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Syntax and the Gritty Details of Good Blogging Style

I know plenty of phenomenal writers who try to start a new blog and end with a miserable experience with very few readers. Now there are a plethora of ways to get more readers, such as search engine optimization, finding a good niche, marketing through social media, and soliciting back links (guest posts are a great way to this).Beyond these techniques, however, you must make your blog as readable as possible. And a readable blog post is nothing like a readable English paper. This is where I think many of my writer friends tend to fail at blogging. They haven’t adopted internet syntax, so internet readers find their posts too laborious even if they’re extremely well written. Because, let’s face it, people on the internet are too ADD to actually read.

12 Blogging Strategies That Will Keep Your Readers Longer On Your Site

Every blogger lives in dread of a high bounce rate. We all want to keep those readers on our site, perusing content throughout the pages, for as long as possible. After all, we know that the more they read from us the more they like us, and the more they like us the more they send their friends to like us.Here are 12 blogging strategies that will keep your readers longer on your site and lower your bounce rate so the better the chance of making a sale and achieving your goals. Here are twelve strategies that will keep your readers longer on your website or blog.