Texting and driving: highway to hell

The CDC has released a report according to which teenagers lose focus while driving because of being distracted by sending text messages. Parents all the world over will unequivocally agree to this and say to their teens “told you so!” It’s no surprise that some parents are still gullible enough, or in denial so to speak, thinking that their teen stays focused while driving because that’s how they have taught the kid to drive. It’s an eye-opener for such parents that when the government approached high school seniors for a survey, the results pointed out that over 50% admitted that they texted while driving on a regular basis. Well, whether you’re teen is amongst the majority group casual and confident about texting while driving or the un-cool overly conscious minority group who actually care about their lives, is a question that can only be answered correctly using the only tool that is there to help out parents in such situations. Many parents are using the help of parental control software to ensure that their teenagers are not indulging in such risky behavior.

Multitasking teens

Another fact reinforcing the CDC report is that unfortunately 16% of casualties in car accidents are related to distracted drivers due to which 39 states have banned texting while driving entirely and also have stop signs to complement this rule. The gauge of risk factor or danger involved in a situation can best be considering by the consequences and in this case the Teenager can end up in a hospital, jail or even worse. According to studies, teens use text messaging as their chief means of communication and texting while driving has almost become a reflex action for teens. They have such casual attitude towards it and often do not even think as to what danger they are confronting by doing so. Multitasking generally and texting while driving particularly, has become a cultural phenomenon, thereby increasing the number of teens engaging in it.

How can we save our future?

The group facing the greatest risk in overall daily traffic is the teen drivers, as their driving habits have not yet matured, if they remain confused about the rules their habits will solidify into a huge trouble for the future. Moreover, the parents cannot always be with their teenagers who are exposed to such grave risks while driving. This is where monitoring software for cell phones comes to the rescue. It gives parents a chance to avoid disasters such as about 3100 teen deaths in road accidents in 2009, by allowing parents to track their child and know the details of when and whom they text.

It is beyond doubt that texting while driving is one the most pertinent and widespread problem in our culture and a killer concealed in the disguise of general carelessness. There are a number of safety measures that can be deployed by the parents; the most appropriate amongst them is cell phone spy software.

Monitoring software for cell phones, cell phone spy software

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0 thoughts on “Texting and driving: highway to hell”
  1. I don’t Understand why my generation are prone to break rules and regulations.Whether its in school,office,or anywhere.They love to do exactly the opposite they are told to do.And they find it cool to do so,really shameful.

    They don’t understand that its only for their well being.And when the time comes they are already in hell and regretting their decisions but its lot late for them until then.

    Texting while Driving-I don’t know why they are so used to their phones and if they are so much used to it then why they are driving.Banning them will surely make some difference but i m sure they will find some other alternative for it too.

    Thanks for throwing some light on this serious topic lawmacs.

  2. I feel like most generations like to break the rules, its just that with new technology comes new rules. But I don’t really see the reason why people have to text while driving. If they’re that desperate they should just pull over the side of the road and text away. But I definitely feel that texting while driving is worse than talking on your phone.

    Also, I know in my area they are now putting up anti-texting commercials similar to the nature of those anti-smoking commercials to help convince people its not worth it.

  3. Hi Gary – Interesting findings you’ve mentioned in the article. Though this is a problem across the whole world. Not only to specific countries – thought some of them might have it worse than others when it comes to lack of infrastructure etc. and yet it’s still a common occurrence. I mean – the other a person almost walked in front of a moving car – while he was texting on his phone and not paying attention. Luckily the driver was not on their phone. Problematic area worldwide that should only get worse as the population rises and technology becomes ever more present and active in our daily activities.

    1. I agree with you that it’s not specific to countries : there’s the same problem everywhere. But also, it’s not specific to teenagers, I see persons of all age texting, phoning or doing anything else while driving. There would be much less accidents if people were looking at their road and paying attention instead of doing stupid stuff.

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