Internet Marketing and Blogging Get It Right and Yes it works


June 22, 2011 , ,

There’s one word which sums up the demands of internet marketing and blogging- Information. Blogs have to be informative, and online markets demand information before they’ll buy products. The process of online marketing is quite different from the conventional marketing techniques, and blogging is an art in itself. If you can put the two together well, your blog will be a good marketing vehicle. A blog is at its best with great content as the saying goes “Content is King” how many time we hear it? The internet is a great place to Market any products or services it is access by millions daily and that figure is increasing everyday.

The blogging perspective for online marketing

A blog is a good marketing too, provided it’s an efficient, productive blog. Blogs need to maintain a stream of good quality current materials at all times. Efficient blogs do just that, and that’s the main reason they’re so successful.

The dynamics of blogging are well suited to marketing ventures, because blogs can provide a lot of useful information and attract a lot of interest from consumers.

The perfect blog for online marketing has:

· Lots of new, unique materials- This is top quality information value for users, and it’s been the basis of every successful blog in every industry. Specialist information, reviews by experts, insights from industry insiders and analyses with useful product information are typical of the world’s best blogs.

· Consumer values reflected in information- Information about products often needs “translation” into consumer-usable information. Techno-language tends to turn people off, as do the gushing hype reviews and other much too obvious advertising-based content types.

· Materials targeted to specific users- Please note that this element is critically important for marketing purposes. The best marketing blogs really are true goldmines of information for their users. They concentrate on specific products and market situations. They provide helpful FAQs, a strong knowledge base, and current news, simultaneously.

· Good interaction with users- The best blogs have good forums and are often extremely popular as a result. The interactions with users also allow for very productive exchange of information among core product users, which is an extremely valuable asset for the blog.

Creating a Marketing blog

If you’re thinking that your blog is just a few articles and some archives, and that you’d have a hard time matching this profile, don’t give up on doing a marketing blog just yet. Creating a good marketing blog isn’t as hard as it looks.

As a matter of fact, the best marketing blogs are the products of motivated bloggers. These blogs are usually geared to the blogger’s areas of interest. These are areas where the blogger really is an enthusiastic expert. That’s good business practice, too, because it means your marketing blog is based on a strong knowledge base. You’ll know where to get information resources, and have a good eye for quality control. Therefore the quality of your blog will be excellent, based on an area in which you’re an expert.

That, interestingly enough, is the heart and soul of internet marketing– Expertise. Consumers looking for products and services go looking for expert advice and information created by experts. It’s why the marketing blogs, which provide very high quality information, are such successful marketers. That’s what “information” means to consumers, online, and that’s what sells.

Get the mix of product and information values right, and your blog will be extremely successful. Share your thoughts.


21 thoughts on “Internet Marketing and Blogging Get It Right and Yes it works”
  1. Excellent post 🙂 though i am not into internet marketing but blogging and internet marketing works together.

    You just need to know how to create a compelling landing page with unique content for the potential clients.

  2. There are many reasons why blogging works. Being a part of this community, connecting and sharing thoughts and ideas in post are wonderful little gems I have found from blogging. Internet Marketing is something I now can’t live without. Thanks for sharing your wonderful post.

  3. Great post bro. To me, everything works out well if you have a niche to target. Until and unless you have a niche to target, your blogging or any other form of internet marketing is likely to fail. I agree to all your points as shared above. Keep it up..!

  4. Great ideas for making a blog a good source of income. Firstly you have to do some research and define which type of business you’d like to have. That is motivation, and I believe it’s one of the most important things!

  5. You have finally started that blog and you feel it has good information but now you want to try your blog right?.But how? You can advertise yours as FREE information on sites such as US Free ads. .As long as you keep adding to your blog with good information and keep handing out the address for it you will get people who will be interested in your niche and will likely sign up as a follower so that they find out about any new posts you add.

  6. update quality article every week, be active to blog comments then you will receive high traffic soon or later.:D

  7. commenting on the latest blogs will surely bring much traffic at your post. but the quality of comment must be high that any one who reads that will surely join you also

  8. “Information about products often needs “translation” into consumer-usable information.” I’ve only heard one person talk about this: Fran Kern. Maybe it’s something people take for granted, or maybe it’s something no one else has really considered, but it bears repeating!


  9. Great post. I think blogs can provide a lot of useful information and attract a lot of interest from consumers. I like this post. Thanks for the post.

  10. If one wants their blog to be considered valuable to its readers, bloggers need to mostly leave the semi-automated content affiliate stuff by the side of the road and focus on ORIGINAL CONTENT that is useful and up-to-the-minute. Bloggers need to stay on top of technology trends because many non-blogger-types will often look to you as a leader
    in that area!


  11. I’d say that depending upon your listing location in the search engine, your content will probably be fairly informative. If not all, but there would be something to glean, especially if it’s in the top handful listings. And once you’ve dazzled an audience they’ll come back for more, so staying fresh would be good, too.

  12. I am blogger though not an internet marketer. However, your site has helped me to view marketing a little bit better.

  13. I have to say that being a marketing expert taking a good amount of training and years and years of experience. There are so many people out there that just try to fake it. A true expert will stand about the crowd everytime no matter what.

  14. nice share……and i totally agree with u internet marketing and blogging works together………!!!!!!

  15. Thank you for sharing This knowledge.Excellently written article, if only all bloggers offered the same level of content as you, the internet would be a much better place. Please keep it up!

  16. “Hey, It’s look like you cover every thing in this Article. This is great and finally got something to learn after roaming around the other blogs.This should keep me busy for a while! Thank you so much.Hope I will get some great stuff soon from you. Great work.”

  17. Internet Marketing and blogging are commonly use most of the businesses right now and all of them saying that it is great and effective.

  18. Hi
    Internet marketing is the widely used all over the world. Blogging is also used in SEO work. Its a good work.

  19. Hello,
    internet marketing is not very common in the world many of the countries are not awaer of this internet marketing…i think they must know about this world so that they can earn the money…..

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