How to Protect Your Cell Phone Using Smartphone Monitoring App

Are you of the opinion that a smartphone monitoring app is only meant for catching hold of lying kids or disloyal employees? If yes, then you will have to think on it again! Although your opinion is true, it is not comprehensive. This is because a smartphone monitoring app is not only confined to collecting evidences against the liars or offenders. In fact, by taking the maximum advantage of the advanced mobile technology, such an app extends its wings even to protect your own cell phone.

It is a known fact that a mobile monitoring app works in an invisible mode to track all phone activities, right from receiving a call to accessing other installed mobile apps. After tracking and entering the details of these activities in logs, it sends these logs to your online account created on its official site. This account of yours has an online panel through which you get to view the logs that are arranged systematically into the corresponding categories such as phone logs, SMS logs, and Gmail logs. But, did you know that this online panel also allows you to remotely control the phone activities? And it is exactly the feature that allows you to protect your cell phone. Here are the ways through which a smartphone monitoring app helps in protecting your phone.

By tracking the location of the phone

Such apps track the location of a phone using the device’s GPS tracker, and send the details to your online account where you can locate the phone on the map. As a result, you can identify the current location of the phone. This is useful when your phone is lost. You can convey the current location of the phone to the law enforcement personnel, which certainly increases the probability of recovering your device significantly.

By locking the phone

If you feel that your phone has fallen into the hands of a risky person such as a robber, you can log on to your online account of the app and remotely lock the phone. This is possible by sending an SMS command from the control panel of your online account. By locking the phone, you can prevent anybody to access and misuse your phone, or to access the confidential data stored on it. Even if your own child approaches a telecom company to unlock the phone for a wicked motive, you can instantly come to know about it and lock it again instantly. And yes, if the wicked teen or robber is smart enough to change the SIM card for misusing the phone, the app continues to function facilitating you to locate and lock your phone. This is because these apps do not depend on the SIM card for their functioning.

By listening to the live surroundings

A mobile monitoring app allows you to listen to the live surroundings of the phone. This is helpful in case of theft because you get a chance to gather a tangible proof against the thief.

By taking a backup of phone data

Many smartphone monitoring apps allow you to take a backup of all data stored on your phone from your online account. This is another essential task that you would surely perform in case of theft. Not only they allow you to back up all personal data, but they also enable you to clean the memory after backup, thus, preventing anybody to access your personal data.

So, you can protect your phone remotely with a smartphone monitoring app at any time.

Lucille J Cronk is a blogger who is passionate about cell phone technology and applications. She has her own blog dedicated to Cell phone spy. To know more information, please visit her website.

0 thoughts on “How to Protect Your Cell Phone Using Smartphone Monitoring App”
  1. Valuable info. By all your tips I can now protect my cellphone. As an individual nobody wants that their cellphones will be ruined. But monitoring the performance of your mobile app or website is challenging because of the constantly changing mobile environment, the increasingly diverse set of mobile devices, networks and platforms – and because most native mobile apps can only be monitored from real handsets.

  2. Very useful apps. These apps are useful when phone is stolen. you can lock or track the phone. Thanks for sharing this useful info.

  3. Is this the same or similar app as the one which others can use to spy on you? This can really be useful, especially since I always misplace my phone. However again I feel like your giving up tons of privacy by have something like this. Then again having a smart phone in general takes away from that as you can be reached from everywhere and you have a built in gps

  4. Great Information you have there! It definitely gives useful and informative tips to everyone that wants to know about the security and protection of their phones. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Really a gree with your opinian. I thinks protections for our smartphone is very important. Smartphone is smartlive 😀

  5. Wow, It appears to be like great app…The software is absolutely turn invisible and works individually. Cellular Spy does not depend on the cell phone’s call and concept information source to history actions. So even if your kid or worker tries to remove their utilization backgrounds, the information will still be maintained and submitted.

  6. I personally feel every cell phone manufacturing company should provide such an application as built-in feature for the end users. Also, I’m wondering over one more question here..if we can have such an application for the smartphone, why can’t we have such a tool for any other machine, such as bikes, cars, AC, etc.? This will help a lot in catching thieves.. 🙂

  7. I never thought that a monitoring smartphone app has some other benefits in addition to overseeing. But what is the best app for that purpose? any suggestions, please

  8. Is this kind of application free? I would love to install it on my phone in order to track it if ever it will be robbed. This kind of application would be very useful for several occasions in a way.

  9. The details are exclusive and informative about the Smartphone Monitoring App. The blog is explaining the advantages in using the smartphone monitoring app and also explaining the ways through which a smartphone monitoring app helps in protecting the cell phones.

    1. Tracking a lost phone can be a total life saver. My girlfriend lost her phone and was able to get it back with no issues.

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