Go Viral with Video Optimization and Improved SEO


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Posting informative videos is a good way to attract visitors and increase awareness about a company. However, to enhance rankings in video search engines, you need to optimize videos correctly.

Video search optimization is in its infant stage currently. However, it is growing rapidly. In case you are unsure how to optimize your videos, consider hiring a SEO services company and opting for professional SEO services for video optimization. Additionally, you can start with these three following options to post videos:

Option 1- Posting videos on your site


The primary purpose of posting videos on your site is to offer information in a unique way. To allow video search engines to crawl your site in a hassle-free manner, opt for the following tips.

· Optimizing the video file is the most critical step. To optimize, offer information that can include a title, summary, and few keywords.

· While posting videos on your site, ensure that HTML content surrounds them. Information placed in a video file is usually limited. This strategy will allow search engines to acquire detailed data from the surrounding pages.

· Pay special attention to the page text. Do not forget to write a keyword-rich and detailed description of the posted videos.

· Arrange video files in a single directory. This will allow the crawler to access videos more easily.

Option 2- Submitting MRSS/RSS feed to a site


In this situation, you may want to increase awareness about your company by getting in touch with sites that accept MRSS or RSS feed. Examples of such sites can include Blinkx and Yahoo Video. Optimizing videos for these sites involves various steps. These can include submitting a description, title, keywords, category, thumbnails, and a complete transcript.

Submitting a full transcript is important, because it gives the site something to chew on.

Option 3- Uploading video at video-sharing sites


The third scenario involves uploading videos at video-sharing sites, such as YouTube, Yahoo Video. Before sharing videos at these sites, you should optimize them. Consider the following steps.

· Entering metadata at these sites is important as well. This can include keywords, title, and description.

· Placing your logos in the first and last frames of the video is a great idea. You can also incorporate any other useful information in these frames.

We highlighted few tips that will help you to optimize videos in three different situations. Now, we will offer few general video optimization tips.

1. Develop interesting videos. Unless your video contains something unique, people will not watch it.

2. Duration of your video should not be more than 5 minutes. Creating a lengthy video can bore the users.

3. Do not forget to include the word ‘video’ in any metadata. The reason is that many people type the word ‘video’ while searching for a relevant video. Implementing this strategy will increase your rankings in the search engines. Of course, do not go overboard with it.

4. Offer various versions that can include .wmv, .avi, and .mov. This strategy will not enhance your SEO rankings. However, it will allow visitors to choose their preferred version.

5. Encourage people to rank your videos. Remember that crawlers give great importance to ranks of videos.

6. Create an enticing and keyword-rich title of your video. Consider the fact that title plays a critical role in attracting attention of your target users.

7. Incorporate keywords in the URL and filename. Video search engines give importance to the usage of relevant keywords.

Creating and sharing videos are not enough. You have to publicize them as well. Place them in various sites and encourage people to share them. If possible, offer some incentive so that people feel interested in sharing them.


39 thoughts on “Go Viral with Video Optimization and Improved SEO”
  1. Thanks Sinha for writting such a wonderful post about going viral with your video your post highlights the need for optimization and your experience in search engine optimization

  2. Now we have to adopt the new strategy of marketing which improves our branding along with visibility in organic search result and viral video marketing is one of the way to achieve it. I usually create videos from small article and upload it to web 2.0 and other video sharing websites to get god exposure.

  3. I guess video optimization is still in a nascent stage, but we can still give a descriptive title and a good description, tags, etc. to improve its visibility. If the video is going to be embedded within your blog, I guess its important to write something descriptive about it in the area surrounding the video. Search engines can pick up these cues. As you said, mentioning the word ‘video’ is important in the title.

  4. I appreciate Raj’s point of view to integrate video with your blogs. I even suggest broadcasting useful videos from other websites owners which are relevant to your post. You may also use social networking sites to promote your video and let it be popular amongst other visitors.

  5. Yah i agree with you that video sharing is one of the best way to promote our site.because video intract more visitors on your site.

  6. Posting videos are often helpful for a business as videos tends to get viral if they’re good and that results in more exposure.

  7. Unlike site optimization, video SEO is more viable for new and small ventures. For site optimization, the age, linked content quality and a lot of other factors would come into play to determine the rank. But for video SEO, none of these matter. So, publishers who are too small or too new to even consider traditional SEO can go for video SEO and gain from it.
    Brilliant post. Thanks for the share.

  8. such a nice great post about SEO, Now I can make new thought for for marketing which can help me in my business of internet. Search engine optimization is a very big problem for new web builder who don’t know about SEO like me some body tell me you can increase your PR by unique posting therefore my website pr slip out from pr3 to pr2 i don’t know why. I think that I’m new in this field

  9. I have done some video marketing with TrafficGeyser, but the missing part was just video optimization, when so many use video marketing, optimization becomes important. Thanks for these good tips!

  10. I tried uploading videos on some video sharing websites and I had troubles in the file format that they accept. So I used different video editing software like Adobe Premiere and AVS4YOU. So that I can convert the file and then they will accept it.

    What I also like on video optimization is that you can freely create a video that is so informative compared to a content that you publish.

  11. Thank you for sharing this wonderful Video Optimization guide Maitreyee, I’ve been looking for this to be able to optimize the video that I have for my blog. I really need it and you have answered some of the question I have in mind about this topic.

  12. Video optimization is one of the best way to promote your business easily on internet. I am new to video optimization and this information will surely helps me in optimizing the videos. Thanks for posting this information.

  13. Yes i agree with this topic that video optimization is the great source to improve our website quality and user friendly as well as develop SEO for sites

  14. As search engines are working to better determine the content and relevance of multimedia content, the methods that we use to optimize websites and in particular, videos, images, and audio in the future may be quite different. Currently optimization still relies upon including Meta data and keyword information in or surrounding the current content.
    With search engines like Blinkx.com, who claim to rely more and more so on OCR (optical character recognition), voice/speech recognition, and image recognition, optimization of video content will likely be much more so about the quality of the video itself. For example, if Blinkx.com relies upon voice recognition as an example, it would be important to make certain that you are speaking clearly in the video so as to make the job of voice recognition easier for the search engines.

  15. I would like to ask one thing. If we upload a video on my website, will it make website heavy and will take more time to load?

  16. Yes your right , video optimization is the best way to improve website quality and it make user friendly and also getting more tarffic from this Thanks for sharing informative post.

  17. Actually this is true . Video optimization is really effective in website optimization. It can help you to enlarge your online marketing progress in frequently.

  18. It is also advisable to post your videos to web 2.0 sites like Hubpages and Squidoo. It would definitely make your video go viral if combined with this said methods. It’s been proven and a lot of internet marketers are doing this.

  19. Video optimization as part of your search engine optimization efforts can be a great way for you to expose your brand to users who may have otherwise not been familiar with your brand, your products or your services.

  20. This article is showing good representation regarding software overviews. But do you know every steps of developing should be taken carefully by us. We are introducing eCommerce platforms Magento, prestashop and others. It allows users to enable their customers to access their eCommerce sites on mobile platforms. With Magento there is an obvious solution – Multi-Store. This is where you split your inventory up into two or more stores, all being run from a single Magento instance.

  21. Great post, as usual. Posting informative videos is a good way to attract visitors and increase awareness about a company. However, to enhance rankings in video search engines, you need to optimize videos correctly. Video search optimization is in its infant stage currently.

  22. This is one way of getting sites and traffics using this method. It is good to use this for getting unique visitors.

  23. Marketing is all about connecting with your audience in the right place at the right time. Nowadays, marketing is focused on its digital aspect, meaning that most promotions, campaigns and advertisements are online.

  24. Do you really assume so PR web links will valuable for Link Building? I never ever pursued my software application growth company web site yet I would like to attempt that. Thanks for sharing fantastic as well as extensive short article.

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