How to Create the Ideal Blogging Environment in Your Loft

Writing good quality content is easier said than done. A seemingly simple job of sitting and typing away your thoughts can turn out to be a highly stressful job, and it can reach to a stage when you feel like pulling your hair out, especially when you are going through writer block or having strains in your back, eyes, or wrists due to excessive browsing, researching, typing, and pondering.

You can continue to think that it is a temporary phase which will pass, but the more you continue to stay unorganized and careless, the worse it will keep getting. Ultimately, you will have to accept it as a real job and provide yourself with the right environment, doesn’t matter if you are a creative writer, freelance web content writer, or a blogger writing for his/her own blog.

You need a place away from the normal hubbub of your family life, a place that looks and feels like a workplace, a place that improves your productivity instead of serving as a distraction, and while your loft is not the only place that fulfills all of these requirements, it can be an ideal choice for more than one reasons.

Let’s see how to utilize your loft or attic for creating the ideal blogging environment. 

Loft Conversion:

Obviously, you will have to get your loft converted into a livable space before doing anything else. A loft conversion company will convert your loft or attic into a living space by using wooden floors, stairs, and special windows or skylights. It can be slightly costly, but it is well worth the investment. If you don’t want to spend a lot, and a simple room is all you are looking for, you should go for a simple dormer style conversion that will provide you with a room, where you can set up your workplace. Of course, the lofts or attics in all homes are not convertible, and in that case you will have to resort to some other room.

The Right Furniture:

Content writing is one of the most strenuous jobs out there, mainly because it involves so much mental activity with little or no physical activity. And all that pondering and the lack of mobility results in accumulated stress, and your work equipment and furniture plays an important part. Once you have carried out the loft conversion, you will be having a dedicated room, which will allow you to get yourself a proper workstation, or a writing desk, printer, and any other type of equipment that you will need. Because trying to use a sofa as the chair and dining table as your computer table is far from being a perfect setup.

Light And Air:

Fellow bloggers and writers will agree that natural light can really charge your moral and thought process, and luckily there is an entire range of products like Velux windows, skylights, Sun tunnels, and the likes made specifically for lofts to provide you lots and lots of natural light and air. You might not be getting a lot of natural light if you are working from a secluded room in a basement or garage, whereas your loft can be quite airy and bright thanks to its perfect location.

The Posters:

This might come as a surprise for many writers because very few bloggers and writers have tried using posters to deal with the writer’s block or similar problems. Freelance writing is a very wearisome job, especially in the early part of your career. Besides, when you are continuously thinking about a certain topic or niche, it can muddle up your thought process and you will need constant reminders to keep yourself on track, be it the creativity, productivity, work-life balance, ambitions, or dealing with the failures. For this purpose, wall posters can be really helpful, except that you can’t have these posters glued on the walls if you are working from your living room. Having a dedicated workplace in your loft will allow you to put all sorts of posters, quotes, and phrases on the wall, to provide the much needed inspiration and motivation to keep you going when the goings get tough.

Farah blogs for Abbey Lofts, a loft conversion company in London.


0 thoughts on “How to Create the Ideal Blogging Environment in Your Loft”
  1. Wonderful post. Anything that creates engagement between you and fellow internet marketers is a good thing. I am happy to see that you are now focusing more towards engagement, in addition to quality content.

  2. You are quite right, good enviornment is not only required for blogging but it affects a lot in our daily life too and in my opinion addition of music while blogging will help in nourishing your writing skills.

  3. Excellent post.. Thanks for sharing such a informative post.. Guest blogging is also helpful for getting backlinks and visit on websites.

  4. These are the means for an ordinary blogger or writer. The real talent don’t need all that – any environment and conditions are ok. He just writes whatever it takes and wherever he is.
    That’s what I value, that’s what I want for myself – to forget about “writer block”.

  5. A person can do a lot of great stuff if the environment he is in is comfortable and soothing.To write something one has to take care of his surrounding so that he can imagine new thoughts and make the effort in creating good out of his blog.
    These are some basic yet recommendable points to be considered before writing.

  6. As a writer that works from home, I know firsthand how hard it can be to really get to work. I keep feeling like there has to be a better way. I am about to move soon into my own space and am looking forward to designing a proper area that is comfy for me. I live where I live right now because my ex thought it was a good idea and at the time, his opinions were the most important to me. Well, not only was he wrong but he betrayed me deeply and now I realize the best things to do for myself is to do right by myself and never settle for anyone whose ideas are always in conflict with mine and compromise what I believe just for that person to be in my life.

    I am so uncomfortable when I work and I really think it has to do with the fact that I let him choose everything. Though some things are okay, I am really looking forward to designing my own home and workspaces. I am leaving almost everything we shared mutually here and starting over with my own stuff. I can’t wait to see if this affects my work in a good way.

  7. As a blogger/webmaster you require right surroundings so that you are comfortable. One should have a proper place at home to do work with right furnitures and other things so that you don’t get distracted while working.

  8. Great post.Its absolutely true that writing a blog is not as easy as it looks.Its very stressfull at one point when you are not able to find the right direction.

  9. Creating a convenient and conducive environment for writing helps you generate more ideas. Having an organized environment helps you lessen the tension and allow you to focus on your writing task.

  10. This is a wonderful post on how to create a good environment that can boosts one’s enthusiasm for writing. Having a nice, peaceful and comfortable place to work with a blog post really improves productivity.

  11. I feel more inspired and motivated working in a cozy environment. Thank you for these tips, they are of great help in improving my working space at home. For sure, adopting some of these could really help me heighten my mood for writing.

  12. Having a comfortable and serene surroundings or workplace can really boosts productivity. Having a clean and clutter-free environment inspires me to generate more ideas for a certain topic that I have to write for.

  13. Though some things are okay, I am really looking forward to designing my own home and workspaces. I am leaving almost everything we shared mutually here and starting over with my own stuff. I can’t wait to see if this affects my work in a good way.

  14. Having a clean surrounding will boost creativity and adds up your will to do your stuff. Healthy environment does not simply gives credit to your way of blogging, but also it reflects the persons mind and personal life. It gives a peaceful ambiance and will support to have quality write-ups.

  15. Some people prefer writing blog posts in an absolutely quiet environment. If that describes you, you’re not alone. But there may be times you have no option but to write when it’s noisy.

  16. thank you for your share this comment. it is very important to get link in my job.i’m very glad for this blog.

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