Exploring the Concept of Invalid Page Faults in MS Access


October 1, 2012 ,

Exploring the Concept of Invalid Page Faults in MS Access: Causes, Remedies, and the Final Approach.
MS Access is relational database that is still used as a back-end by various third-party applications and is usually employed in smaller projects. It can be stored locally in your system or shared over a network. Corruption is likely to occur in a multi-user environment where multiple users in a network try to access the single copy of the database at the same time. Problems may also surface when you abruptly disconnect from the database or quit the application. Another issue faced by Windows users when using MS Access is invalid page faults. Invalid page faults in MS Access usually indicate improper memory addresses, i.e. if a read/write operation occurred to an incorrect memory address. Other things, such as passing of incorrect parameters between programs and Windows, can cause such errors. In order to identify and correct the problem, you need to follow some troubleshooting steps:

  • Bugs in the Access Code:

Invalid page faults may occur due to bugs in MS Access. You should search the Microsoft knowledge base and find out specific bugs in the program that cause this problem. Try to follow the instructions for resolving the issue.

  • Damaged or Fragmented Database:

In the event of a page fault, you may suspect that your database structure is damaged or the file is fragmented. The performance of the database may degrade due to inefficient use of the disk space. To resolve these problems, you should run the ‘Compact and Repair Database’ command as follows:

  • Close your database. If the database is shared over a network, ensure all the users have closed it.
  • Back up your database to a different location. You can use any backup software to accomplish the same. You should also backup the workgroup information file that stores user preferences and security account information.
  • On the ‘Tools’ menu, select ‘Database Utilities’, and then click ‘Compact and Repair Database’.
  • Provide the name and location of the database to be repaired. Click ‘Compact’ and specify the name for the compacted database. Click ‘Save’.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, create a new Access database, import all objects in this database, and then compile all the modules. In case the problem still persists, your database is probably corrupt. In order to repair the corrupt database, you should use professional Access database repair utilities. These software perform close repair of MS Access databases to recover all the lost or inaccessible objects, including tables, reports, forms, etc.

About the Author: Jyoti Prakash is Sr. Technical writer who has around 4 yrs experience in tech writing. He mostly writes tech article on MS Access database repair scenario. You can reach him @ jyotikeshari@gmail.com



0 thoughts on “Exploring the Concept of Invalid Page Faults in MS Access”
  1. Well, this is a very detailed and substantial article! Every soft has its own bugs.. Knowing them is a half of problem solving. As for me, I don’t use Access very often, but if I do, Thank to you I will know how to treat it right)

  2. Some serious information, I do use MS Access not very often but sometimes to create very simple database. Not very much into it, just use my little knowledge make things done myself…

  3. Hi Jyoti,
    This is an excellent tip and best of all, it works. I was an avid user of Access in the past and it is an excellent database development tool. It is one of those tools that allows you to design report quickly, particularly that with terrible specified requirements. It is a stable and flexible piece of software.

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