Combining Good Staff with Modern Phone Systems

blackberry business phoneSome businesses have real trouble operating phone business phone systems. They’ve got the wrong mix of people and operations. That’s risky, and can be costly. The fact is that businesses need specialists in these operations. Mistakes can cost customers and set up more problems with legal issues.

Phone System Basics

Some businesses don’t even recognize that their phone system is the core of their business operations. The usual problem is that management doesn’t have the training to know how to work these systems.

A good business phone system needs:

· Experienced, well-trained staff

· Good information access

· Experienced management

· Modern, efficient phone system technologies

This is, as you’ll have gathered, all about business and system performance. Never mind KPIs and statistical mumbo jumbo. What matters is performance quality. It doesn’t matter if a call takes 5 minutes or 5 hours. The whole object is getting the business value result you need.

Consider this very basic situation:

· An account worth $2.5 million calls your business with a complex question.

· Your phone operator has been told to turn any call over in 5 minutes. This operator has also been through the KPI circus about their performance stats and now takes very seriously the need to keep their call times on target.

· This customer doesn’t like getting turned off after 5 minutes and moves their account elsewhere.

An experienced operator would never allow that to happen. They’d recognize the value of the account and respond accordingly.

The phone system story is also simple enough:

· Staff must learn to value calls according to business needs- Experienced staff knows that. Good, experienced managers drill that into their staff in training. If a call is complex and/or high value, the manager or supervisor will take it themselves and let the staff get on with the bulk work.

· The phone system must reflect customer needs- Does it help if a customer is stuck on hold? No. Quite the opposite, if it’s a business call, it costs the customer money and doesn’t do much for the image of the business. A good phone system will be configured to manage calls on a customized basis, allowing customers to get through ASAP. (Note: If calling on mobile and left waiting for half an hour, the cost to the customer can make for a very expensive phone call. If it’s not a productive phone call, damage to the customer relationship is being done.)

· Best practice is to use experienced staff to help configure your system to make it as productive as possible- Some phone systems need queues, monitoring, etc. Some don’t. If you’re a bank, your queue system is probably the best option, although you can farm out some calls and reduce the impact on a centralized system. Good phone staff will recognize and report system issues and customer problems automatically.

The moral of the story is that good phone staff and good telephone systems will outperform on a regular basis. If you’re having problems, get some expertise and a good new phone system. You’ll be stunned at the improvements.

Author Bio: Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including Telephone systems and Business phone systems.


25 thoughts on “Combining Good Staff with Modern Phone Systems”
  1. You are absolutely right. Such companies have got the wrong mix of people and operations.Experienced staff and efficient technology must be there for good performance.

  2. These days phone systems dont really cost that much at all, all you need to do is get quality tech at the best possible prices, try using coupon codes on sales of technology items to bring the price down, this will help and you wont have to spend big money on the best technology. When it comes to phone systems all you need is something that is good but affordable.

  3. Concentrate on result which comes from modern phone system is good to increase customers and grow business. This is true that many companies works on time target per call so, many customers can not satisfied with answer and they decide to change operator. This is very dangerous for business.

  4. it depend on what kind of company you are in . but in today’s world they should provide staff with modern mobile phone

  5. With the price of phones these days, every staff member should have a phone. It is useful in connecting members together.

  6. having the best of tech help you run a business is great but like you state your staff need to be trained up on these things otherwise it can hinder more then it helps

  7. In this technological era, every business dealings are on phone or internet and so it is highly recommended for a successful business that you have modern phone system.

  8. I really enjoyed reading this post. Very good written.Thanks for posting such good post. keep posting.i would like to share, reliable seo company that offers best seo services according to your own behalf.

  9. Nowadays, high tech phone system is required especially in a highly business or big businesses so that it can cope up with the environment.

  10. These days, mobile phones are employed for many uses aside from its function as a device for communication. Good staffs plus modern phone systems could help your business succeed.

  11. it depend on what kind of company you are in . but in today’s world they should provide staff with modern mobile phone

  12. This is interesting to read, I learn a lot from this. We should not mix things or people with different personality and insights in life because this is a wrong way. We should mix compatible with each other.

  13. I think this shows the underlying influence and value that having good technology now has. I think the value of it speaks for itself.

  14. A virtual phone service gives you everything you need to route phone calls to anyone within your organization. This greatly simplifies management and ensures that all incoming calls are being answered correctly every time someone places a call.

  15. As an example, I am a music lover that’s why I got addicted with my Blackberry 9320 handset. It has a built in FM hence I can listen to radio shows everywhere I go especially when I’m on a long bus ride going to office and back to home.

  16. I accede on this topic if you have a good staff to handle/configure your modern business phone system then your system will be more productive than before..

  17. I accede on this topic if you have a good staff to handle/configure your modern business phone system then your system will be more productive than before..

  18. Mobile phones is not anymore a luxurious gadgets for corporate employees. It is now a basic requirement to equip them with contemporary technology in order to jive with the ever-changing service demand from the clients.

  19. good phone technology is those who gave customer satisfaction to provide them best service,& provide them good apps those are necessary in life

  20. Phone systems are really important for a business as it helps to communicate with the staff and also with the customers.Business phone systems should be of good quality.One should also be careful in the staff recruitment period.Because good and experienced staff also very important for a business.

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