5 Reasons Why Niche Blogging is The Best Blogging


January 26, 2011 , ,

blogging nicheFor any blogger who wishes to make money online the best thing he or she could do is to blog on a niche. That’s a known fact. But still there are people around who have been plagued with a fact that makes them believe that simply blogging on anything and everything would make their money making dream come true. Even I had the same approach when I started my blogging. I could see people telling me that I should have a blog if I had a desire to make money online. I should have ads all over and then I could make huge money overnight! Honestly, if it would have been so easier to make money online then I would have called myself the next John Chow 😉

Well, jokes apart. The truth is – You can make money from your blog but you really have to work for it. And if you are asking me, nothing looks better than being a niche blogger. Niche blogs have become very significant in recent times. One of the major reasons for the same is that you are able to target a particular subject which people usually search on the net. This in turn helps you in attracting the right audiences which then can be finally helpful in making your online money making dream come true!

To let you know more on the importance of niche blogs, below you can find a list of points that would give you a strong reason to choose niche blogging over any other forms of blogging. These findings have been carefully researched and it should be known to anyone who wishes to start a blog or who has been blogging from long. Let us see them one by one –

The Love Affair

Yes, readers love niche blogs as most of the times they get what they have been looking for on the net. Niche blogs make your readers feel comfortable and leaves them with a temptation to visit often and again. As opposite to the same, if you use random subjects on your blog, you are most likely to lose your readers and thus diminish your chances of making money online from your potential customers. If at anytime you feel like blogging on broad subjects, try creating separate blogs for the same to let your readers read what they want to and thus you are more likely to get positive results..

Easy Adaptability

As compared to other forms of blogging, niche blogging is easily adaptable and improvable as it is targeted towards a specific topic and the right audience. It is generally less difficult to come up with ideas if you intend to write upon a precise niche.

Entices Advertisers

As long as you keep writing on a specific niche, you have a very high rate of being contacted by the potential advertisers who look for related content to set their ads to market their goods or services. You then do have a fair chance of making good amount of money by selling ads on your blogs.

Better Monetization

As said earlier, niche blogs entice advertisers and therefore you have a high chance of making money online by selling ads which can be both text links or banner ads. As long as you have a specific content material and well-targeted viewers, you are in the eyes of your advertisers and if you happen to go over a wide range of subjects then you are making yourself go unnoticed in the advertising market.

Search Engines Favorites

Search engines prefer to provide useful and appropriate content to their visitors. Mostly it is all about serving best available end result in the shortest range of time. And this is where niche blogs excel from the rest. A well defined niche blog targeting keywords is more likely to show up in the SERPS as compared to other sites with uncertain topic for their search engine results. Very basic thing – Search Engine love Blogs and WordPress Blogs are the best as they rank much higher in search engines when compared with traditional sites. In a recently conducted research, SEO experts have found niche blogs to be one of the best methods of site advertisement. If niche sites are utilized together with a really intense article marketing campaign then there is a high possibility of site having much better traffic rate and search ranking.

Well for the very same reasons mentioned above, I had finally decided to move into niche blogging. And I am seeing it all positive. No doubt, niche blogging is a perfect way to start your blogging. Nothing fascinates your readers much. And to add to it, you get it all from the search engines so traffic and finally online money making dreams are highly realistic. This is all based on my personal observation…would love to know your thoughts too!

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89 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Niche Blogging is The Best Blogging”
  1. Thanks Aswani for writing this gues post here you have choose avery good topic about niche blogging especially now that we as bloggers are all trying to make a passive income from our blog Thanks again for your support

    1. You are most welcome. Yes, I can see that most of us are blogging to make money and so niche blogging is the way to go. Hope your readers like it…

  2. Yes, I agree with you Aswani. Mostly bloggers today uses niche blogging because of the reasons that you cited. And truly through these blogging, many people can gain more money online through ads. And for these, I am interested with those who do niche blogs because their topics are just in time. By the ways, thanks for your article. I had a fun reading it. Continue writing!

  3. Dear Aswani,
    I am impressed from your arguments, but please allow me to share my personal experience that General Blogging is somehow easy for new Bloggers as compared to niche blogging. And as they become expert they can start niche blogs on a niche about which they know alot.

    1. As you wish my friend. If you think you can do it later then please go ahead with your decision. Finally, it is you only who has to decide. If you are really serious about making money online from your blogging then you should go ahead with the niche blogging because nothing pays better. Ok, you may research on it more and more before you are fully prepared for the same. All the best!

      1. I am once again on this post after about many months. Now I have created a Niche Blog and found that Aswani is right in his opinion that Niche Blogging is more profitable than general blogging.

  4. A very well written post 🙂 Aswani and you have added excellent reasons.A niche blog always brings a loyal readers and advertisers loves niche blogs.Good to see that you have shifted to niche blogging.All the best to you :).

    Thanks Gary for sharing this post 🙂 will be useful to those who want to earn passive income from their blog.

  5. Nice post Aswani! Comes at a good time for me, as I’ve been contemplating splitting off my main blog (Mysticleness) into several, targeted to certain niches. I’ve changed direction since originally starting the blog two years ago. Great advice!

    1. You are most welcome Mysticle. Yes, by having separate blogs for your targeted niches, you can find it more profitable in the long run.

  6. You mentioned some of very useful points for bloggers,especially “Entices Advertisers” as it helps them to earn handsome amount of money from their blog.

  7. I really learned a lot about niche blogging from this post. I used to have my own blog but it was really messed up because I keep posting about random subjects. Good thing that I stumbled on this blog post. Thanks!

  8. Hey Aswani,
    Once again you have churned out a fantastic article. Having patience pays a lot. Writing good content and then marketing it well is so necessary for a blog to be successful. I am reminded of what ‘Deep Purple’ front man once said when asked about how they feel as rockstars.
    Gillan replied “We just make good music”. So simple and so true. Great content with little marketing goes far.
    Thanks and regards.

  9. Nice Post Aswani. You’ve made some great points dude.

    Niche blog has some awesome benefits. Niche blog can be monetize in many ways. Selling banners isn’t a hard task if you have a niche blog.
    If you have a high traffic blog in design or blogging niche then it’s very easy to sell banners ads.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Post. Great work Aswani.

  10. Great guest Aswani! Better monetization, yes…I agree, niche site is a great way to start making money online. I found some niche that many people do not consider but are highly profitable. For instance, my friend started a site only about red fish and is getting a good monthly income stream through affiliate marketing. Other niche sites are better optimized for program like Adsense because includes high-paid keywords. I’ll suggest to think twice first to create a niche site and make a good research to choose the niche where invest your time.

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by. You are a very good example of how a niche blogger should be and I really appreciate your honest feedback.

  11. Hi Lawmacs ! you have Highlighted Excellent Points, If we Ignore first four Points but the fifth one we Never Ignore. I Mostly do Niche Blogging by Keep Search Engines Favorite in Mind and Its Strongly Impact in Generating Great Results.

  12. The niche blogging is nice concept in current time era but its only helpful in making money online and find targeted visitors according to your category and put it well on search engines.
    But blogging is a concept is to simply write anything which is interesting, you like to write and also helpful in any case for visitor to enjoy your post, it also good in case of blogging but taken long time to target your blog and making money through it…

    1. Yes, blogging in general is about writing on anything and everything. But if you are hoping to make money out of it, you should go with the niche blogging. Thanks for the input.

  13. Of Course Niche blogging is a perfect way to start your blogging. Nothing fascinates your readers much. And to add to it, you get it all from the search engines so traffic and finally online money making dreams are highly realistic.

  14. Well said Aswani and some very solid advice indeed. Niche blogging is where I think that most people should at the very start their online journey. Once they have enough authority or credibility, then they slowly move into different territories, but also with the same broader topic. Anybody can make money online today, the real question is how much money? I found that it is less complicated to succeed in specific niche than being too broad. The competition is fierce……

    1. Absolutely right. Yes, competition is everywhere and day by day, its getting more fierce. Even I am facing the same with my blog but anyways, there is nothing like giving up. I have a very common niche to blog upon but I am doing my best to make it profitable. Hopefully, it should work finally. Thanks for your feedback. Glad to have you as one of my blogger friends. Your site is highly resourceful for any blogger. Keep it up!

  15. It depends upon your interest, if you are good at any particular stuff then you should go for it, but if you don’t have any expertise in that field then its not worth it

  16. The hard part on blogging is to find your audience. So, having the right material and the right audience can gain your blog an entourage of views and readers and money to top it all. This article gives alot of ideas and pointers to the blogger. So, better be in the line. Thumbs up with this =]

  17. I have a definition for a simple blogger and niche blogger. Simple blogger is just like simple doctor and niche blogger is just like specialist in a particular field. Google’s many algorithms are based on artificial intelligence. If a niche blogger performs good,its blog will appear in organic search. Traffic of blog with plot direct proportion graph

  18. Great post,

    I agree, Niche blogging is great. It allows you to actually stand out on a subject, rather than being just another voice that gets drowned in the white noise of the internet.

  19. I agree with the most things that you have pointed out Aswani. And of course, along the process of blogging about “blogging”, you also learn a lot about it as you constantly apply what you’re writing about.

  20. I agree with the most things that you have pointed out Aswani. And of course, along the process of blogging about “blogging”, you also learn a lot about it as you constantly apply what you’re writing about.

    What I really like about this niche is that it has the limitless potential to grow as you can always expand your topics to other related niche such as SEO, affiliate marketing, conversion rate optimization, social media, etc… It’s a constantly evolving industry as we all know.

    @Gary, I’m done with the link exchange experiment and have published the entry yesterday 🙂


  21. I completely agree. Thanks for the reminder, Aswani!

    As you develop your niche, you develop more authority within its individual community and you become a bit of an expert in it. People are more willing to listen to (and pay!) an expert rather than just some random person who writes a little about a lot of different things. If it’s your focus, you’re going to know a lot about it, and people trust that!


    1. Exactly Yes..well, still I am not that expert. Still in the learning stage but I feel I can really help out those in need. Thanks for your valuable comment.

      1. Thank you Aswani! I really need your help , I want to do niche blogging, but stuck on several pont’s, Now, This post give me a bit light…

  22. This is SO true. In the early days of blogging I think there was more of a barrier to entry. You had to be a bit tech savvy and understand some code to even start a blog and even then you had to be interesting. I think this allowed some early general bloggers, like Jorn Barger (Robot Wisdon) and Peter Merholz (PeterMe), with interesting personalities to find large audiences and monetize their blogs. These days the level of competition is so high that unless you’re a celebrity in some way or another there is no way anyone will find your blog unless you pick a niche and develop valuable content for that niche. Definitely great advice for the modern novice blogger.

  23. Very well writter post.The Niche blogs have become very significant nowadays. One of the major reasons to use niche blogging is to target a particular subject which people usually search on the net. Through blogging on niche sites help to attract more audience which then can be finally helpful in making your online money making dream come true!

  24. Niche blogging is the best blogging ever, and this is a very good reason why niche blog is the best blogging.

  25. Hi Aswani,
    I agree with you that having a niche blog can help you find your target readers more easily as you only have to focus on a specific subject. As for niche blogging, one should be really familiar with the subject on that niche and he/she must be able to share relevant ideas to others especially to those who are really looking for answers to their questions.

  26. Very informative and logical. I think it follows that if I use a general blog for my SEO Orange County client, it will not be of as much help as a targeted SEO blog will be right? Thanks for the post Aswani.

  27. Good written about niche blogging is the best blogging. We can write specific niche topic and the right audience comes to blogs.

  28. thanks aswani for such a nice post …..i agree with your all points you mentioned but better monitization is the best one

  29. niche blogging is the best way to blog…it can give u good income……….!!!!!

  30. I absolutely agree with that, niche blogging is great in making money online. You have to research a keyword that is effective and unique in order to have a successful making money online.

  31. Very well said, I so much agree with you Aswani. Niche blogging is the best when you want to earn money through online, i’m not doing niche blogging but my friends always recommend to have it and they probably convince me, thanks a lot for this great information!

  32. Niche blogging it is… Niche blog should also help with page rank because people would visit longer looking for articles similar to what they search initiallly.

    Mr MakingUsmile

  33. I am trying my hand at niche blogging and I have picked up some great tips from this post and several of the comments that your visitors wrote.

    I try to offer quality content along with bonus emails for my niche visitors. The email content will bring people back to your blog again and again..

  34. I agree that probably most bloggers are hoping for an income. Only problem is that only a small part makes it.

  35. Niche blogging is one of the internet marketing strategies now a days and I agree it really helps a lot in earning money and branding your name as well. Thanks for this great share Aswani I appreciate it very much!

  36. We can get many benefits from niche blogging and of those is earning money. If you will concentrate in one niche there is a greater chance that people who are interested to learn about your niche will keep visiting your blog.

  37. Hi Aswani,

    Earning money through blogs doesn’t happen overnight. It’s true that you need to work hard in order to make money from it. Niche blogging is one of the most effective way to generate income online. In my opinion, if you want to have a niche blog, it would be best to target the topics that you love to write about. In this way, you’ll be able to deliver high quality content that is eye catching to the readers.

  38. Yeah thatts right…
    I totally agree with your thinking.Niche Blogging is the best way to earn money online.its simple and save.
    Knowledgeable article

  39. It’s certainly a wise step to join niche blogging, the search engines like to find relevant content related to a certain niche. It’s also a way to draw your reader’s attention and make them return to your blog.

  40. Niche blogging can be very helpful if you stick to it and can reap huge benefits in the long run.

  41. Yes, I agree. With niche blogging, you are more focused. I think it is best for new bloggers like me.

  42. Hi,
    Creating a passive income can be difficult at first, but once you get enough real estate out there…it’s all worth it! Thanks for all your helpful tips.

  43. When it comes to the popularity of the topic, design niche is always in the list. Design niche blogs cover different designing topics like web design, graphic design, logo design, designing tutorials, web development and more. It promotes designers’ artistic works to inspire other designers.

    You may wonder how design niche produces a lot of successful blogs and bloggers. There are some design blogs that really excel in the field which results to a higher conversion margin. People really love what they post. So what’s up with them? Why people love this kind of blog?

    Today’s post is a list of 5 out of the thousand reasons why design niche blog is being loved by many. This post isn’t intended to encourage you to make a design blog even if you are not interested to. This will gives you a glimpse in introducing yourself in the world of designing.

  44. how much money can you actually make from a niche blog ? is it even worth it ?

  45. Thanks of useful directions. Really there are a lot of opportunities to earn money in internet, but we should find the way! And you article is the best guide! Blogging is very useful think but sometimes we need wise advice!

  46. Niche directories usually focus on a specific topic and are intended to be a larger source of information for that topic than you would find in a general directory.

    Chicagos Webpro: Chicago Website Design

  47. Niche blogging especially if it is done with the wordpress site is indeed well like by Google, but of course with the right and appropriate contains. Using the right keywords is excellent but keywords stuffing it is another story. Great post you have here.

  48. You are most welcome Mysticle. Yes, by having separate blogs for your targeted niches, you can find it more profitable in the long run.

  49. I also observed that Doing blogging on niche is best part.
    Its like in which we are expert we have to take that niche and start blogging it.
    So users also get something by coming on blog.
    At last blogging is art giving.

  50. Anyone who publishes a successful blog knows that it is hard work and creating good content that visitors will read, comment and return to read other articles is the challenge. Niche blogs can be highly successful and deliver a financial gain to the blog owner though detail research into the niche would be well advice to avoid wasting time and effort. Enjoying the subject you write about will make it much easier to create content and readers will see this in the content.

  51. I Agree with the topic, because when you go for a niche based blogging, you will get permanent regular visitors as well as you can share more no.of information about a specific topic. But it is necessary to make sure that you have knowledge on the topic.

  52. Hi Ashwani
    Thanks for sharing this post. The niche ‘ Blogging ‘ is best niche than all. I also think this. When I started my blog then I wrote on another niche but I was not satisfied with that. Then I decided to write on which I know well that is Blogging. 😛

  53. Great article. One of the biggest hurdles a new blogger has to face is, of course, selecting the right niche to blog on. Concentrating, or focusing, on a niche also one to be disciplined about their content. But an even better suggestion to me would be to see if that niche has a sub-niche. If you’ve chosen your sub-niche correctly, the sky will be your limit. Thanks for sharing!

  54. Thank you for posting very nice article. I am very impressed to your arguments which you have chosen a very good topic about niche blogging especially every blogger are trying to make a passive income.

    Thanks once again for nice posting. Keep it up!!!

  55. NIche based blogging is best because it helps in nurturing leads as the traffic which falls on your website is most relevant to the niche you serve. It is people’s interests and needs which compel people to take action on the website and avail your services. We are a web design and digital marketing agency in NewYork and our blogs are mostly related to the same industry because serving potential consumers with knowledge builds trust and helps in converting the visitor.

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