Internet Security Are You Bothered?


July 3, 2011 , ,

internet securitySecurity is a major concern for Internet users and system administrators. Whether to protect confidential data and information in individual files, lock a computer system to unauthorised users, control access to an intranet or an extranet, or conduct business on the Internet, one need to determine an appropriate level of Internet Security Issues and the effective means to achieve the objectives. The threat to Internet security is one of the main barriers to electronic transaction via the Internet medium. With the current popularity and the potential profits of electronic business, many executives face a conflict situation.

That is, connecting to the Internet and expanding their business would lead to risks and threats of intrusion. On the other hand, remaining disconnected from the Internet would sacrifice their customer contact and services to their competitors. We still all needs to be concern with all matters related to internet security issues as it affects us all in some way or the other.

The Internet uses simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) to transmit electronic mail and most business transactions. These transmissions have as much privacy as a postcard and travel over insecure, un-trusted lines. Anyone anywhere along the transmission path can obtain access to a message and read the contents with a simple text viewer or word processing program. Because the transmission lines are insecure, it is easy to forge e-mail or use another person’s name. Theft of identity is becoming the nation’s leading incidence of fraud. A person can even claim that someone else sent a message, for example, to cancel an order or avoid paying an invoice.

Organisations in both the public and the private sectors are aware of the needs of Internet security. It is interesting to know how both sectors take action to protect their Internet data and corporate systems. The best way to keep an intruder from entering the network is to provide a security wall between the intruder and the corporate network. Since the intruders enter the network through a software program, such as a virus or worm etc., or a direct connection, firewalls, data encryption, and user authentication can restrain a hacker to some extent.

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49 thoughts on “Internet Security Are You Bothered?”
  1. No doubt that internet security is a major threat and use of security wall can help in protecting your data.

    Big organizations are facing data theft and it seems that hackers always find other tricks.

    1. As i have said before Hackers are Great programmers who challenge everything we do online and every one who do business online should be concerned about online security.

  2. Although so many techniques involved Internet security is still a cause of concern for most users and professionals.

  3. Now a days Nothing is secure on net….it is a major concern for all internet users,
    but certain caution can help us to protract our data …….nice post sir

    1. Thanks Dr Bharatsinh i totally agree with you nothing is actually safe online these hackers are so skillfull that sometimes they hack just for the fun of it however as you rightly said we can taken precautions to minimise the risk.

  4. Yes.. we all are bothered. Internet security is top concern today. There have been growing cases of sites being hacked, data being stolen, etc.. The most recent example being that of Fox News Twitter account where hackers got access of fox news twitter account and then shocked everyone by tweeting “Obama Assassinated”. Things like these are getting very common these days. There is a need for more intelligent and stronger security measures like firewalls as you have said, which finally can solve such security issues..

    1. Shocking isn’t it no ones account is safe today look at the sony issue it goes to show that when we go online there is no guarantee that we would be the next victim.

  5. I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style of blogging. I added it to my favorites blog site list and will be checking back soon.

    1. Thanks term papers for your kind words i am happy to know that you find the post interesting and add my blog to your favourite. You input and visit is much appreciated

  6. Hackers are getting better (and younger!) every day. A young boy hacked into the Interpol system a few weeks ago. In March, some hacked into the French economics and finances ministry. I think whatever you do, If someone wants to hack your system,that person will succeed.

    But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your system. Thanks for your tips and a great post!

    1. Hackers are just great programmers who uses their skills in the wrong way i am afraid this is something we have to live with for a long time to come. We can only play our part by been careful.

      1. Yes I agree. But there are some “good hackers”, white hats, who can find how to hack your system in order for it not to be hacked again! The spiral never ends…

  7. Many users use the same username / email and password wherever they create their accounts. This in combination with not encrypted passwords in databases is the biggest problem.

    Also, passwords like qwerz, 123456 and so on are just too simple and popular.

    1. You are right most time users take the short root out in creating usernames and passwords thus making it easy to crack and gain access to their website

  8. Hi Gary,

    I think even our blogs are also not secure sometimes. I recommend bulletproof security plugin to protect the blog from hackers.

    Security is very important consideration and we have to be very careful about it.

    Thanks for bringing this on top of the mind once again

    1. You are right but sometimes even the plugins we used we have to be very careful because malicious hackers inject dangerous codes in them which they inturn use to gain access to you websites.

  9. Yes, it is a given fact that internet security is always in danger o from hackers. As we are trying all the best to make our sites secured, hackers do also try to make their best to find ways their ways. Anyway, I admire your post lowmacs. Thanks for sharing…

    1. Hi Chasper internet security is something we should all be concerned with even some of the biggest players in the market like twiiter is not safe as they make out to be because they are still vulnerable to attacks.

  10. Hi Lawmacs,

    Your post really helped me to understand the internet security issues and also internet security risks. It has great details and yet it is easy to understand.
    That’s what i was looking for. I will definately share it with others.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks glad to know that the post helped you to focus and understand more about internet security as this should be of some concerned to every one that uses the internet.

  11. Yikes..I think we HAVE to be bothered at this point! It’s amazing how many people are still getting hacked these days, whether it be their Facebook profile, Twitter account, etc. Be careful out there folks


    1. We all have to be careful because as internet users we face the prospect of been hacked my website was hacked once and set up to redirect to another website which was very frightening

  12. I know hackers nowadays are very professional so we have to increase our security…Thanks for the post because you have helped me with the information you shared to us…

    1. There are lots of hackers out there which hacked sites for hobby i believe that they should be used as internet security advisers to programmers because although hacking is illegal they are very skilled programmers

  13. “Yes.. we all are bothered. Internet security is top concern today. There have been growing cases of sites being hacked, data being stolen, etc.. The most recent example being that of Fox News Twitter account where hackers got access of fox news twitter account and then shocked everyone by tweeting “Obama Assassinated”. Things like these are getting very common these days. There is a need for more intelligent and stronger security measures like firewalls as you have said, which finally can solve such security issues..”

    Exactly, i think so too!

    1. Sometimes even the firewalls that we used is not strong enough to protect us while on the internet but nevertheless we needs to take some form of precautions and as you mentioned look at the recent incident involving the fox news twitter account.

    1. Hi sue thanks for your comment security should be definately of concern to everyone that uses the internet we should try to minimise the risk by following all safety precautions where possible.

  14. well, i read somewhere in these comments that we can’t stop hackers, and that’s true and the best example of this is apple’s website was hacked into a few days back, which is one of the most secure website on earth but we can’t do anything in that but to prevent ourselves as they say prevention is better then cure.

    1. As i have always said hackers are great programmers and they are very clever in what they do i think every hacker should be given the opportunity to create programs and put their skills to good use

  15. Personally I don’t feel comfortable with Internet security in a general level.
    I only trust on banks sites and sites like that, but sometimes I buy things on an e-commerce site for a matter of time.
    Interesting article.

    1. Hi Juan we all have the same gut feelings about internet and e-commerce websites sometimes we just shop with our gut feelings funny you should say you only trust banks the two times i had issues with online security it was with my bank.

  16. proper precautions can save your data but the threat always surrounds around your head and if you make any mistake than you better know what will happen. i agree with you that every one in this time is much feared about the data on internet. we all are bothered about that.

    1. Proper precaution is something we should all take into cosideration when doing anything online from shopping to simple things as password they are aweful breaches of internet security eveyday and as the hackers get smarter the greater the risk.

  17. Except the situation you mentioned, often the computer, especially the use of windows system and even our downloadable security software, can give us troubles

    1. I strongly believe that we should use some form of security software but as you rightly said even them at times put us at more risk and letting us get more exposed to malware programs.

  18. Using SSL for email server mail delivery will resolve this problem. Also, most of the mailservers use this today.

  19. How can they assure that their promised security will protect data from theft? They even have no control with regards to product license of their softwares and end-users can even download software updates having those stolen keys or serials.

  20. Yes, internet security is a big issue to be resolved. Sometimes, even how secured we are with our online security, we are still not safe from these genius hackers who are always finding their ways how to hack. You have a very interesting post anyway… Thank you.

  21. Internet security surely is a big thing to consider. There’s a lot of things that can be said about the subject which could be too technical for most people.

    One thing I can say though is that if you are thinking of what career to pursue, consider learning and mastering internet security. 🙂

  22. I agree most of the comments above that even though that you are secured online you are not then actually safe because hackers are intelligent enough to destroy us. When working online let us always be aware.

  23. Network security is definitely a constant worry. Hackers always seem to be one step ahead no matter what. Best we can do is stay updated on the latest security procedures and never take every possible threat seriously.


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