the best thing to do is to start a customer reward program that would encourage them to become loyal. One of the best ways to keep your loyal customer is to start a customer loyalty program. How this does benefits me as a blogger? Simple having repeated visitors is very important as well as getting new ones but we need to be able to retain the ones we have so we could start the best customer retention programs to encourage loyalty to …

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Federal Government Contract Training Seminars

Have you ever attended a seminar? No I thought as much well a some point in our life we might need some training  or simple to get answers to those bugging questions that we have or maybe you are about to sign a contract and need some form of guidance. Although we are bloggers there are times when we need to enter into some form of contractual agreement of some sort whether it be local or international and we need to make effort to get the details right. What if I introduce you to   Federal …

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Free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor (IDE) – Codelobster PHP Edition

Most of us as bloggers and website owners sometimes do our own coding or even modification of codes but not all of us has the right editor for the job we are doing. But have no fear there is a free code editor than will help you get the job done and that is code lobster php edition a very handy tool to help edit your PHP,HTML,CSS and JavaScript. The best part is it is free and you can get the upgrade for a reasonable price. The other benefit is that it is available in these languages …

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Customer Services How important are they?

When you build a business and needs it to succeed the main priority should be your customers. Have you ever heard the phrase the customer is always right? You must at some point in your life, running a successful business also depends on another factor your employees. Training your staff to get the best out of them is important one big area is to ensure that you should ensure that you get the best customer service improvement you possible can get from your consultant. There are many more areas to look at however we will …

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