Submit Your Site And Win $30


May 1, 2010

Social networking has come a long way there is now doubt about that and has i write there is another one Here this is the birth of a new social networking website just like Blogengage and MMO these are two well establish social networking website unlike newly form and run by me. Now lets get to the point although still in its baby “Beta” stage i am opening up the site to you all . Why you may asked i need to evaluate the performance of the website and see how well it performs during this time i would appreciate any bugs or difficulties you encountered to report it to me at your patience and understanding is much appreciated at this time.

The Contest To Promote The Launch

Well to let you know that the first ever contest on is on you need to do is to Register Here then submit your website or blog , the next step is to promote the post you submitted and the user who reach the magic figure of  50 votes will win a prize of  Thirty dollars yes you read it right $30 dollars us. The reason why you have to promote your post that you submit is simple to get the required number of votes required to win the contest and you will be paid the prize money. To receive payments to need to have a valid PayPal account if you don’t then you can get one by  signing Up Here .

The Sponsors- looking For Some

At the moment i am inviting  sponsors to come forward and help sponsor the contest if you are interested the feel free to contact me at . As a sponsor there are benefits in it for you your will get your link and or banner mentioned in this post.  If at any time any one decide to join in with any form of sponsorship i will make the announcement with further updates .

To recap is running its first contest ever contest starting right now and as mentioned before it is simple just register and start submitting your post now the first member to get the required 5o votes win but remember there can only be one vote per Ip address so good luck to all who participates. That is it your feedback and suggestions are always welcome and remember sharing is caring spread the word.


13 thoughts on “Submit Your Site And Win $30”
  1. I feel glad to know about this contest. I have been very unlucky with these online contests. This one looks quite good to me. I am going to be a part of it and I am also going to be a sponsor for the same. Itrackthatsite is a really a good initiative from your side. Keep it up bro 🙂

  2. Thanks Aswani i happy that you have decide to take up this challenge it is a simple contest with good reward and i am happy to have you as a friend thanks in advance brother.

  3. Sorry bro the spot widget will be back this site just got a new template and i have not replace it as yet however with the broken link this has been fixed now

  4. Thsnks Shabnam sometimes in life it is not just about winning it is the taking part the contest is simple start submitting your content you get fifty unige votes and you win

  5. The only reason I even put a tip jar on my site was several people encouraged me to do so Hi HI First time on lawmacs website design blog | Submit Your Site And Win $30 skipped here on your site, founde on Bing. nneka heartbeat chase u0026 status mix Send me news to

  6. A very good initiative by you bro 🙂 i wish you luck.
    I have never been lucky with these contests …… but still i will participate.

  7. Thanks for sharing this blog, but in my opinion i think that it is just a scam to get more site, i wonder if there has ever been a winner.

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