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Writing ArticlesDo you answer questions asked by your readers? This is a topic that one of my readers asked if I could shed some light on and I am taking that challenge, but before you digest all these information I must inform you that I am no expert in these area, I am just a blogger sharing my knowledge and experience here on “How to write Impressive Articles To Attract More Visitors”. The information provided here has no scientific proof these are just tested and tried methods that I have been used and as I have said there is no research to back up this theory.

Before writing any article there are a few things to bear in mind and to me preparation is key here. Yes you heard it right we need to prepare ourselves to write. The Topic is very important here you need to choose a topic that you are not just familiar with but also has some knowledge about and you are passionate about. Now let’s look at a topic like Web Design for instance this is a broad topic and has good search volume but are you familiar with this topic or are you interested in Web Design? The point here if you have the basic knowledge about Web Design or Website Designers then go ahead choose this as your topic and do some research make bullet points and then start writing your article.

Now you have decide that Web Design is the chosen topic you have done all your research and have enough information to pen an article with between 400 and 700 words this could be longer or shorter it does not matter but in my experience you don’t want to write but you should make your post two long make simple easy to read and straight to the point. The topic Web Designer is only used as a reference here you have to choose your own topic.

We have chosen a topic done some research now it is time to choose your headline, this a very crucial step in attracting more visitors to your site, writing catchy headlines is one of the key factors to attract readers to your post. Look at these two headlines and see which one attracts you more; “Is Website Design Necessary?” Or “Is Website Design Dead?” definitely one is more catchy than the other now the idea here is to write compelling headlines.

Let us summarize here writing impressive articles needs lots of focus firstly you prepare yourself. Choose a topic, do your research then choose your headline for your post now you need to choose your writing style this is what makes you different from other bloggers. The style you choose is that which is more comfortable to you. Now what method do you use to write those impressive articles of yours? Share your thoughts on this post.


39 thoughts on “How To Write To Attract More Visitors”
  1. You’ve got that right Gary, preparation is the key! I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers these days that are focusing with longer posts (about 1,500+ words) and with just 2 – 3 post per month, though their traffic and number of unique visitors are still climbing, seeing as they are providing highly resourceful and very educational posts, plus their readers are keep on coming back to those posts for future references.

    1. Preperation is everything not just for bloggers in anything we do in life we needs to prepare and with the point about long post reading 1500 words is a bit two much in over views that could be broken down into three posts. thanks for your valuable input much appreciated.

  2. Nice and useful. Attract more visitors through our writings…I think it is very easy for those who think they can and almost impossible for those think otherwise. For me, if I have to make it work, I will certainly work out on my writing style. Your writing style can make a huge difference..much more than what you can expect it with the post headlines. One thing is very sure that I may get visits by having some great quality content on my blog but what if I want those same visitors again on my blog. This is possible if I keep writing with same passion and making sure that every-time if a visitor comes to visit my blog, he or she finds something useful to know and learn. So, you have to work on your writing style which again depends upon the type of topic you choose for your posts. If you have the knowledge on the same, you can certainly make it look impressive for your visitors. I agree with what you have said about titles or the headline. One should keep it short but catchy. Make sure your content is optimized properly for the search engines and please never be in a hurry to post anything and everything. If you are niche blogger, you must devote ample time in researching your post. Once you are done with it, you can make it go live but do not forget about the “KISS” principle.

    1. Researching your topic is very important this will allow you to offer a broader view of the topic providing more valuable information to your readers Thanks for your continued support

    1. Hi Applesweb, Welcome to the discussion here i do hope this is not your last visit and i must take this apportunity to thanks your for you input and i do hope you find the post useful

  3. It can be hard when people write amazing article that don’t get read simply because their headlines weren’t catchy enough, and that can sometimes be the main issue. I mean we all know that headlines attract us, how many articles have we skipped because they had dumb titles and how many stupid articles we read because the title was promising. But the stupid ones with good title got out attention the first time and then lost us, so the bottom line is we need both, one without the other is dead sea, but in order to get the reader to click on your post you need a title that stands out.

    As for the length of the article I found it that longer articles 500 to 1, 500 words work best.

    1. I have seen it alot Zarko good post that far out way the headlines but on the other hand we also see great headline with nothing substancial to back it up and as you rightly said we need both it is about getting the balance right. great headline and then valuable content well research topic perfect combination

  4. Another useful article 🙂 i personally believe in writing posts of about 500 words .Longer posts at times makes readers get bored if they are not interesting.The reader will read few lines and then leave..

    It is good if the headlines are catchy and the article is to the point so that reader is not mislead.

    1. That is absolutely correct Shabnam I most of the time try to stick to the 400 t0 500 word length lengthy post can sometimes left you feeling confused and missing the point and you just mentioned about been straight to the point that reminds me of you Thanks for your input

  5. Hi lawmacs:

    An informative post here. Writing a post here takes a lot of effort. Once I was reading in detail about the future of ebooks and online contents, it said that time is not far when bloggers will be paid by the post and number of readers for writing there blogs.

    This information was in an article from Wall Street Journal. And I loved that idea.

    So, lawmacs you and all other bloggers are providing free service to our Internet community and visitors.

    And as you said it takes time and effort to organize the contents in the right order too.
    I agree with you.

    A well written post. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks Fran we as bloggers are actually providing a free service to the world wide web and we try and do this in an informative way sharing information with our community is something i enjoy doing and will continue to do this as long as possible. Thanks for your continued support.

  6. Some good info!

    For purely attracting visitors the headline may be the most important. It will grab people in at first. People always want to read on topics that sound interesting and exciting to them as well as informational.

    If you managed to get a few keywords into an interesting title (interesting>keywords, IMO) then you may well have an article that takes off.

    Content will keep people coming back and is of course, essential. But for that intial attraction of people it is all networking, marketing, promotion and above all title, title, title

    1. Valuable point there Steve readers always want to read post that the headlines are catchy and information filled inserting your keywords in these is another brilliant catch too thanks for your comment

  7. We have just about two seconds to capture the attention of our target audience, so yes, writing that perfect eye-catching headline is very important. Holding their attention long enough for them to read through your article is also another thing. This is where the quality of your article comes into play. If you are able to come up with an interesting headline to go with an equally captivating content that is of high quality, then you have it made.

    Thanks for the post, Gary.

    – Wes –

    1. You are totally right Melbourne Graphic Design writing captivating headlines to grab the readers is essential this is what drives them to read the article to ensure repeated visits. thanks again for your continued support.

  8. great post.two things that attract the new visitor and changed his mind to stay on your site is
    1) website designing and imaging with color selection properly
    2) Appealing and interesting content.

    1. Thanks for your input appealing and interesting content is two essential combination that can makes the difference if we get it right Thanks for your comment.

    1. Yes you are absolutely right Thanks for you input and welcome to my website i do hope you found the post useful and hoping for your continued support

    1. First welcome on board and thak you for joining the discussion here at and yes i strongly believe that catchy headline is the way to go this is what attracts the readers first

  9. Thanks for sharing the post. I think the best way to attract the visitors is to write creatively and to offer helpful information. And you also have to do the SEO to make sure your articles can be easily found, of course.

    1. Since this is your first time here let me take the opportunity to welcome you to the discussion and i do hope that you find this post useful and of interest to you and yes you are right creativity and information is a good way of attracting more visitors however don’t forget that the headline is what our readers sees first Thanks for your input and visit.

  10. Another thing is that the blogger have to always follow the hottest topics so that his articles can get others feedback easily.

    1. Thanks for that you have just mentioned a good point here we as bloggers definately needs to be up to date with current topics and trends especially in our own niche.

  11. This Is my first Visit To this blog and for sure after reading this informative post i have to admit that i enjoyed my visit here.I subscribed to this blog. Very Informative and worth reading Blog.
    Thanks for sharing all the info.

  12. Hi Gary,

    Preparation is extremely important because you need to provide the type of information your visitors are looking for. I also agree that a catchy, attention grabbing headline is a key factor.

    When writing articles I feel it’s important that you write in such a way that everyone can understand what you’re saying without having a college degree. I think you should write as though you were having a conversation with a friend. It’s also a good idea to inject a little humor when possible. 🙂 You shouldn’t bore your readers with long drawn out articles. Once you start getting into the 1,000 word range, break it up into separate posts.

    Thanks for another excellent article. Your posts are always enjoyable to read.

  13. OR

    How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines.

    For Writing the Great content there is also need to consider some Google Ranking’s factors that are helpful in promoting your content well:

    1, Trust Authority of the Host Domain
    2. Link Popularity of the Specific Page
    3. Click through rate of the keywords you have used in your title, headings.

  14. Quality content requires time, knowledge, research, time, time time…

    IMO There are people with a natural talent in writing/blogging. Others can still try. SEO Copywriting is a very tough job that few can do.

  15. Yes Bishwajeet, writing content for the Humans and Search Engines is the good way to attract more visitors.

    Go for the following Activities :

    1. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) of your blog into different RSS directories
    2. Press Releases (Post your offers, And Promote your brand into the post.)
    3 Article Submission to Great and High PR article directories.
    4. Web Directory Submission

  16. Personally, there are two important things for me. First, the blog design. It gives the visitor that good impression if the blog appeared to be very pleasing to the visitor’s eyes. Second, the content of the blog. It is important to have quality content in order to get a recurring visitor to the site. The more valuable the site is, the more visitors are willing to go to the site on a regular basis.

  17. This is so true. Being prepared is a very important factor before writing any article. When you are thinking of a topic, I think it is also important to research about it too so you might learn new stuff about your topic and also add valuable content based on what you’ve researched. Thanks for sharing!

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