Marketing To Generations Z and Y through Social Media

Generation ZSocial Media is ever increasing day by day and a social media marketer needs to narrow using social media platforms for each type of generation. Different factors relate to the use of social mediums for each generation, and each of these factors decides how successful the marketing campaign must be to attract a maximum audience. For each generation, you need to be specific for using the social media platforms as what might work for millennial will not necessarily work for Gen Z.

Generation Z:

They are the people that were born between 1995 to 2012 with an open mindset, ambitious and embraced to change with technological changes. These are ones who have not spent a single day without the internet and are too active on most of the social media platforms. Social media is the best way to connect with generation Z as they are most active social media users of today’s time. Gen Z are more into Snapchat and Instagram than Facebook & Twitter.

Snapchat Fever:

Research shows that around 80% of the respondents said that they open or use Snaptchat at least once in a day and around 51% of the users use Snapchat for about 11 times a day. With recent updates in Snapchat, the number of snaptchat users and subscribers declined, but still, the app is being used by a huge number of people because of the daily updates and interesting snapchat filters.

Members of Generation Z love using Snapchat because they share their daily routine in a more personalized way and feeling that the information remains confidential too.

Instagram Stories and Boomerang:

Instagram stories were launched in 2016 and work the same way as Snapchat stories work and widely used by Gen Z. The users have the option to create boomerangs, Instagram stories with filters, stickers and drawings.

Instagram is more about instant pictures than text, and Gen Z are the ones who are interested in putting in the all the moments they capture instantly. Since its launch, Instagram Stories has become more popular than Snapchat.

Bottom Line for Gen Z:

Marketers who are targeting generation Z must master both Snapchat and Instagram Stories to reach as many potential customers as possible and since that they work similarly it should not be hard to do so.

Millennial (Generation Y):

These are the generations born after 1980 and exist as one of the largest group in the country and commonly known as millennial. Unlike Gen Z they are ones who grew up on recommendations and product ratings, reviews and social tools to share opinions before making a purchase.

For millennial, social media is a way to express brand loyalty and endorsements and are more open to conversing and creating a relationship between a customer and a brand. Social media is one way for customers to express brand loyalty. This direct engagement invites the millennial audience into a conversation while strengthening the relationship between consumer and brand.

Videos For Millennial:

For millennial, videos are a powerful medium to convey messages and can be effortlessly uploaded to social media platforms. With videos, customers no longer need to read about a brand and can watch what the brand has to offer. Text prohibits how far a consumer can be brought into a brand’s world whereas a video invites the consumer in and allows them to be a part of it.

It is evident that catering to the needs of a millennial target audience through social media is important. Moreover, while this can sometimes be a difficult task, it is not impossible, and not nearly as hard as some commentators pretend.

Millennial Like Digital Shopping:

Millennial are known for shopping online than retail; they would prefer buying online than going to every single retail store for their stuff. Millennial prefer on a few clicks and get the things on their doorsteps than roaming in stores.

The best your brand interacts and is versatile the more it is going to reach to your target audience. Similarly, including content that promotes digital shopping and featuring a blog on your website which showcases the possibilities of digital shopping will make your brand stand out in the eyes of your customer base.

Open To Technologies:

Millennial are open to ideas and technologies as they are the people born at the dawn of technological revolution and carry smart devices.

The millennial generation is defined by the acceptance of new technologies. They were born at the dawn of a technological revolution. No matter what medium you use to share your information but the information must be same on all the social media platforms like in your Facebook Ads, Instagram posts or any video commercials you use. Any form of marketing strategy you follow, you should focus on the same fundamental message that you had developed before your campaign started.


Simplification Attracts Millennial:

Simplifying your marketing message is a smarter way to promote your content to your target audience and get more clicks that the posts or information that has an information barrier.

Paid Marketing Content:

Contrary to common opinion, millennials are open to both advertisement and paid, promotional content. Paid content ensures a level of authentication from your side, and anything they see will look professional and properly targeted.


Setting the best marketing strategy for each type of generation is what a digital marketing expert can do but at times hiring one cannot be in your predicted budget. Keep in mind that Facebook and Instagram ads use demographic data of the audience to ensure user-generated content that reaches users with meaning and give the people the content they prefer to see in their feeds.

Best practices for reaching the millennial or Gen Z generation will continue to evolve just like the generation itself. Make sure to include test groups in your marketing strategy and try pushing new content to controlled groups of millennials before publishing them to anyone else. By using informed and tested strategy rather than assumptions will save money in the process and ensure that your brand gets even more acknowledgment from the people you want to reach most.

Author Bio:

Loius Martin is a digital marketing expert a professional logo design company in Dallas. With a year of experience, he has covered major areas of marketing and design. Read more of his articles at @loiusmartin1

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