5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Internet Marketing

internet marketingMore and more companies are experiencing the power of marketing online. In the past, only a few businesses were capable of paying for expensive web development services. They’ve put up websites to showcase their products and services in the World Wide Web. But as time progressed, enterprises began to see how such investment can bring in more profit. It’s fast, it’s easy and the ROI or return of investment is pretty evident! Actually, there are now a lot of good website designers and developers who charge less for the same professional web design and customer friendly web interface.

What’s good about internet marketing is that it has a very wide range. It’s not only marketing done in websites but also includes marketing done through email or wireless media. It encompasses advertising, design, sales, SEO or search engine optimization and even the use of Web 2.0 tactics. Now how will this kind of marketing benefit companies?

1. The Target Market

Setting a target market is never a problem with internet marketing. It doesn’t matter whether you are aiming for the world or just a specific locality. Internet marketing gives you that power to choose your viewers. You can make your ads or your website viewable by the entire world or if you want to conquer only the local market, then that’s also doable.

2. Affordability

Internet marketing is relatively cheaper than radio or television advertising. There are many ways to increase profitability online without investing too much. There are even free sites that you can use to advertise your company. You can set up a free blog site, ask reliable writers to provide you quality content and promote your products and services from there. It’s definitely more affordable than paying for a 30-sec ad production and a 30-sec airtime on a TV or radio network.

3. Better Advertising

When people pick up the phone at home and realize they’re speaking with telemarketers, they simply say “No” & put the phone down. Promotional letters sent via snail mail aren’t really cost effective. But with internet marketing, advertisements aren’t really thrown away. The fact that people sit down to use their computers means that they have the time to browse around and discover whatever on the net. In fact, they have the power to choose what they want to see — which is why Pay per Click ads exists. Advertising online maximizes your finances as a businessman and makes sure that you’re able to reach the right people.

4. Speed

With the use of internet marketing strategies, you should be able to see and analyze your business’ progress in fast and efficient ways. You can easily check your website traffic for a certain time frame. You can check your search engine rankings to see how much potential you have. The result of these analytics can tell you if you’re doing well or if there’s anything you need to change in your marketing plan. And the good news is, you can apply these changes ASAP.

5. Customer Feedback

There’s one reason why people use the internet — convenience. People shop and bank online to save time and energy. And as long as you target the right market, satisfy your customers through fast and reliable service online, you’ll keep the cash flowing in. You won’t only have regular customers but have new ones every now and then.

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31 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Internet Marketing”
  1. With local online advertising, you can still pass your competitors because chances are that many of them are still not selling locally.

    1. You have mentioned a good point there Andreas marketing locally is a great place to start and as you rightly said it might just get the better of our competitors

  2. Let’s face it, when we talk about search engine marketing (SEM), we’re mostly talking about how to get found in Google. Most of one’s SEM efforts should be targeted towards that objective…

    1. Hi Kids’ Craft look like this is your first time here so welcome. I do hope that you found the blog interesting and will be around. I must say that i agree with you we should put our focus on our objectives if we want the results we so desire. thanks for your comment.

  3. You have shared some very useful points. Yes…internet marketing is required in every business today. We also have been making use of the same and the results have quite remarkable. The best thing about internet marketing is that its quick, effective and viral. Also, it is cost effective to a great extent.

    1. You made two great point Aswani that it is quick and can go viral quite quickly and can give remarkable results and the cost can be controlled easily

  4. Hi Gary,

    Online advertising if done in a correct manner can reap great rewards for our campaigns and that too in cost effective way.

    Thanks for sharing the ways and means of online marketing .

    1. You are right Ashvini this can give us great reward if it is done the right way and the commitment is there. thanks for your comment

  5. You have sited useful points regarding Internet Marketing but it needs to done properly for optimum results as Ashvini has said.

    We see many marketers failing due to lack of proper approach.

    1. Getting our marketing strategies right sometimes invovled failuraea but waea should not get dismay becuase to get things right sometimes we need to have failure.

  6. I think no. 1 Reason(The Target Market) is the most powerful one which you need for your Business. There is no back up of this. if you want to sell a software you must target(reach) to your audience to increase the sell. It’s a very important thing.

    1. Hi lisa i agree with you we must reach our target market so that we can get the sales we need. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate.

  7. internet marketing plays a vital role in todays world……thanks for the share………!!!!!

  8. I think internet marketing is better advertising now because there are millions of
    prospect buyer in the internet…and social media is the great way for advertising.

  9. A wide range of target market worldwide. Anywhere can be a possible client through internet marketing. Tina from

  10. We deliver targeted traffic – from redirected domains or from our own network – in order to give you the best payoff. The visitors that we send to your site will come only from other similiar websites as yours. This is real traffic, no bots.

  11. Online exposure can be great, but there are people out there just to make money off of others. It not very hard as the “victim” don’t really know what to expect, and what are the signs of good campaign, methods of promotions etc, etc.. So average joe’s – do your homework’s !

  12. Like most skills, Internet marketing is learnable. Of course, there’s a lot to learn LOL. The field is still so young which makes it extremely exciting, too.

  13. well I am new to internet marketing and been spending time at a forum won’t mention witch one but some people here are right there is a lot of reading and alot of information one thing is for sure you need to take action so many people just read an never do anything about taking action and wonder why it is that they never succed.


  14. Internet Marketing provides a rapid development in the business of a company. Though it was the most expensive way for development in the beginning but later it had become the common for all. Even now it is considered as the best way for the development of a business.

  15. Internet marketing is the biggest thing right now because most of the people use internet in their daily life for more than 5 hours, so its a better place to publish your product in front of millions of people

    1. That’s right Bruker! Internet marketing is REALLY the HUGE points in business. I just wonder what would be businesses looks like if there is no internet marketing?.

  16. Thry internet marketting you will be known to all over the world not only to one place or state or country.Thus easy way to make aware of your products is thru internet marketting.

  17. Mostly those are planning to come into an business for them they think the internet marketing is the base of their business, main reasons are mentioned in the blog and some additional reasons are, its a increases product awareness in the market, accessible to the customer by 24/7 and its cost effective.

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