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February 12, 2019 ,

Search engine trends 2019When you are an online marketer there is a need to identify and adapt to the newest search engine optimization trends. Google is putting all its efforts to be the best search point among its competitors. This makes there be changes to reach this goal and SEO does its best to adapt to these changes that follow. This is just how SEO trends come in place or are” born”. If you take time to observe Google you notice there are changes now and then all year round and equal to SEO. Google today is trying to answer more queries directly. It does this by direct display on the results page as searched and the number of voice-activated search queries is also rising up.

Search Engine Optimization

This has brought a tension as there could be changes coming into place on optimization strategy. Primarily, the internet has become the first source to seek goods and services for most customers. As a result of this, there are many people online and business is trying best to survive and to do so they have to establish an online presence for themselves.  It will only happen so if you maintain search relevancy by adapting to the ever-changing environment of SEO. Starting a website or blog is not just enough for SEO business, you have to keep on an update of the SEO trends to be relevant.

To be able to succeed in the search engine optimization bear in mind it is a market strategy that is becoming imperative. Thus success will require implementing the latest best practices throughout your website equal to establishing authority with Google.  There is no short cut to this achievement except adopting these trends and practices.

As 2019 is growing old there are trends which are in place in the SEO. Many people in the SEO business are doing their best to know them and how to adapt to them. As there is New Year in place it means you have to familiarize yourself with these new 2019 SEO trends so as to grow your SEO business. To this reason, here are seven the overview of the significant best practices and SEO trends 2019.

  1. Featured snippet

Featured snippets came into place way back in 2017 and up to date has become more and more prevalent. Out of estimation 30% of all search results, today gives a featured snippet. When it started there was only one format that displayed but with time there came multiple versions of the featured snippet as rolled out in 2018. Some of these versions include featured brands, featured snippets with multiple images and bullet-pointed lists.  As this featured snippet is gaining prevalent, it is important to code your website in that direction to make or entice Google considers your website for this spot.

Featured snippets refer to selected search that is featured on to of Google organic results just below the ads in a box.  The main aim of featured snippets is to answer the users’ question right away after is click for search. When you are featured it means you are getting additional brand exposure in search results.  This is the way to get traffic into your website hence more income. Some of the search queries which mostly get featured include DIY processes, health, financial, mathematical, requirements, status and transitional according to study analysis done. However, there are other searches queries also featured according to different analysts.

There are three categories of featured snippets text snippets, video snippets, and list and table snippets. Many wish to know how you can feature snippet and for sure today you will get that answer. As there is a way to tell Google to not show a page from your domain for a snippet by putting <meta name= “google bot” content =no snippet”> into the header of your page, the same way you can do vice versa and enable Google show featured snippets from your website.  Good news as you don’t have to especially markup your HTML for Google to have the ability to create tables and lists from your text.

  1. Adopt Structured data

There is an evolution of SERPS, Google is now gaining access to more data material. Currently, Google is in the position of creating its own meaningful meta-descriptions out of existing content.  Furthermore, the search giant uses structured to adapt to create rich snippets. As space is becoming smaller due to changes in the arrangement of the advertisement, one should make all efforts to create eye-catching snippets.

  1. Voice search

As from 2014, Google did a study to determine the voice search and realizes over 40% of respondent’s uses voice-controlled web search. It was noticed that teenagers rate higher. It is concluded by google that out of every fifth search query on mobile devices one is made via voice input. Out of the increase on digital assistants and smart home devices the use of voice search will be on top trend this year 2019.

Don’t be left behind, you should focus on longtail keywords when optimizing content. Equally, it can be of help to anticipate user questions that you’re content can or will answer.  To be able to do this here are useful tools;, Google suggest and

  1. Mobile first index

Out of study and observation, Google has shown that the focus on mobile search is greatly increasing. Today, the mobile search or users on the internet has risen up to level it has overtaken the desktop users when it comes to web searches. The last year 2018 summer, Google implemented the mobile first index. In future, Google looks upon showing version in the page in the mobile index which is optimized for mobile devices. All this means if you have not yet optimized your website for mobile devices do so this year 2019 to make your website be on top of Google SEO searches.

  1. Focus on image search

Since 2017 Google made an important move where it upgraded its image search.  When you upgrade your google image search with a link to your website you will experience more traffic and you will be on trend. Its facts those Google users or other search areas users are searching for images as greatly increased. This should give one the incentive to optimize his or her visual material. It is important to do the best and use unique and better pictures than your competitors. To be able to adopt this trend on SEO content one is required to write content which is harmonized with image interaction. This will gear to adding value on the content your posting and be able to cover a topic comprehensively as expected by the audience you are addressing.

  1. Page speed boost

Speed is very important when users visit your website. Google has made this possible by showing how you can make your mobile page faster enough. With accelerated mobile pages and progressive web apps, it is possible today. Accelerated mobile pages are in place as an integral part of Google SERPS. The limitation of these accelerated mobile pages it that it doesn’t load images and structure only consists of pure texts. You can apply it and remove at any given time. However, you need it today due to that it enables deliver news article into Google news carousel at the top in mobile devices.

  1. Content

Despite Google algorithms improving day in day out, there is still a need for content that will determine the relevance of web pages to a search query. As from search queries to answer those queries, Google has made mark able improvements in the analysis of textual contents and it uses the modern latest technology whereby Rankbrain is used to make better content understood.  It should be one’s goal to continuously offer the best content on the topic of your website so as to be on the SEO 2019 trends. Use the search terms as possible and create unique content all the time.


To be able to remain on the top of Google search, it is important to adopt the new trends and incorporate them to your website at all cost. There are competitions on who will remain at the top of Google search results and be able to be among them then change and get used to the newest ways. As the year picks up here is your checklist for 2019;

  • Make sure your website as add markups and by this Google will be able to use structured data to rich snippets hence increase your CTR and SERPS.
  • Have a website that is definitely mobile optimized and easily is crawled and indexed by search engines
  • Do all efforts to optimize your website content for mobile devices
  • Works all the time to meet users’ needs at the best when it comes to a certain topic or search term

When you toe the line towards implementing these 2019 SEO trends there is no doubt you will be on top of Google search page. You will get more traffic to your website and in return, it means you will earn more cash. Start implementing these issues as soon as possible and with no time you shall start to get the results.

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