Incorporate Influence Marketing into Your Content Marketing in Simple Steps


December 31, 2018 , ,

Influence MarketingWorking with influencers is quickly becoming the norm. Gone are the days when it’s simple to put your brand on social media and wait for results with good social media practices and contents. Many marketers now approve that influencer marketing isn’t only an effective strategy. It’s also a domineering measure. The challenges of marketing business are ever more pressing. Therefore, a multifaceted approach to winning the audiences is needed.

  • Determine authorities in your niche

All niche has its own authorities. These are individuals who have extensive experience and knowledge in their fields or industries. They share what they know to their audiences. Therefore, authorities influence how their followers think.

Now, how can find those experts in your field? The fastest way is to utilize relevant keywords. Such influencers tend to utilize the same keywords you are using.

  • Evaluate the influencers

Make sure that you choose the influencers whose content is most significant to your brand. Plus, include those relevant engagements.

  •  Build a relationship with the influencers

Determining how to connect with your potential customers is difficult. It feels strange at first. However, the least creepy way is to begin small. You can drop a comment on their posts. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook. Subscribe to their blog as well.

  • Ask them

Express your interest in collaboration. Tell you to think it is an excellent idea if you both could work on a topic together. Perhaps you can make a script for a video, or you can publish an article together. Make sure that you don’t sound imposing.

  • Talk about how working with you benefits them

Influencers are always concerned about benefits. So ensure you pitch with their benefits in mind. Do not make it about only helping you. Make it about helping them as well.

  • Make it simple for them to collaborate with you

Take note, you need them more than they need you. Thus, make it simple for them as possible to work with you. If you wish them to publish content for you, either mutually decide on the guidelines or let it be on their terms. They are business people, professionals, and bloggers themselves.

  • Show gratitude

So one of the leading bloggers in your niche has published a post regarding you. As fast as possible, send them a thank you note. Offer them a shout out on one of your social accounts. Make sure that you also mention them in your following posts.

  • Maintain the connection

Having those influencers share the message of your brand to their audience isn’t the end. However, it’s the beginning of partnership you need to keep improving. Cultivate that relationship with continuous communication. Keep sharing and liking their relevant posts and do not stop organizing for future projects together.

To sum up, influencer marketing reaches a level wherein you don’t just market via influencers, but you market them as well. In short, you become partners who drive audiences to one another channels. All of these take a lot of hard work and time. Remember, no influencer marketing agency can achieve this overnight.

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