Search Engine Optimization and Advertising


August 28, 2009

Search Engine Optimization in today’s internet-craze world it has become important for any business which have a website which they use for advertising and marketing of their goods and services. With the advent of search engines it has become even easier for the customers to search for anything online. For your website to be successful its search results should be found in at least the three first pages of the major search engines as results shows that must visitors does not goes beyond these first three pages, the rank of the page should be high this can help to bring more visitors to your site. Achieving high page rank can be done by applying the right search engine optimization This is a increases the quality and quantity of traffic flow to a particular website via search engines.

Good seo not only helps with your search engine results but helps with your conversion rates the more visitors you have to your website the better chance of getting a sale or a sign up more people will bookmark your site or even subscribe to your feeds all of these factors will increase the weight of your keywords. Today search engine optimization not only rely on keywords and meta tags they also rely on other on page and of-page factors like link building which needs to be very carefully done and avoid link farms.

Hiring a seo expert can be costly however getting the right one can benefit you unless you feel the need to Do it yourself.The Algorithms of search engine is complicated and very complex and keeps changing with each passing day and giats like google kept this a secret and as more website owners and businesses facing more competetion the cos of seo rises and the ranking algorithms becomes more and more complex it gets harder to manipulte and advertisors continue to pay more to these experts to gain better results and cotinue to gain great results for their business


12 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization and Advertising”
  1. Yes. SEO not just keywords and meta tags, on page optimization, off page optimization are important too. Doing SEO thing is always interesting, especially on keywords. The question is why some webmaster doesn’t want to link exchange if links can increase their PR or search engines result?

  2. @Another Blogger i will answer that question. Because link exchange is at the bottom of SEO "to do list". Link exchange is not what used to be, now one way links will help you more than link exchange with few websites.
    Now too many link exchanges can get you penalized by Google because they only recommends link exchange with 3-4 related sites, many people do link exchanges with 20 30 sites believing that will increase their pagerank,serps and get burned.

    However I am not counting on link exchanges either but i can say that 2-3 link exchanges with sites in same niche as yours can’t hurt.


  3. One important concept with SEO is to try to target more specific, “long tail” keywords. The chances of ever ranking with “lose weight” are so slim as to nearly be negligible. But if you try to target a phrase like like lose weight eating cake, it is much easier to rank.

    All that matters is due diligence on keywords to make sure that competition is acceptable while the SERP makes it worth bothering.

  4. Great information.With the use of right search engine optimization you can get your site high rank in search engine.You can increase the quality and quantity of traffic flow to a particular website via search engine.By using different link building methods you can achieve good result of site in search engine.

  5. PageRank is an algorithim google invented that assesses the strength of a website. The algorithim evaluates a site on a scale of n/a to 10 with 0 being the lowest/weakest and 10 being the highest/strongest. We can check our site’s rank by using a pagerank checker tool.

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