Are You Up to Date As A Blogger

As bloggers and website owners we try to keep up blog updated by posting regularly to attract good search engine ranking results installing the latest updates of our blogging platform ,keeping up with the latest trends on all the social networking sites. But the big question is are we keeping our selves updated as bloggers knowing what is changing around us everyday things like our subscribers base, twitter followers and commenter. These are the type of statistic we should be paying attention to. Our reader base is something that can build or break your blog so take a look at these ask the question are we staying up to date as bloggers.

Forget the statistic about face book and twitter for a moment forget about the three thousand twitter followers and four thousand Face book friends but are they important to you more than the statistic of your personal blog well some of you may disagree with me here ,done get me wrong here i am not trying to still up controversy  here. It is great having friends on Face Book in the hundred or thousands but are they supporting your blog sounds familiar sounds true. I have lots of face book friends and about one thousand four hundred followers on twitter but how much of them visit my blog read a post. Food for thought.

Checking your statistic on a regular basic is very important we need to be up to date with the keyword trends what and where we are loosing traffic the key phrases that drives the traffic to your sites the traffic trends against previous months these are all things that makes our website ticks. Let me ask you a question how often do you evaluate your analytic report?, be honest not often enough yes you are been host that is a starting point so let us take a moment and get up to date with the little things that matters most.

Now let us have a debate here do you think you are updated enough to with yourself as a blogger? are we paying attention with the finer details that can make or break us after leaving here stop for a minute look at your blog check the stats look at your followers and ask yourself how much of these are worth full statistics?. I remember one popular blogger wrote about stop following the ones that are just there for the numbers. Now our blog is important to us we need to be aware of what is working and what is not lets face it could be our writing style or tone it could be our blog design or it could be you yes it could be so lets keep our selves updated as a bloggers. share your thoughts here and please spread the word sharing is caring.


25 thoughts on “Are You Up to Date As A Blogger”
  1. This is a very thought provoking article. I do think that I am up to date…I take a note of the things that are working in my favor, the things that are not working…I also keep an eye on the stats from time to time, and change my strategy is needed.

    1. yes you are right this article is very thought provoking it was meant that way but it is a fact are we really staying updated as bloggers read some blogs and you will see it for your self. Thanks for your input.

  2. I make every effort to keep myself updated. I’m one of those people who you might call a stats geek. 🙂 I actually study my stats and enjoy doing it.

    I think anyone who takes their blog seriously needs to be aware of everything that’s going on. You need to know what is working and what is not and there are loads of free tools available to help with those tasks.

    Thanks for another great article Gary.

    1. Taking our blog seriuosly is something every bloggers should do Robert if they are not it leaves one question why is their blog online and visible to the public

    1. Thanks for stopping by your blog is great except for the fact that i have to transalte i do hope this is not your last visit thanks and it is good to see you here

    1. Thanks Shabnam for stopping by to contribute to this conversation your input is always welcome and have a happy friends day

  3. Yes, I am following the same. I do keep a check on the stats related to my blog. Very recently, I did one major change. I removed Google analytics code from my blog. Instead, I added code from to my blog. I find it much better in comparison to Google Analytics. It provides me with a better listing of the keywords and related data. The data collected from there has been very useful for me till date. Though I do not spend much time on keyword research yet I cannot ignore it by any means. One thing I must say, in order to stay updated as a blogger, you need to have good fresh quality postings on your blog which fetches decent traffic from everywhere especially from search engines like Google. Having tonnes of followers is great but useless if they are not on your blog or site at anytime. Get only few followers, no problem…if they can visit your blog or site at anytime.

    1. thanks for your kind words Aswani you said it right having thousand os followers is useless if they are not on your blog at some point in time

    1. Thanks for your kind words and taking the time out to comment here i do hope to see you here again you presence is always welcome here

  4. Thanks for this article bro … 🙂 I love it … Thanks for making this post dofollow and comluv

  5. You are right. Having lots of facebook/twitter followers ais a good thing, but it is hard to tell how much it really helps your blog. If they are your friends becasue of the blog then they might be useful. If not it is hard to tell what impact they can really bring.



    1. Thai is the point steve have lots of followers and none of them visiting your site does not adds up it sometimes increase the chance of attracting advertisers. But our blog needs the full support.

  6. I think that every blogger, specially those who are in it for business should not only keep themselves constantly updated but analyze their stats regularly. It is important to now how you blog is performing as it can indicate things that you should change or even concentrate an added effort on a very popular blog post for example. Great advice and keep it up

    1. That is so true Ditesco keeping our selves constantly updated makes lots of business sense not checking and analysing of statistic may lead to our down fall.

  7. I think it’s important to analyze stats but not to become too overwhelmed by them. I think keeping ourselves in check is always good, but be careful not to become over-critical, as that can lead to poor decision-making.



    1. Hi Tia Thanks for the kind words seems this is your first visit and i do hope to have you here more often and yes your are spot on it is always good not to be over critical to cloud our judgement.

  8. i think you have taken this new feature in a wrong way , it has its plus points too , for example from a marketer point of view you will get much better results from paid advertising as in google adwords you will be able to focus to individual who are really looking for your products hence each click through will deliver more results because then the user demographics can be leveraged.

  9. I think, it really helps to take some time to look at your blog stats or analytics, because, with those data, you will see what works best.

    But, see to it that, you also interact with your readers. Just by replying to your readers comment will have a great impact in terms of visitors loyalty and trust with your writing.

    Well, I think, I can be one of those loyal audience you will have Lawmacs. Nice blog by the way.

    1. Thanks for your kind words well said and i will take your comment on boardi do hope you will be here more often to contibute to this blog.

      1. Well, I think this conversation will be the start of me being one of those loyal visitors of yours. Just keep the good deeds into your writing and for sure, more visitors (loyal ones) will keep coming.

  10. Informative blogs ever much viewed, after a long time I found that type of site. I love to reading blogs because there are many new information and updates and your article have good information I like it thanks for sharing.i bookmarked this site and emailed it to a few friends, your post was that great, keep it up.

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