12 Best iPad Apps For Bloggers


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IPad is said to be the most desired gadget for geeks and bloggers who love it too. The inclusion of various apps in iPad makes blogging simple as if blogging from your personal computer or a laptop. IPad has become very popular in such a relative short time since it release and like any other gadgets that are fancied by bloggers and geek alike there are hundreds of Apps available for this device. Do you own one?  Good question.  Here is the list of iPad apps which bloggers should opt for –

1. Evernote: Ever note is one of the popular free app as it lets you to write new content, collect information, add tags, lets you to browse images and attached files in your notes. Users also have the option to create audio notes.

2. Pingdom: Ping Dom is an important iPad app for bloggers as it helps you to connect to your Ping Dom account and notifies you when your blog is down. The app is available for a free download from iTunes.

3. The Early Edition Bloggers have to keep them updated with the latest news and The Early Edition is a virtual newspaper for the iPad users delivered via RSS.You can even share the news on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The Early Edition is priced at $4.99 but it is worth the money.

4. BlogPress: Blog Press is a paid app for bloggers which comes with amazingly rich features which lets you to publish or edit your post anytime. It has features like HTML inserts YouTube integration and easy-to-use photo up loader. Blog Press is available for a download from iTunes at $2.99.

5. Dropbox: Drop box is a free app which lets you to sync and share files online. It is one of the must have app for bloggers as you can view videos, documents, and presentations in your Drop box while on the go and you don’t need to worry about the storage space.

6. Tweetdeck:Tweet deck app helps bloggers to keep themselves updated with the new trends. It lets users to manage their multiple accounts. It is a must have app for any blogger and the best thing is that it is available for a free download.

7. FTP On The Go: FTP On The Go is a must have app for the professional bloggers as it lets you to browse, upload and download files from your FTP server from anywhere. It has built in web browser through which you can you see the changes which you have done without leaving FTP On The Go. It is available for a download from iTunes at a price of $6.99.

8. SplitBrowser:Split Browser is perfect for those who want to view two websites at a time. Listen to music, stream video or can watch a movie in full screen mode. One of the good features of the app is that it tracks the pages which you visit and when you close the app the last pages which you have visited opens again by default. You can resize pages and use either the portrait or the landscape view. The app is available for $1.99 in iTunes.

9. Things: Things is an expensive app priced at $19.99.It is said to be an intuitive task manager and manages to-dos, notes, due dates and projects. Has scheduling feature and smart today list to simplify things for you.

10. Multitask: Bloggers love to do multitasking. This app lets you to check latest trends in Twitter along with your RSS feeds at the same time. Reply to tweets or post new one or can even open links in a new browser of your iPad. It is available for a download at $0.99.

11. Analytics HD : Most of the bloggers use Google Analytics to know about the performance their blogs. With Analytics HD you can monitor stats of your blog in a simple, faster and efficient interface. It shows 55 reports and supports multiple logins and accounts. It is priced at $6.99.

12. Plants Vs. Zombies HD : This app will be perfect if you want to take much needed break from blogging for a while to relax. It is Winner of over 20 Game of the Year awards. Plants vs. Zombies are priced at $6.99. If you are aware of some other iPad apps for blogging then do share!

31 thoughts on “12 Best iPad Apps For Bloggers”
  1. I use Evernote and dropbox on my laptop too. This makes me so portable and I can collect tidbits along my day to add to my blog…these are well worth the investment to learn.

    1. Thanks Fred it looks like this is your first time here and i do hope that this is not your last thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate.

    1. You are Welcome Shabnam it is always my pleasure to have you here writing post for my blog. thanks again for your valued support it is always appreciated.

  2. Thanks these apps are really great and will spice up my IPAD for sure … can you submit a post on IPHONE’s as well … as its difficult to keep browsing all IPHONE Apps.


    1. Thanks for your comment will in the near future write a post about iphone you might realise that this is a guest post your comment is much appreciated here at lawmacs.com

    1. Brilliant news laptopuri it would be a good idea to add the next six to your list Thanks for your comment and i am happy that you found the post helpful. You can check Shabnam’s blog to get some great post about Ipad.

  3. Nice and useful list of applications. No ipad here but would like to have one in near future. Blogging through mobile devices, I don’t find it comfortable enough. For me, it is quite easier and comfortable to do the same from my laptop.

    1. The good thing about the Ipad is that it is much bigger than phones so it makes mobile blogging much easier. Thanks for your input Aswani, your comment is always appreciated.

  4. It’s awesome you included Plants vs Zombies, that game is sure addictive as hell.
    On a more serious note, I’d definitely add:

    – Instapaper, as I think it’s totally essential when you find some cool article you just don’t have the chance to read immediately. You can add to your Instapaper queue and have their system tone it down to the essential (just text and few images) so you can read it like a book. Totally awesome.

    – NewsRack, the coolest RSS application I found to date, perfectly integrating with your Google Reader account

    – Flipboard, this one is a no brainer, the amount of innovation this little app introduced in content fruition for the iPad is simply overwhelming, it’s free so if you don’t know it just get it and you’ll see what I mean

    1. Thanks Gabriele for adding those the list i will have a look at NewsRack and as you said i will hook it up with Google Reader Thanks for your input it is much appreciated.

  5. I’m surprised some sort of WordPress app for iPad isn’t here (or doesn’t exist), surely that is crying out to be made.

    I’m glad you’ve included an FTP program and Dropbox, shows you know what you are doing and still keeping the iPad productive in an efficient way – updating files on the net, not just keeping on iPad . And time for having some fun with one of the best games created – Plants vs Zombies!

  6. These apps are very nice thanks for sharing this information this is very useful collection

  7. Nice article! We just created our own list here in case you or your readers are interested in finding more iPad apps useful for blogging –

  8. BlogPress is a great app, I would recommend it to everyone that has a blog/website and of course an iPad. My wife use it all the time and is really happy with its features.

  9. I was really searching for some cool iphone apps…got something very interesting here.

  10. I did not expect that plants versus zombies will be included in the list. haha:D
    Nice list anyway!

  11. Bloggers are starting to use Fade Away more often these days as well. Yet there very few Blogs about it! Most bloggers spend a lot of time texting when they are away from their computer. And depending on the blogger, some of the things we say I would like to keep off the record! So thats what this app does for me! (www.FadeAwayApp.com) I love it, and more and more Bloggers are finally getting hip to a more secure method of sending sensitive messages.

  12. I prefer the Ghostwriter Notes app than Evernotes. Aside from being user-friendly, I get a lot of features too. The app’s UI is very responsive. Man, I could not ask for other note-taking app. I recommend Ghostwriter Notes!

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  14. iPad always have awesome apps for its users and all these apps are to help bloggers to stay connected with their blog anytime. Last app is great for relaxing.

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