3G Internet – The New Age For Internet Browsing Through Mobile Phones

3G networking has been something of a slow burner over the years, largely because it took mobile hardware so long to catch up and to unlock the potential offered by this now widely available service. While there may be a good deal of hype surrounding next-gen 4G networking, 3G is still more than adequate if you want to experience the new age for internet browsing through mobile phones. 3G has enabled the creation of mobile broadband services, online gaming from your handset, video calling, app downloading and much more, so it deserves plenty of praise.
3G international roll-out began over a decade ago, but the mobile phones of the time were hampered by small screens, low display resolutions and limited input options as a result of physical keypads. Smartphones gradually began to emerge to make a better job of utilising 3G. Moreover, the Nokia N Series and RIM BlackBerry ranges brought better media and emailing capabilities to the table.
However, web browsing was still underwhelming, in part due to hardware limitations but also as a result of a dearth of mobile-optimised websites. Endless scrolling and fiddly navigation meant that things needed to change if internet browsing through mobile phones was to compete with the fixed line browsing experience or the cable services in my area.
Few would disagree that the Apple iPhone’s launch in 2007 was the first point at which there was a phone with the right components to squeeze a desktop browsing experience onto a modestly sized mobile. However, since Apple neglected to include 3G networking capabilities in this first iteration it would be another year until high speed mobile internet could combine with a device capable of making web browsing really work whilst on the move.
The key element which the iPhone perfected and upon which subsequent handsets from rival manufacturers have expanded was the way in which users could interact with websites loaded over a 3G connection. While mobile optimised sites are growing in number, many people are still forced to look at the desktop version of the site on their handset. However, with the prevalence of touch screen technology in modern handsets it is easy to swipe around a page, use pinch-to-zoom to enhance an element of text or an image and to re-orient the site using the internal accelerometers.
The most advanced mobile browsers are now compatible with key technologies including HTML5 and Flash.

This means that you can enjoy rich media content and the interactive elements of websites on your handset. 3G can even match the cable services in my area and elsewhere when it comes to providing video streaming from sites such as YouTube.
More recently, the mobile internet browsing experience has become still more accessible thanks to the gradual increase in average handset display sizes and resolution. With improved screen real estate and higher pixel densities, text is ever clearer and images are largely free from fuzz.

The iPhone range has retained its 3.5 inch diagonal screen size but the introduction of the Retina Display on the iPhone 4 in 2010 meant that the resolution was given a much-needed boost. Meanwhile, Android and Windows Phone handsets have a wide selection of large displays on offer, from the 4.3 inch screen of the Motorola Razr to the 4.65 and 4.7 inch screens of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Titan respectively.
With web pages increasingly optimised for modern phones with 3G connections and large touchscreen displays, it is easier than ever before to surf the web without a laptop or PC. In many ways, the lack of physical buttons or a mouse and keyboard setup gives you a far more tactile, engaging experience when accessing sites. This is something upon which tablet devices such as the iPad have capitalised, allowing web users to experience the information on the internet as if it were housed in a traditional printed publication, but with the flexibility of a digital format accessed via 3G networking.
It seems that 3G internet will continue to be a common feature of the mobile internet market for the foreseeable future, given that 4G roll-out is still somewhat limited.

Tamara Matthews is the editor of a renowned broadband technology company. Tamara likes to share her knowledge and ideas on broadband and cable providers. You can check her latest articles: internet providers in my area, AT&T internet etc .


63 thoughts on “3G Internet – The New Age For Internet Browsing Through Mobile Phones”
  1. In some situation where it is hard to find local cafe, 3G provides great facility with same speed and some time even faster than broadband connection. Now I prefer to stay connected in PC with 3G as there is not much difference in the price.

  2. thanku for the intro to 3G networking, ive never heard anything about it, keep on changing the world wide web one blog at a time mate

  3. Hi, Is this the LTE thing that is rumored as the most advanced among fourth generation of mobile broadband service, known simply as the fastest 4G.

    I read that, LTE is the future of mobile broadband.They say also that LTE is a lot faster than the existing 3G technology, and its advancements will process data in the blink of an eye. . . up to 42 Mbps . . is this true?

    Thanks for the future reply, I am just curious about LTE stuff.

  4. Hi..
    i think that is old now I am waiting for the new 4 G Concept..
    Thanks for the additional info about the 3 G..

  5. ya its cool facility brought by the latest technology and thank you for such a nice post keep going …..

  6. There’s no doubt that 3G internet is the most commonly used internet browsing network today but i’m pretty sure that 4G LTE will be next in line. It’s much more faster than 3G and i believe that most mobile companies are supporting this new technology.

  7. I am totally happy with my current 3G Blackberry. Sometimes I can browse better on my blackberry than with my laptop. By the time my cell phone plan ends, I’m sure most phones will support 4G. I’m looking forward to it.


  8. 3g is good connection in my area but 3G is expensive. and not like other country, my country cellular service are very expensive

  9. I agree, Tamara. 3G may be expensive but once you’ve experienced it, forget about the price and go with the flow. I wonder how 4G would make a difference, I’m looking forward to what it has to offer. If everyone can utilize and maximize 3G on their phones, I’m sure they will all agree as to how much convenience it has brought to the virtual world.

  10. I know 3G phones are very useful when it comes to browsing. And aside from that it is very handy that you can do your work wherever you are. The only thing is that it’s not economical, especially when you are using prepaid cards.

  11. Yea, it is truly amazing how far the mobile internet experience has come. I am already quite impressed with the capabilities of 3G so I can’t even imagine what 4G will be like. The only drawback is the relatively high cost of usage compared to traditional wireline broadband but maybe the prices will go down later on.


  12. My Old phone has a 3g networking and i find it much convenient and faster to use than 2g. i lost that phone and now i’m using Samsung c3200 with 2g… i can’t get used to it now. i miss my Nokia 5800.
    Thanks for this article!

  13. Thanks to mobile browsing and web-friendly mobile phones, we can be online as long as there’s 3G connection. The power of 3G has stepped up to a higher level. Apart from being used in mobile browsing, 3G is also used in USB, plug-in modems.

  14. Wow! There are so many things that have been erupting. I mean when it comes to technology. Great post and nice ideas, I learned a lot

  15. We have the technology and we have the equipment. A major stumbling block right now is the price that providers charge for us to use the 3G service. Once they get the price down, that’s when 3G will become mainstream. Unfortunately, it will only come down when 4G will play a major role.

  16. I won a Galaxy Nexus in a raffle in Singapore. I am not into technology and I am just using it to browse the internet. I don’t see what the fuss is about. What is 2G, 3G and 4G internet capabilities. Oh . . yes . . im getting old. More power to lawmacs.com!

  17. Thats a revolutionary technology which is really amazing, 3G is best for phone for browsing the web faster than previous irritating speed of internet.

  18. 3g become a evolution . Mobile browsing with 3g becoming more favorite day by day. But many country stay leg behind in the the sector of browsing speed. thanks for writing about G connection.

  19. Browsing by 3G through mobile is indeed great but,the data cap which service providers keep in certain countries and the fares of data after data cap is insanely crazy.

  20. 3g network has really created a good impact among all ..it can be used in the places where even WIFI doesnt work ..this is actually a great note to be said ..and in some time it will definitely be a great competitor to all networks

  21. 3G connection is really helpful to me. Some times i did not find nearest cyber cafe to do my internet work. But after take 3G connection my problem will almost solve the problem. This has amazing speed i must say. Some time it become so fast that we cannot find this kind of speed in general broad band connection at all. It is very superior.

  22. its cool facility compared to 2g services, but the only thing is that the cost for 3g internet is so high, so that normal people are not able to use the 3g internet.

  23. very interesting
    and i agree with alot of the comments
    i myself remember using 3g for the first time…it was amazing
    and its getting so much better with smartphones
    this is why i myself like to keep up with latest mobile developments
    thanks heaps 🙂

  24. i think its very helpful that 3g internet has come alive, mobile internet wouldn’t be the same without 3g, when im not at home and im on the run nowadays i just plug my phone which create wifi hotspots to allow me to browse the internet, send email, and even play pandora while i’m knocking out all my SEO work without even being in the office. Thank you 3g. Great Post

  25. I’ve looked into 3G quite a bit but have always been turned off by its bandwidth limits. Sure, it’s available just about anywhere, but the cost ends up killing it for me.

    4G is less available but has more bandwidth (both active and monthly).

    I will agree, however, that it’s definitely a great move towards increasing the feasibility of using mobile devices!

  26. Thanks to mobile browsing and web-friendly mobile phones, we can be online as long as there’s 3G connection. The power of 3G has stepped up to a higher level.

  27. 3G is a great technology that you would think would be more than enough for people, but it seems as though I am already seeing advertisements for 4G. It is like 3G is already in the process of becoming a dead technology, I personally do not see any reason to move on so fast but that is what technology does today, it moves very very rapidly, I wonder what is going to be coming around the corner after 4G gets too old for everyone.

  28. But in the developing countries, we have to wait for some years to experience 3G. But thank you very much for the information.

  29. Great read. My only beef is the formatting. It’s kinda hard to read through all that without visible line breaks.

  30. 3G is really the new age for internet. More and more technology and gadgets are keep on going out to give the best and comfortable life to people. iPhone is one of those that will make one’s life accessible and convenient.

  31. More and more technological devices are being launched and released and this really makes the life of people move faster. With 3G internet it became easier and more convenient for people to communicate and reconnect.

  32. A 4G rolout is a while away yet. which means that it can only get more advanced through time. However 3G does the trick. Infact on my ageing Samsung Galaxy S the 3G is actually faster than when it uses a Wifi connection! (explain that!!).

  33. To those techies out there! I have heard about a pre-4G or 3.9G technology, however sometimes branded “4G” by the service providers. Wimax is also said to be a marketed example of 4G!

  34. 3G is fantastic but over here in the UK you can only really get decent 3G signal in the major cities.

    It seems like the UK Government are just playing catchup and announcing 4G infrastructure but can’t even provide full 3G coverage yet?!

  35. 3g internet is the new age in internet marketing. through mobile phones…thansk for sharing it with us.

  36. In business mobile are playing vital role and mobile browsing is increasing day by day and maximum browsing is shifted to the mobile browsing.

  37. It is important to, while still embracing advancements in technology, not get too caught up in the marketing hype that surrounds each new release. I think you made a great point here in the fact that, while 4G might indeed be ‘the future,’ for our requirements in the ‘right now,’ an effective 3G network offers a more than suitable offering at what is now sure to be a reduced price.

  38. where I’m located we just got 3g about a year ago, I hate living in small towns. We are the last to receive the latest technology. I must say I love the speed of 3g.

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