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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important thing for the bloggers in the world of internet. It is said that advice about SEO for the bloggers can never be enough since there are always small points that need consideration while working on your blogs. Once you put a foundation for a blog related to your products, business or services, then it is time to adopt the correct strategy for its marketing and attract the potential customers. It is therefore necessary to know that your message will reach the right audience. The algorithms used by the search engines are refining constantly and with a lot of market competition, it may get difficult to reach the readers. Bloggers can have the required confidence in SEO by adopting the fundamental strategies mentioned below.

Research, Correct Utilization and Relevance

Some of the basic strategies that should be considered by bloggers include research, wise use of keywords and relevance of the topic. There are people that just start off with a blog when an inspiration strikes them. However, proper planning is always required for successful goals. The basic SEO strategy for bloggers is to research about the keywords to become a part of search engines. Searching for the queries of people will help in further promotion of your blog by having discussions and posts in conversational tone. By including some of the searched terms of the audience, a connection is created by the search engines between the readers and your blog.

The keywords need to be used wisely and appropriately with better writing instead of just stuffing them in the content. A blogger should aim for the variety of keywords being used from different angles instead of focusing on the keyword density. Creativity in writing is more important for getting high ranking in the search engines. It is important to stay focused on the relevance of the topic instead of using several phrases and keywords. Bloggers may tend to lose focus from their topic for inserting keywords.

Links, Quality and Search Clips

A potential reader of your blog is directed to a part of the web content using the text of anchor link. The importance of your blog can boost in the search engines with the inbound links. However, it is recommended not to use lazy anchor links that will take away your opportunity. Lazy links can be the ones that lead to your single blog heading repeatedly. The most important SEO strategy for bloggers is to focus on the quality instead of quantity. The good quality content and backlinks always have a greater worth than automatically generated backlinks. Always remember that relevance is the key for good reputation built on the search engines.

In addition, the search snippets are always helpful in getting to know about the impression of your blog on the search engines. It can be done by searching for a variety of search terms related to your blog that are most popular. There is a lot more to focus on the SEO for bloggers since these were some fundamental strategies.

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Maria belongs to Voice Archive. She is a 20 year old part time blogger. She is extremely passionate about perfect Voice talent and loves to write Reviews on everything that interests her.

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  1. Hi,
    These fundamental strategies of SEO are just great. Definitely be a great help for all the SE Optimizers and a lot of thing can be learned from your post. This is truly an informative post I must say. Thanks for the share!!

  2. Building quality backlinks is definitely one of the top SEO strategies when it comes to any site, leave alone a blog. The pages should feature original content too.

  3. I really love coming back to your blog reading your posts. I like the way you construct your article and the best part is you have your own uniqueness on how you describe it. Great job!!!

  4. Thank you for your article,
    As a web design teacher the power of blog back linking can be hard to stress to students. I hope you don’t mind me using this to send my students to read.

  5. This post has some words means how you present it because many post has written about it.I think the post you are writing will be relevance about what you are writing here.

  6. In a way SEO is simple (but not easy). Quality content plus quality links equal good rankings. Of course this is an over-simplification. But these rules have not changed since Google has been around on the Internet.

  7. In the past 2 years SEO in that difficult, I can say that ranking on google is not hard but when Google Panda and Google Penguin came out you need be more careful in doing SEO to avoid to be penalized by Google.

  8. Thanks a lot for give me a lot of information about SEO.It is very useful to me and other which are working in the SEO field.Thanks always for provide a platform to sharing the comments.

  9. Thanks a lot for give me a lot of information about’s very useful to me and other which are working in the SEO field.Thanks always for provide a platform to sharing the comments.

  10. After penguin, building quality natural links can able to sustain a website in this competitive seo market. Not only that content optimization also has got more importance in seo after penguin.

  11. Hi!I agree that blogging is important in SEO.We need to balance it with social media marketing for it supports one another.Thanks for sharing!

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