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Writing Guest Posts has become very popular over the years, some bloggers do it while some don’t I personally believe that it is a great way of stamping out your authority as a blogger however why do we do it? If you have never written a guest post before and are planning to write one please Stop and think before you do so I have read a post recently where the owner of the popular blog seems a bit frustrated about some post sent to him for publishing but to his surprise they were not up to standard. Just imagine how you would feel if this had been you.

For some reasons we as bloggers seems to miss the point as my mother always says stop and think count to ten before you say anything. Another good lesson I learnt was years back while I was in construction I was taught to measure twice and cut once, now back to the main point of this post, a while back I wrote an article titled Guest Post Should We do them well I believe we should however you need to stop and think before submitting your post to the blog owner for publication.

Why should we write guest post? you may ask this question from time to time there might be millions of reasons but to me there should only be one and that is “You have something to offer”, forget about the links yes that is good for Seo and traffic building but as a blogger myself why should I publish a post that is of no significance to my blog or readers just so you can have a link back to your website or blog. Guest post writers should stop and think don’t embarrass yourself make sure if and when you are about to write your next Guest Post  it is of value and you have something to offer.

We all know that writing guest post can bring lots of traffic and readers to your blog the potential can be endless but what you write is important quality is the main factor here not just some article to showcase must bloggers will reject them and even remove your profile from their blog.

The verdict Stop and think before you write there should be only one reason for your Post and that is that you have something to offer without that you cannot build authority or even get the traffic you are hoping for. Writing guest posts has huge benefit if you do it right. Share with me your reason for writing Guest Post. To me and this is just my opinion you should only do it for one reason and that is you have got something to offer. Thanks for reading and please feel free to spread the word over to you. Stop Think then write.


35 thoughts on “Guest Post Think Before you Write”
  1. Absolutely right bro. Guest Post should be mutually benefiting to both writer and publisher not just only to the guest blogger. It should not be done just for a link back. Need to offer something useful and informative. If you cannot then please do not go ahead with the same.

    I myself have done a lot of guest posting in the past and I have been getting tonnes of offer for the same at present. But I have been saying “No” to most of them as I am not interested in accepting anything and everything. Being now into niche blogging, I am open to guest posts but it should be based on the similar niche which I am into at present. I am also willing to give 3 linkbacks but I need your guest posts to be as per my requirement, has to be original, useful, informative finally.

    1. I could not have agree with any more Aswani aceepting guest post is one however there are certain requirements that is need to be met we as bloggers should not just accept a post because someone else writes it and it saves us time quality should be a requirement. Thanks for your contribution to this post much appreciated.

  2. Well guest posting become very popular for your site to generate backlinks and increase link popularity of site.But use those sites that are of high myself is using guest posting on different high PR blogs and also do blog rolls, so that my site link is side wide for 6 months or year.but these guest post and blog rolls are paid not free.

    1. Wow never knew that you have done guest post however using high PR blogs is a good idea but is page rank valuable anymore just a thought Thanks for your input hope you had a wonderful holiday. Best wishes for the coming year.

  3. Interesting article, i have done guest blogging in few blogs :). I agree that guest blogging is not just about back links ……a guest blogger must have content to contribute to the blog.

    I believe that guest blogging helps you in networking with other bloggers .

    1. You have hit the nail on the head Shabnam we should not write just for backlinks sake it should be about the content and what you have to contribute to the community Thanks for adding your voice to the debate.

  4. Thats the real truth ! I actually am yet to write a guest post but its the topic i am worried about . The best post you can write is supposed to be guest post . Not too long before i think of it 😀
    BTW i like your thsis skin of your blog .You got it personal or developers edition ?

    1. Thanks Ajinkya whenever you a ready to write your first guest post you can write one for lawmacs. With the thesis skin this is a personal edition but like with everything else i love experimenting and put my mark on it glad you love it hey have a wonderful holiday and best wishes for the new year.

  5. Hi Gary,
    A good way of testing the water so to speak, is to submit some posts to blog carnivals, these are great for links and also some free traffic. They will also give you some feedback on your style of writing and the usefulness of your post. You can then structure your guest posts around the info you gather.

    1. Hi Pete thanks for stopping by and adding your voice to the debate you have mentioned some valuable points here submitting your posts to blog carnivals and getting feedback can only served to be positive this certainly will help to improve your writing skills.

  6. Nice post, I did some guest blogging in my blogging carrers, but really don’t like do it too, however I agree that it should be done right, not just for generate backlinks.

    1. There are many ways to generate backlinks other than writing guest post guest post should be about sharing of information giving something to the community. Thanks for your input have a wonderful holiday

  7. Nice useful article, it really helped me a lot,Please keep updating your site as i am regular visitor of your site. Cool One,,,
    Thanks For Share..!!

    1. Thanks for adding your voice to the debate hope you had a great holiday and looking forward to having you around in the new year. Thanks for stoopibg and taking part.

  8. I have done 2 guest posts and thoroughly enjoyed doing them. Although I must say it was a lot of work.

    Not only did I want to present high quality post; but with time differences (I live in Oz) I didn’t get much sleep! With my own blog, my regular readers appreciate the time zone I live in, so if they have to wait a few hours for a reply cos I am sleeping, that’s okay.

    However, with my GP felt I should reply to comments ASAP and give my best to the blog owner’s site. Both were happy with the results and I met some of their readers, whilst they met some of mine. Win-win situation.

    Both times I was invited by the blog owners to post. I have several other invitations to GP after other blog owners visited my site. Haven’t rushed into doing more as concentration on my own blog for the moment.

    I didn’t do it for backlinks, but to showcase the blog owners own blogs as I thought they were worth knowing about. If our motives are right it will show.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Thanks Patricaia and i must take this time to say a warm welcome here hope you had a great holiday and i must say i am grateful to have you here I have done a few guest post over the year and did enjoy the feedback however i do understand your situation where the time difference is concern. Thanks for taking the time to add you voice to the debate.

  9. Hi Gary,

    Wonderful tips for people who are interested to be a guest blogger.

    I have not done this so far, but might soon.

    Definitely this kind of tips i need to read.

    If i write in my own blog, i am serious and should think if the post valuable, but to write for someone else, i guess more than that.

    Thanks, and Happy 2011


    1. Thanks for you input Kim nice having you here gust posting is good however it can be very time consuming. I wish you a happy 2011 best of luck and success.

    1. That is true most people just write guest post for the backlinks however writing Guest post is far more than just that it should be a case of offering something to the readers and also to showcase yourself and your blog.

  10. I would rather say there is no harm in guest blogging as i would agree with verdict given in the last paragraph of your post that the content should have authority in it to derive traffic or for any other reason you are blogging.

    1. You are right with that there is no harm in doing guest post but the truth is that i believe that having something to offer is the only reason why you should want to write a guest post

    1. It sure is but the reason should be more than that it sholud be that you have something to offer and it will help to showcase your writing skills and highlight your blog.

  11. its really true that we think atlest once before i write anything and anywhere , bcouse if we write anywhere anything which is not related to those content then its sound like a spam .

    1. That is true Matt you don’t want your post to look like you are a spammer Thanks for the visit and adding your voice to the debate you comment is much appreciated.

  12. Hey thanks for Providing me New Direct, I Think Guest Post is Very Very Awesome Way of Getting Fruitful Links.

    1. That is true it is a great way of providing fruitful links linking back to your blog but however way you look at it that should not be the only reason why we write them. thanks for your comment

  13. Hi,
    This is a very interesting article about guest posting. It should not only be the guest poster who is going to benefit from the process of guest posting, but the blog owner too should benefit from it. I agree that in guest posting, the priority is to always offer valuable content to the readers. Links should only be a side benefit from it.

  14. Thanks Felicai for adding your voice to the debate here i totally agree with you links should be seen only as a benefit not the sole reasons why we write guest post and it is always a win win situation both will benefit from it

  15. Thanks for Sharing Awesome Post …. You have Included Very Interesting Points. I really Gain alot of Information …. Keep Writing Informative Post !!!

  16. I think Guest Posting is one effective way of letting yourself & your blog be known. You want to establish yourself as somewhat of an authority on the subject you are writing, and hope some of the readers will check out your blog and be loyal followers/readers as well.

  17. good tips, becuase with all these changes with google, good content still wins hands down

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