Why Blogging is a Great Career Choice for Recent College Grads

Blogging has been a popular endeavor among the self-employed and tech-savvy for many years now. With more and more of our lives taking place online, more and more individuals are seeking professional success online. Previously, blogging was considered a practice for stay-at-home parents and angst-ridden teenagers. But—today, blogging has become a popular professional pursuit for most anyone. As the economy continues to struggle, more people are looking for non-traditional job options. Blogging is one such option. For college grads or young 20-somethings out there looking for the right career path, consider these three points.

Flexible Schedule

Part of what makes blogging so ideal to college students is the flexible scheduling that it offers. While it is recommended that bloggers maintain an eight hour work day, most can do so at any point throughout their day. In this way, the daily schedule for blogging can feel very similar to a college class schedule. Bloggers (like students) can work at the points in their day that they actually feel like working and feel productive. Many younger professionals, fresh graduates and 20-somethings, consider flexibility one of the most important aspects of a job. While this need for flexibility can be problematic in many professional careers, it seems to lend itself well to blogging as a profession. Because, for the most part, bloggers are self-made and self-employed, they can create their own schedules and determine their own time off. Of course, there can be many downsides to this as well. To become a truly successful blogger, you’ll have to commit a significant amount of time and effort into it.


One attribute most recent college graduates and millennials have in common is a sense of self-initiative. With the failing economy and a bleak job outlook, many college aged students have been preparing themselves for a difficult time come graduation time. With this mindset already in place, many millennials are set and ready to be successful outside of their college lives. Many 20-somethings have been preparing for a difficult professional search and young adult life for some time now. This has instilled a very strong sense of self-initiative and self-motivation. These two personal attributes are some of the most important in becoming a successful blogger. Much of blogging is about putting in the effort and working hard to get the outcome you want. Bloggers have to maintain a web space, design a site, write content, market their content, and network all on their own time and terms. To do all of these things successfully, perseverance and self-motivation are key.

Unique Work Space

Many recent college graduates are accustomed to working in non-traditional work settings. They appreciate both flexibility in scheduling and environment. Because blogging is typically an individual endeavor, where one completes their work is usually very flexible. Many bloggers do so from a home office or from various coffee shops. While not everyone prospers in a non-traditional office setting, many college graduates find this freedom and casualness very appealing. Finding a space that helps you stay focused, motivated, and successful is very important. Many people underestimate just how important work environment is to professional success and personal enjoyment. Blogging can offer the flexibility to create a work setting that truly works for you.

This guest post is provided by Mariana Ashley, who writes about educational issues for OnlineColleges.net and can be reached by email at mariana.ashley031@gmail.com.


12 thoughts on “Why Blogging is a Great Career Choice for Recent College Grads”

  1. Avatar of saha

    Excellent and informative post Mariana. Completely agree with this post. These are the basic reasons why students choose blogging as career. Flexible time schedule and unique work space is necessary in the field of blogging.

  2. Avatar of dave

    You’re absolutely right blogging is a ideal career choice for recent college grads because blogging can be done anytime and can adjust with the spare time also in my opinion blog is a good investment for the future because the older age of the domain, will be better positioned in search engines

  3. Avatar of Aditya

    Blogging has always been fun for everyone who loves to blog.And now a days college grads are getting prone to blogging as it not only helps them learning more things but also it can be done at any time and anywhere.College students have different thinking and they are changing the trend of blogging.Few years back Blogging is not so famous but now people are switching their minds and do blogging to earn money.It can be done as a part time work so college grads find it quite interesting and they can earn and learn at the same time.

  4. Avatar of Becca

    New graduates is still fresh in their mind what they have learned specially writing. It is easy
    for them to create new and fresh content.

  5. Avatar of Corporate logo design
    Corporate logo design

    Agree with you adumpaul… & it is the path where we can also gain more traffic for site….

  6. Avatar of Amy Turner

    For these new graduates, blogging can be a source of income during the period of job hunting. As they develop their careers in their chosen profession, it can still be pursued as additional source provided they have lots of free time after their regular work.

  7. Avatar of Felicia Gopaul

    Blogging takes real work, not just flexi time and work space. But you have to master the art of getting and retaining traffic, online marketing and such. For some it’s just a hobby, that’s why they don’t sweat much blogging, but for some, yes, it becomes a career and it really takes commitment to succeed.

  8. Avatar of Jaymie

    Hey there,

    i totaly agree with this post and responds.
    young people have fun at communication and social networks.
    They have fresh ideas and new things are open-minded.

  9. Avatar of mandy

    I agree with you. Blogging is the best hobby in the present online world. Using blogging, we can discuss different topics with our opinions. We are also maintain a good relationship with your blog readers.

  10. Avatar of Nikole Fairview

    Someone who has recently graduated college today may find it more difficult to find a career that they actually enjoy. In fact, they may even find to hard to find anything. This may mean that more and more recent graduates will be turning online.

    Actually, there are a number of online professions and ways to make money without having a traditional jobs. Blogging is certainly a great option. It is easy to start and really just requires an ability to write. You may even want to consider writing for other websites that need fresh content developed on a regular basis.

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