10 Email Marketing Tips You Should Know


January 22, 2019 ,

email marketingWith the emergence of different parameters upon which newer companies participate in relationship building, this incredible communication tool has never left the user’s side. From students to corporate professionals, everyone knows the value of an email. You might ignore a bunch of notifications from different social networking sites but doing the same for a single email is highly unlikely. Emails have never been considered to be an outdated means of communication. They’re just like an official document in black and white, a reminder of the authority each holds. Businesses have seen a steady climb rate in the past few years, all thanks to the miracles and the power of the internet.

Email Marketing

But a general misconception which people have is that in this age of domains and social media handles, emails have lost their working essence. Now that’s where you are wrong because studies suggest the fact that email marketing techniques generate about $40 for every single dollar invested in the first place. This is true, even popular techniques such as SEO’s come second to the email with revenues up to $27.

Want to be ahead of everyone in the game? Here are 10 email marketing tips which you should definitely know and use:-

  1. Understand your recipients
    As an organization, you must have a lot of email subscribers. Now, these subscribers may have a different set of tastes because not everyone is the same and you cannot provide the same service to everyone. It is also important to understand the point that spamming and sending frequent mail are two different things. Spamming is you sending the mail to an unknown recipient or a number of recipients but sending a mail to your set of subscribers is not considered to be spamming because they are interested in the services which are at your disposal. Create a different class of your subscribers, based on their preferences, location or other factors which determine the demand for your services. In this way, you will know what and who to send.
  2. Consistency is the key
    As an organization, it is important to know the fact that you only exist because of your customers. It is their demands upon which you provide them with a different set of services. So it would be a bit foolish of your organization to send one mail every month to a customer who dearly likes and constantly invests into your services. Being consistent in sending emails also gives a rough idea about the changing demands of the subscribers. You could even run a feedback message at regular intervals. So make it a habit that your customers get the latest updates of your services because people take their emails seriously.
  3. Keep it simple
    More words tend to boredom and for many people, it really becomes a matter of frustration. Therefore your emails should contain the very basic and concrete points which you as a host want to share. Even if the content is rich in words, then breaking it down into points using bullets and other key formatting options is a necessary thing. This provides an overview and looks promising at the same time. Using bold headings and proper punctuations do the trick as well.
  4. Make your recipient feel special
    No, you’re not going on a date with your recipient but keeping the first name in the salutation of your email might make things special for the one who is receiving it. For example, if your recipient gets an email saying Greetings Mr. X or Miss Y then that person will surely be interested in the subject matter. And if the service seems to be exclusive enough then bingo! You just found a promising customer who is willing to pay for your services and will, in turn, generate your organization some valuable revenue.
  5. Give an impact with that subject of yours
    A catchy subject line equals a great interest development phase. Now you can use the world of vocabulary to your benefit and make a beautiful necklace of words that’ll form the subject of your email. This will, in turn, help the reader get a clear picture of the topic that mail is all about.
  6. Use split testing methods
    A good way of finding out which version of your email is the catchiest among all is to send two or more prototypes of the same email to a set of different subscribers. The feedback data collected will give you a clear idea about the strategies and ways through which you can improve your email construction. Because efficient content is never ever ignored.
  7. Have a dedicated landing page
    Your recipients might have participated in that testing campaign of yours but what use is a testing campaign if your email doesn’t contain the link to your website. A landing page is required for the job as it will help you in redirecting the traffic from the emails to that particular page and from where your customers can have brief access to the terms and services of your organization.
  8. Proper usage of white spaces
    Keeping less but concrete content with bullets will cut through any presentation problem. Catchy headings and bullet points will be the captivating factor of your email. Plus the addition of a go-to or learn more link will make things easier for both you and your customer. From the link, the customer will be able to get access to the landing page and from there, the person can see for him or herself, the services which are being provided by your organization.
  9. Value is what you need
    Your emails will only be taken seriously if they have some value attributed to them. In other words, the proper inclusion of headings, links, careful editing, offers and many other handpicked options will give a longer lasting impact on your subscribers. So add value to them as much as you can, over addition is also a bad thing as it might lead to the point where the customer might think of the mail or the organization as a fake one. Now you do not want your hard work to be considered spam.
  10. Always send your dark horse
    A masterpiece is what everyone loves. Although looking at a promotional email through the eyes of an artist will be something weird but it does work at all times. Send the best bet to your subscribers, this will maintain the faith of your customer in your services and hence your organization will be deemed a professional one.

Now you better know how to use the power of the email to your benefit. It will and it has always worked in the organization’s benefit. Plus your customers might get that special treatment they had been waiting for all this time. So its time that you start taking emails seriously because people do check them even in their hard days. Professionalism at its best!                                        

image credit:  https://www.superoffice.com/blog/measuring-the-effectiveness-of-email-marketing/


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