Bloggers Do WE Need A Break


July 1, 2010 , ,

Most of us needs a break at some point or another no matter what jobs we do even bloggers need and holiday a some point. Taking a break is essential. This topic is a bit unusual for me however i think i should share this with you. Sometime we get very tired and need to step away from what we are doing just to clear our heads and start focusing again one such place that offer this is villa rentals a company that provides holiday destination for every one whether you need a break or a family holiday.

While searching the internet for family holidays i came across villa rentals and was impress with the service and the holiday destination that they provides and i believe that it was worth the mentioned here. As mentioned before this topic is a bit off for me however i think it is worth sharing  taking time out from whatever jobs we do is encouraging and rewarding and is recommended because very often we found our selves our worked and getting stressed and a short break from our daily routine will help and also gives time to reflect.I have blogging for a couple of years holding down a full time job and also have a family so just imagine the amount of things i have to do during my daily routine. Do you think taking a break from blogging hurts ?, no i don’t think so  and i hope you don’t either . There are many times in life when you have to step away from what you are doing take time off and validate what you are doing. Taking a holiday don’t have to be expensive try villa rentals they can find you the perfect package and excellent destinations  some where you will enjoy and have a good time so go on take a break you deserve it.


8 thoughts on “Bloggers Do WE Need A Break”
    1. Yes you are right Shabnam we all need a break but some times it is not happening because we are so dedicated to our blog we find it hard to take the time from

  1. I could not agree with you more. I think it’s so important that we take some time to recharge our batteries and our minds. For those who have families, it should be a requirement. There are many times we get so involved with our careers, blogs, hobbies, etc that we don’t devote enough time to the ones who mean the most.
    I vote for taking a vacation once per month. 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you Robert like everything else in life we need to take a break and recharge our battery and get refresh continuing without rest will only lead to more fatique

  2. i feel blogging is jst like a passion 4 me….when ever im on my blog i feel like i am with my  family so,i dont want to get detach….nywaz…nice info…
    happy bloggin…….:-)

  3. I took a break & lost a large portion of my readership. I guess they could not understand my need for a break.

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