3 Common Deceptions You Will Encounter Online About Starting a Weight Loss Site

weight lossWeight loss is a massive and profitable niche off line but since the introduction of internet marketing there are millions of diet and weight loss products and services promoted online.  It is a growing industry as just about everyone in the western world wants or needs to shed a few pounds. But making money in the weight loss industry is not as easy as it may appear.

In the past few years I have seen many websites trying to sell tools for setting up a weight loss blog. You may read long sales copy convincing you that it is easy to make money from making a weight loss blog. They often follow this style: ‘with my secret system for weight loss, you can pack in your job and earn thousands of dollars monthly’, or ‘after many months of trying to make money online, I finally found a weight loss product that will earn you a substantial income’.

This kind of sales copy should be banned; it is counter-productive and misleading. Do not fall for the get rich quick or lose weight fast schemes that overwhelm the online community. Buying one of these solutions can leave you frustrated. People I know and myself included have been in the weight loss business for a long time and we can testify to you that it is very hard to succeed as a weight loss blogger. If it was easy everyone would roll downhill and make a fortune.

To help you identify the scammers who are out there to make you part from your hard-earned money I have listed below 3 signs you have to look out for:

  1. Build your weight loss blog and traffic will come

Creating even the most appealing website will not guarantee visitors or make you rich.  It is like building a store on a deserted island, there will not be a customer in sight to avail of your lovely creation. It is the first step in a process of creating an online income. Once your site is created, you need to then optimize your search engine rankings and drive traffic for your selected keywords. Making a site is easy. What scammers don’t tell you is that 99% of the real work is getting traffic to your site.

  1. You make money at a click of a button

As tempting as it sounds, it is wise to use your common sense when faced with this kind of get rich quick offer. If it were as easy as clicking a button, we would all be after accumulating our fortunes by now. When marketers use the terms secret or system to sell get rich quick or lose weight fast, people tend to forget logic and blindly click to purchase. We would all like a fast route to wealth but to stay the distance online, integrity and trust are paramount. Do not be enthralled by secret recipes or the answer to your weight loss prayers, as they are most likely to be schemes and frauds. Generally, the road to building a good business and becoming wealthy is a process of failing and learning, a rollercoaster. Dedication is required; ignore the swindlers who say otherwise.

  1. Everyone can do it

The power of experience arms you with the skills, abilities, knowledge and wisdom to succeed. To become adept at a certain task, it is important to spend time honing your skills. Failure is a part of experience and many weight-loss blog owners have failed in their choices, but failure can only be deemed real failure if you do not learn from the experience. Those that sell products offering impractical solutions that do not adhere to the known weight loss experience are not to be trusted. It is the same with marketing your products, you will know from experience what works and what does not. To become a skilled marketer and skilled weight loss blogger you draw on your experience. Yes, everyone can do it, but you need to want it badly and most often you need to learn the hard way first.

These are the three most common deceptions that I encounter online, but there are most likely more. Have you come across any others?

S.Srinivasan is a successful online marketer who often blogs for Weight Loss Diets For Women. He likes to share his secrets and views with fellow bloggers on blogging, online marketing and starting your own website. Learn more about starting a weight loss site here.


5 thoughts on “3 Common Deceptions You Will Encounter Online About Starting a Weight Loss Site”
  1. As long as out there there are people that believe in a shortcut to get wealthier fast or to lose weight fast, I think there always will be marketers who will sell illusions.

  2. Thanks for the blog i am in to weight loss. Love to work out sometimes i need that extra push.
    thanks very much. i am learning to be a blogger too.

  3. The internet marketing game is very much one that threads on the fine line between intelligent marketing and blatant deception of your customers. Your success depends on getting your name out there to a targeted audience.

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