3 Forgotten Killer Tips For Bloggers


August 8, 2011 , ,

One of many fantastic points about blogging is that regardless of how quite a few sites pop up on the internet if you generate fantastic quality one of a kind content, you may nevertheless discover your blog ranking well on the search engines and drawing guests. Nevertheless, what in the event you could increase an already powerful content material management method to suck in increased levels of traffic? In this article we’ll speak about how you could drive traffic to your blog with article marketing and provide you with 3 guidelines to make sure it really is effectiveness.

To obtain the ball rolling it is vital to understand that article marketing is nonetheless one of many most highly effective approaches to drive traffic to any website on the internet. Period. Nevertheless you will find some guidelines that you simply need to hold in mind that can make it easier to to utilize article marketing for maximum effectiveness. So let’s get into them.

#1.   Article directories are greatest suited for a formal writing style. When a visitors comes to an article directory seeking info it really is often mainly because they’ve a problem they’re seeking to solve and your published article is a representation of your expertise. Should you be going to utilize any the previously written articles from your blog, it may be a very beneficial concept to rewrite your content material to superior suit the visitors that come to an article directory.


For the reason that blogs are much more suited to an informal writing style and the majority of visitors which might be coming to your blog are repeat visitors so they are somewhat far more familiar with you and your manner of conversation.

Article directories characteristic “articles”, formal pieces of literature even though not literary masterpieces that deliver worth to each and every visitor by supplying the essential info they’re interested in inside a coherent and logical way.

If you happen to be visitor has by no means visited your blog and their initially speak to with you is by means of an article directory, how would you like them perceive you and your business?

#2.  Post your articles in your weblog and make sure to provide free of charge reprint rights to your readers to ensure that it is possible to maximize the mileage it is possible to get from your articles. When you provide totally free reprint rights to your articles this may give your website even wider exposure as your readers might determine to make use of your content material to populate their blogs.

With all the link inside your resource box pointing back to your weblog on their website you are in position to exponentially raise the amount of traffic your weblog will acquire. In short, by providing absolutely free reprint rights inside the bio portion of one’s article you happen to be giving yourself an opportunity to advantage from the energy of viral marketing.

#3.  Social Bookmark Your Articles. Social bookmarking sites are quite powerful in relation to increasing backlinks and exposure for the weblog, but what should you could throw somewhat nitrous oxide in your article marketing efforts by bookmarking your articles in your weblog?

What if you had been to bookmark your RSS feed from the article directory itself that consists of your articles? This could result in a critical spike in traffic and catapult your blogs rankings in the search engines tremendously.
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61 thoughts on “3 Forgotten Killer Tips For Bloggers”
  1. I believe that you mentioned great points for all bloggers. I’d like to add to the #3 if you engage in blogging communities more spread the world in audio or video, you can boost the presence of your blog.



  2. I read so often that article marketing is dead. Do you have some numbers on how much traffic you get from one article?

    1. for me not just traffics, you also will get free backlink from article submittion. what I do is, I submit article, ping it and then use social media to promote it – stumbleupon do a great job for this

      btw – thanks for your tips

  3. Blog and forum posting is good stuff of generate to traffic but your post should be relevant and not your post as ‘thanks’ or ‘nice post’ etc. if you were post nice than sure you would have more traffic, apart from you can find traffic social book marking, press release, article marketing, create page in facebook and promote your product or services etc.

  4. Thanks for the tips, Gary! You’re right, they are quite neglected as options for promoting your blog. Article marketing is definitely something that’s overlooked a lot. Sure, the value of the links doesn’t seem all that great, but if you make your article really stand out, you’ll get a lot of exposure.
    The reprint rights idea is also superb! Definitely worth having a go every now and then 🙂

  5. I really appreciate this article and tips you have shared Lawmacs this is very useful specially for those people who use to blog. aside from that i have learned a good method for me to catch many users attention. and it will increase the traffic to one’s website.

  6. Being a new blogger these tips are very important and useful for me, recently i have launched my own blog without any help and feeling it tough to get good position, now after read your tips i think if i will use these tips then definitely get good results, thanks for this nice sharing.

  7. Nice and useful tips. Thank you for sharing it here. I will try using these tips with my blogging though I haven’t been much interested into article marketing. Anyways, it should work..!

  8. Like to add that Press Release is also wonderful idea to fetch some of the quality traffic and expose your product to right customers or group.

  9. Personally I do not think giving a free reprint rights is a good idea but I do agree giving up these rights can create more exposure to your blog or web site. If you are creating a brand name, giving up the free reprint rights is a big no. I guess it is all up to the blogger or the company using the articles depending on the goal.

  10. Thats really amazing tips. I never thought of bookmarking rss feeds of my article directory. Thanks it was helpful.

  11. Nice tips…I just actually didn’t forget about this 3 tips, but I haven’t already used a lot the first one, where you speak about directories… I guess your post reminds me of that it is time to remember about this source of traffic =)

  12. Sometimes. getting a little sidetracked in a post actually works. It can add a bit of interest, serve as an example, and make your post better.

  13. Images have a way of speaking to people the way that words never can. Use images to convey emotion and draw your audience in.

  14. These are great tips, Gary. However, you must not post your article marketing articles on your blog for two reasons:

    1. Some of the sites don’t allow it and will remove your articles, perhaps even blogging you. Rather post a link to the articles on your blog.

    2. It will affect your rankings. The article directories automatically rank higher than your site.

    Apart from that, very good suggestions!

  15. I don’t believe in the reprint right though, coz Google is ranking high the spammers who have copied from us.So,can’t do much about it.

  16. @Gera:
    I agree. The thing that can catch the eyes and ears of visitors are through video and audio presentation. This enhances the blogs discussion and can point out the delicate explaination through words. As they say, to see is to believe sense.

  17. This could result in a critical spike in traffic and catapult your blogs rankings in the search engines tremendously.

  18. Social Bookmarking is one of my best way to drive traffic to the blog stumbleupon is the best social network to drive good traffic to the blogs and twitter and facebbok takes time to get traffic to the blog. and article marketing also helps in driving targeted traffic to the blog when it is done is right way but it takes time to get results from article marketing.

  19. This is one of the most incredible blogs Ive read in a very long time. The amount of information in here is stunning, like you practically wrote the book on the subject. Your blog is great for anyone who wants to understand this subject more. Great stuff; please keep it up!

  20. I’d never thought about doing free reprint rights. That’s a great idea. Although you’d need to make sure they credited you or the search engines may see your original as a duplicate and remove it from the index.

  21. Fantastic tips for those new to Blogging, or those wanting to learn more on how to better utilize blogging for their own Search Engine Optimization.

    #3 is probably the most often over looked, but quite possibly the most important.

  22. Great article.. what I’m doing with my blog is I wait first before google to index my topic then I’ll bookmark it then send it to my Social Network… this is a good way to generate Unique traffic and better rankings. remember you can get a better rank if your website has a good visitor.

  23. agree with the post, sometimes Blogs are being used to spam.. taking advantage of the free services. but the main purpose of the blog is to express the things that you wanted other to know..

  24. Hi lawmacs,
    Very Nice article. Though these are basic things that everyone is supposed to know and follow but its these that we so often miss or neglect and that’s what, i suppose, differentiates a good blogger from a great one! Thank you for this lovely piece of information.

  25. a gift post for bloggers. love that post as a new learning blogger. keep up the right and nice work. love that post as it explore a good and useful tricks to me.

  26. I like this list. I find that SEO is unavoidably necessary (and believe me, I’ve tried to avoid it!), but I also can appreciate those offline tactics as well, especially if they tie in with online strategy.

  27. Usually the posts I go through have so much wisdom to impart that I am lost for words…so I just say how much it taught me! Posting your own articles is much
    better to generate backlinks.

  28. @Lawmacs, I have never done social bookmark for my articles but i think it is great idea that i found through your blog. I will definitely try this. What are your views on this?

  29. Free reprints are great if you see an increase in traffic. I have found that at times my articles have been edited with no credit to me. I’m a newbie but learning quickly. Nice article.

  30. The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!b Keep ’em coming… you all do such a great job at such Concepts… can’t tell you how much I, for one appreciate all you do!

  31. thanks for the fantastic article! these 3 tips were really been ignored and unnoticed. i am a blogger and a blog reader and this has been very helpful.

  32. To make an impression of the website on the internet field, article marketing plays a vital role. These three tips have provided a valuable information about article marketing. This will surely help the companies to develop their business in more acceleration.

  33. Excellent tps. It is always desirable to bookmark your post and I have also found these social networking sites have great potential to drive traffic to your site.

  34. I am very much impressed to see superb presentation. I am doing Article submission, forum and discussion boards, press releases on few occations and social networking to promote my blogs. Article submission is not enough, You need to highlight the values of your topic then only visitors will attract.

  35. I am using social networking and blogging since long. I have received huge response and success in my venture. Apart from that, I am doing article submission, press release submission, forum & discussion board posting to enlighten my business.

  36. I am doing Article submission, Blogging and social bookmarking too. I think its a great way to send traffic to my site and it helps promote my blog too.

  37. Thank you very much for all this valuable advice on articles. I will try out your tips and tricks one by one over the next couple of weeks in my open research project on best practices to increase blog traffic. The aim with this research is to identify the key most effective and efficient practices to increase blog traffic. So far I have already tested some of the tips and had some surprising results. The dedicated blog for this research is located here: https://bestblogtraffic.tumblr.com/

  38. Its nice to see that people acknowledge the difference in writing style between blogs
    and articles. Promoting the blogs is also key, engaging with the blogging community is a good idea but can be daunting, but a a great free and targeted source of traffic for your page.

    However, if your website is a niche that doesn’t have many blogs or articles, and you have ok SERPS and not the traffic, it doesn’t pay to engage with content thats not related to you or your niche .

  39. agree with the post, sometimes Blogs are being used to spam.. and it will increase the traffic to one’s website.

  40. These really are awesome tips. At times the little things forgotten are what brings a blog down in terms of rankings. It was very helpful of you to remind them of this because I know that majority of bloggers look for other means to build their ranks other than the ones you have mentioned here.

  41. I have two blogs and am newbie in blogging field and your post is very informative and helpful for me to learn about blogging and its functions to become a successful blogger.

  42. These are great tips, Gary. The amount of information in here is stunning, like you practically wrote the book on the subject. This is one of the most incredible blogs Ive read in a very long time. This could result in a critical spike in traffic and catapult your blogs rankings in the search engines tremendously.

  43. Social Bookmarking is truly one of the best way to get higher traffic to site. They are the best option to bookmark our posted articles over the Internet. It’s completely one of the best option for the Internet marketers. We can easily improve site traffic and visibility of site with the help of quality Social Bookmarking.

  44. This is really a big and great source of information. We can all contribute and benefit from reading as well as gaining knowledge from this content just amazing experience Thanks for sharing such a nice information

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