The Location of your Web Host – Does it Matter While Blogging


June 16, 2012 , ,

Web DesignMostly when someone is looking to launch a blog, they will go out in search of a web host, and the only thing they will look at is the price, space, and bandwidth. Now, these are probably the three most important factors, but these are not the only factors that will matter. There are many points that you need to remember when choosing a host for your blog, and the location of your web hosting company or server is one of those (even though it is neglected by a most new  bloggers). A big majority of hosting companies have got their servers based in US, UK, or Canada, but there are many operating from other parts of  the world, and while we cannot categorically declare an entire region as a good or bad option for getting your blog hosted, but the location will certainly make a difference, let’s see how.


When you are launching a blog, you want it to be on a reliable host. Doesn’t matter what’s the nature of your blog, you wouldn’t really want downtimes or your blog loading with a devastatingly slow speed, not to forget that these factors can actually cast a negative impact on your SE rankings. Similarly, you don’t want your server to crash every time your blog starts getting huge number of visitors. So, to be on a safe side you have got to go for a reliable host based in regions like USA or UK.

Technical support:

Not to take anything away from web hosting companies based in other countries, but in my personal experience, the level of technical support that you will get from a host based in UK, USA, Canada, and the likes will be better than a host based in some low cost region. Mainly because some of these hosts hire entry level staff to cut costs, resulting in less than satisfactory customer support.


If you are looking for some really cheap and low cost hosting packages, you might not get them from UK or US based hosting companies. Web hosts in low cost regions can offer some amazingly low rates, mainly because the difference in currency exchanges.


Web hosts based in regions like US, UK, Australia, or Canada have got the best technologies and hardware at their disposal. You might not get such state of the art hardware and equipment when hosting your blog with other hosting companies. Being a simple blogger or internet surfer, you wouldn’t see a difference in the performance, but it can make a difference especially when your blog start to get large number of visitors.


You might have to communicate with your web host on regular basis, for example when your site is down, or even worse hacked, or you are looking for an upgrade,  or simply looking to find a solution to some technical problem, having  your web hosting company based in these regions means that you are more likely to get more professional response.


While the article might sound that I am advising bloggers to shun a web hosting company just because it is not based or located in countries like UK, US, or Canada, the article is just meant for cautionary purposes. I have had good experience with a couple of  hosting companies based in India or Thailand, and they tend to be quite inexpensive too. But the long winded point of this post was that you should be extra vigilant when choosing your host and that you must take their location in consideration.

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19 thoughts on “The Location of your Web Host – Does it Matter While Blogging”
  1. Finding good Web Hosting is a common issue for bloggers and business owners for sure. It must be affordable and reliable. I think they also much be reachable, meaning I want them to be in my country too! Indeed as you mentioned some countries service would be more reliable and worth more consideration.
    For sure it does matter, you do not want to go with a company that is not reputable, or that you really do not know much about. You are investing your money in your blog’s future when you pick a webhosting company so picking wisely is very important. It is not just a matter of going with price alone, although that is a consideration.
    Thank you for your blog and pointing out these concerns, well written. Have a great weekend.

  2. I guess it’s always good to be and think proactive, then to get into a lot of trouble later. I tend to agree to what you are saying and from my experience so far with hosting companies, the best are located in UK and USA, but they are more expensive than any other host company located elsewhere.

  3. I do agree as well that web host companies coming from UK, US, Australia, and Canada are the front runners in web hosting. The only drawback, as mentioned, would be the price. I suggest for serious online entrepreneurs or internet marketers that they would opt for web host service that are from these places.

    Aside from price, space, and bandwidth, you can also asked about FTP access, and the support service. The tech support service should be one major factor when you are deciding what web host company to go for. Check their availability, technical knowledge, their professionalism in manners when communicating with you. For non-techies, a great customer support would always be your bail out in troubled situations.

    1. Yes that’s true, hosting companies based in UK or USA are by far the best, but there are some good hosting companies based in India as well and they are quite inexpensive as well. But you need to do the due diligence before choosing a host from these regions.

  4. It is imperative that you get a web host which has good technical support and provides better uptime for your websites and servers at US are the best.If you are a professional blogger/webmaster you cannot afford a downtime.

  5. I completely agree that the location of web-host matters. The reliability of the host and the level of technical support play a vital role .One also needs to consider that getting professional response from the host is a necessity so the location should also be given thorough consideration . Hence one needs to think proactive and avoid getting into a trouble later on. Thanks for the share .

  6. Web Hosting most important factor on blogging which search engines consider a lot for giving algorithm updates.

    1. Thanks for commenting Maryem, but while downtime and slow uploading speed can cast a negative impact on ranking, but in general search engines do not consider the web host 🙂

  7. It seems there are many affordable web hosting options available, it’s simply choosing those that have the best support, feedback, etc that are worth looking in to. Even with a small budget you can find a great web hosting provider.

  8. Sometimes you have to pay a decent amount of money to find the web host that you want. But if your site is going to be used by thousands or even millions of people than it is a necessity that you have a good web host to hold all the traffic, even if it does cost a lot of money.

  9. Every web hosting very important for a web site. When you make a new site you need to take security. Go daddy is the best web hosting company. Others have some UK, Canada (country) related web hosting company. Thanks

  10. When you are going to make blog you should begin with a website in that solution hosting service is important. Taking a good hosting service is vital term for write and make blogging and personal use.

  11. The location of the web server is important to note. If you are targeting Australia, then you better buy a web hosting service in the country, and not in America.

  12. I will tell you something….. The IP behind your site matters ! So be careful that there isn’t a harmful site behind the same IP with yours…….

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