How to Reinvent Your Hard Copy Products as Top Quality Business Materials

Hard copy has been reincarnated as a high value business product. High quality hard copy is now considered best practice, high status business material. This new status has been achieved by a combination of adapting search engine optimization principles to hard copy and by top quality print design. The top quality hard copy product is best described as the very high quality corporate documents you’ll have seen at work and when looking for business information.

The reinvention of hard copy as a top of the range business product is a very interesting study in media presentation and information management. The glitz and flashy media of the web has helped develop a greatly improved approach to hard copy, and it’s paying off well for businesses around the world.

The elements of good hard copy, explained

There are several elements in the new hard copy:

· SEO style information- The new hard copy is based on a basic SEO principle- Making it easy for people to find the information they need. The new layouts are information-rich, and include fundamental areas of interest for targeted readers.

· A typical example is something like “Big Trucks” or “Big Rigs”. The subject is obvious, and whether you’re printing a magazine or a brochure, that’s what your target audience is looking for.

· Best quality visual presentation- Modern readers, understandably, won’t look twice at something which doesn’t have at least some level of visual appeal. This is another SEO principle, replacing picture tags with subject-relevant images, and presenting those images very well.

· Information value- One of the most fundamental principles of advertising, marketing and SEO is content value. With any type of media, readers make a split second decision whether they want to know about the content. The new hard copy format is based on additional information which promotes the product as having genuine value to the reader.

Business cards- The ultimate hard copy value in your pocket

Business card printing is a very clear example of the values of information in hard copy form. As you know, some business cards are much higher value than others, and it’s largely a result of the information they contain. The business cards you keep have actual value. When you keep a good magazine or business document, it’s on very much the same basis. This is true for all promotional items. Visual appeal and the information they contain determines their effectiveness and thus their ongoing value.

Now think about it for a minute- The hard copy products you actually want and keep are based on:

· Information you need

· Visual elements you like

· Subjects you both want to know about and like

This is your own personal search engine at work, hunting down what you want, using subjects as your preferred keywords.

It’s also the basic SEO principle behind the value of the new hard copy business products. A lot of web media products, like Adobe’s various design products, are based on achieving that level of product value. Modern printing services are in fact using very much the same methods as web-based media, which has led to the rebirth of a medium which was supposed to be “obsolete” because of the web.

What went around has come around- The new hard copy business materials are now top of the range marketing products. Check out what your printer can do for you, because you’ll be astonished.


59 thoughts on “How to Reinvent Your Hard Copy Products as Top Quality Business Materials”
  1. There are lots of ways on how you can make your hard copy products into something saleable online. Due to technology, we can find lots of ways to make them as attractive as they can be.

  2. I guess, the business card is the most vital hard copy a business should really have. Contact details are very important so that people could reach you instantly. I’ve tried giving flyer but seems not to be working fine.

    1. I agree to you Diana, none other than business cards, I don’t have any hard copy materials for my business advertising. I do online for most of them. Giving away flyer is just a waste of time and money.

  3. hello lawmacs, i reach this article through Facebook really this article is explained very well. nice share 🙂

  4. I think this kind of business card is really attractive..Contact details is really important..Theres a lot of ways to become nice your business card..

  5. Business card is always valuable part in your business liability so i think business card should always a important and price less hard copy at ever. There have much option to make your hard copy more good looking. With the help of technology or an internet you can make a beautiful feature of your hard copy products.

  6. Hard copy is best if you have because it is now considered best practice, high status business material.

  7. Hi Lawmacs,
    Magazines about the business printed quarterly and distributed to the people related to the industry can also create a nice impact and can also enhance the brand impact on the consumers as it could contain good amount of detailed content regarding the business. It can also help in creating trust in the consumers. Business cards also help in adding value to the business.

  8. Hard copy has gone from out of date to first in line. In the final analysis, most everyone likes to have a hard copy version of whatever presentation or information that interests them.


  9. Thank you for stating this helpful tips. I agree on what is stated here. We really need a very good hard copy of our stuffs for our business.

  10. You are right. A few years ago an impressive online book at a store like Kindle made people think the writer was a true expert. Today people realize that these can be made without spending money or getting approval from an editorial committee.

  11. Hello Lawmacs, Here is my view which I read from the post. Somewhere I read that any business’s corporate image is shown by it’s Hard copy Business card and Business card is the only stuff which gives the 1st and last impression of any organization.

  12. The obvious point here is we need to meticulously design our hard copy so as to raise to our business to a high standard.

    I agree with you also on the need to make your business card to stand out.

  13. One of the problems in creating high quality materials is that electronic media have made people careless about proofing. You can’t correct an error in hard copy as easily as you can in electronic copy.

  14. With the technology today, hard copy products is now easy to produce..

    A little bit of creativity and passion is a useful and profitable product.

  15. I want to First and foremost commend your great wealth of information which is really rare to come by,most especially on hard copy . Please keep me updated with more relevant information. Kudos for job well done.

  16. Hard everything is making a glorious return in the e-book and pdf saturated world we’re now in.

    Sometimes just holding something physical in your hand feels “right” – expect a big return in these strange things called “books”, “letters” and “binders”!

  17. Visual presentation is a good which can be clearly make difference and infograph are the best example which prove this.I have also tried converting to video and get good success with its views.

  18. A buisness card is an absolutely important item for every company. In “offline places” it’s the best way to show how sophisticated your company is. A high quality card tells people a lot.
    Also a high quality card is less likely to be thrown away. 🙂

  19. Business card is the one of the ways to convince a client that you can do the job.One needs time to design a unique and simple business card.

    Good stuff!

  20. Sustainable company really is a business card paper, such as it should be. It is important to a lot of people so that people can be obtained immediately. They’ve tried, but it’s good to give flyer seem to be working.

  21. Hard copy will always be relevant. Most people go the electronic route because they think it’s easier; although most find that it is anything but simple to run an exclusively electronic business.

    Agreed that business cards are a must as well. I always carry a few with me, and send them out with all business related correspondence.

  22. I had fun reading your post and not only that, I had read a lot of points that I can truly value. Something with Top level quality can never be put aside, talking from a general point of view.

  23. I use business cards that are straight to the point, attractive and made from quality material. That way they are not just thrown away at the end of the day. I do find flyers very useful aswell when sent with our product as it reinstates who is sending you your quality goods.

  24. Very good points. I don’t think I have come across this, but I am am starting to use that abuse button more and more for different things, but mostly for very lame or nonesensical answers. I want webanswers to be the best it can be because that means more money for all of us.

  25. A hard copy is the best way to keep your data safe .Because of the web this method has become very popular .It is also a very good way to keep you contact details safe.

  26. There have much option to make your hard copy more good looking. With the help of technology or an internet you can make a beautiful feature of your hard copy products, thanks for sharing.

  27. This is really a great idea though I personally like digital products. I guess we have to work hard on the presentation so that it will remain in the market and beat the competition.

  28. This is really good post here. Thanks the time to post such valuable information. Quality content is what always gets the visitors coming. And I am waiting for this. I appreciate your efforts in preparing this post

  29. So, as we all love hard copy products, is it better to get a professional company to make them for you or do home-brew promotional cards work just as well?

  30. The hard copy materials that I use are my business cards (of course) and some report that I print with some of my clients, especially for “old style” entrepreneur.

    Usually I do virtual presentation with my laptop

  31. thats very nice post i wasn’t expecting this level of post from you as i have visited your site many time but today i have to appreciate you for your post….

  32. You nailed it! I’ve learned a lot from your blog here! Keep on going, I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you’re talking about. Can’t wait to read more from you! I will keep an eye on it.

  33. In what time period are you referring to, the last 10 years, last 50 years, last 2 years? For myself, in the last 10 years, it would have to be the personal computer. Since I have really gotten into using a computer to do my work and earn some money, it has changed my daily routine, my sleep habits, how I spend my free time, what I spend my money on, the amount of driving I do, the time I spend reading paper media and listening to the tv, and how I communicate with others.
    Cell phones are one of the main new technologies that I see having a major effect on the population at large. Cell phones connected to the internet have turned the whole world into a global village. Governments can no longer hide behind an ignorant population as anyone with a cell phone can now keep informed and sent out information to the world.

  34. I have not tried doing SEO on other search engines like ask and aol. Since I rely on google and yahoo. And basically this hard copy method is now rare since we all rely on the internet. And the offline method is just like posting banners or giving away flyers to tell others about something you want to share.

  35. When you decide to go to business skill then you have to make a business card with you. Business card is always a main part in any kind of business liability. One thing we should remember that we make our business card more attractive that people get interest about it. Because business card is always a priceless hard copy.

  36. great post, buisness cards as far as design and creation nowdays can be done at home with a professional look to them
    it is an important tool in my opinion
    thanks heaps


  37. apart from online marketing you also need to see to it that you have a godd repute in offline worlds too,
    i recently sponsered a college fest and got a awsm response and people started liking my p[roducts 🙂
    SO it better to look for things other than online marketing :0

  38. I have been doing my business card from home for the last 4 year very successfully. They are an import resource for promoting you website.

  39. As a online blogger or whatever your business is you need to have a business card with you that you will give to other people that might be your client in the future.. It’s going to be easy for them to contact you..

  40. Business card will let your clients have more and definite idea on the business that you have. It can give clear understanding to your clients that is why every businesses out there should know the good things that it can give to people.

  41. Promotional business materials play a vital role in creating a unique identity of businesses both online and offline. Despite of being just restricted to offline promotional activities for a long time business stationery has always worked well on increasing businesses visibility. And now with the advancement in the technology these business materials have taken a excellent shape through helping businesses promoting them online as well. Be it Logo, Business cards, Postcards, Envelops, Brochures or any other promotional outlet. Business Stationery is certainly the way to go today, thanks!

  42. wow! this sounds really good! i never thought about stuff like this before.

    thanks for the share, lots of help!


  43. A buisness card is an absolutely important item for every company. In “offline places” it’s the best way to show how sophisticated your company is. A high quality card tells people a lot.

  44. Off course for SEO purposes contents are considered as king and without good contents, we can’t do proper marketing.

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