3 Ingredients To Success


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What are the ingredients to success? success can be measured in different ways, for us as bloggers to know if we are succeeding then we have to evaluate  he level of success against our goals.These  three ingredients Content, Design, Marketing that will bring us success and i will share them with you.There is nothing set in stone about the formula for success and i am not an expert in the field either but these three key ingredients i am about to share i strongly believe will drive success to you and your blog. I am sure we share one thing in common and that is we don’t want to be the master of our own down fall. Now lets look at the ingredients one at a time.

(1)Content – I meant great content is one of the three main ingredients to achieve success , Content is King or Isn’t it? you can argue here all day, agree to disagree but the fact still remains great content is what we all strive for as bloggers, great content are those your readers yearn for, these are the ones that left your readers feeling filled. how do you produce great content firstly start with  catchy headlines sometimes a bit of controversy is good but don’t over do it this can be a big put off to some readers.

There is no denying it Great Content is very important, remember we write for our readers and visitors alike this is what they come for and we need to be producing just that.Content can be anything that your blog offers it could a brilliantly written article of a wanted product it just have to be something worth the visit.

(2)Design – Now your website design fits in as one of your ingredients that can help to make or break your success. Remember the saying “First impression last” live by this rule don’t make your first impression be your visitors last visit. i can say this putting great content and a nicely design website together and you are well on your way to success.To have a good design you need to look at a combination of factors from your navigational structure to layout, ads placement and site colours just to name a few. Just remember good design attracts attention just as how good content gets mentioned now this leads to the third ingredients.

(3)Marketing – No i haven’t forget this one, this is area you need to paying close attention to, we all heard about Search engine Optimization or SEO, Back links and Networking yes we all do and SEO is close to our heart as bloggers. Hey, never forget marketing this is the single most critical ingredient that will determine your success. Follow me here for a minute you start a blog hire a brilliant web designer and write the most compelling piece of Content, brilliant but how are we going to know about your website or blog? simple answer Marketing, if you don’t market your blog it is like buying a Porsche and keep it in the garage who is going see it?

In summary these are three vital ingredients for your success, Brilliant Design, Great Content and a well organised Marketing strategy. Now have a look for your self are you heading in the right direction? if so then continuing doing what you are doing but if not it is not too late to make the change i am sure you don’t want to be the master of your own down fall. the days of build it and the rest will follow are long gone it is a competitive marketing world hop on board. What are your Key Ingredients for Sucess and how do you measure them?.


34 thoughts on “3 Ingredients To Success”
  1. As you probably already know, success is one of my favorite topics. 🙂

    All the things you mentioned are key ingredients to your overall success as a blogger but I would like to add a few of my own special ingredients.

    It takes commitment, persistence and a thirst for knowledge. If you want to be successful as a blogger or anything else for that matter, you need to make a commitment that you will give it your best even when the going gets rough. We all have our ups and downs but you must be persistent and press on to overcome the down times. Finally, you must be willing to learn because there are always new techniques and bigger, better, more efficient ways of doing things. Don’t assume you know it all.

    I could add even more but I don’t want to be a comment hog. 🙂 Just think of what we could cook up if we put all those ingredients into one pot and stirred them up.

    1. That is really true Robert Commitment persistence and the thirst for knowledge are some excellent ingredients for success and i know this is atopic close to your heart.

  2. Agreed…bro. Content, well no doubt. I will put it on top of everything. Design, of course for someone like me who just loves it. Simple yet appealing…I prefer it the same way. To me Design is the only factor which affects online user behavior to the maximum. If design is good then everything looks good. And regarding Marketing, absolutely vital. You have to market it finally..just cannot write and leave it like that. You have to apply SEO basics to make it more visible among masses.

    Thanks for sharing these valuable insight. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Spot on Aswani design is something i try to pay close attention to even now i still tweak my site to make sure it not only works well but looks appealing to the eyes.

  3. 3 ingredients to success 🙂 agree with you completely.No doubt designing is the first impression but if you don’t have unique contents then you will loose your readers.

    We need to have a perfect mixture of all the above mentioned ingredients by you for our blogging success..

    Thanks Robert for your inputs 🙂 you said it right!

    1. You got that absolutely correct Shabnam we need to get the perfect mixture of both and add what Robert mentioned in his comments Commitment and then you are on your way to success

  4. You’ve got it right! I absolutely agree with those 3. An online business won’t work without one of those. They all play an important part for your blog business. But of course the most important one should be you, “the owner”. after accomplishing everything that’s needed to reach your goals in your business, you still have to constantly learn new things in your chosen industry for more remarkable content, improve creativity to enhance your blog’s design and to always have your learning curve by your side to keep up with the competition through marketing. Be passionate with what you do, then success is just a few steps away.

    1. Glad to see the point we rant always about seo content and seems to forget that we need to be seen and heard and that is where having a good marketing strtegy comes in. Thanks for you valuable input.

    1. No dougbt about that however design and marketing plays a very important role in the success of your website. thanks for your comment

  5. “it is like buying a Porsche and keep it in the garage”

    nicely said 🙂 Yup, we can have the best content in the world and the most beautiful design, but if we don’t spread the word around no one will visit our blog. But it goes the other way around, we can market all we want if our website looks bad or the content is crappy the end result will be the same, or even worse. People will spread the word that our blog is crappy, so we need to have all three ingredients to make something out of our blogs 🙂

    I just need to get my Thesis theme to work like I want to, but I can’t find the time to focus on it 🙁

    1. You will Zarko at some point you will find the time to work on your theme there some nice child theme available for free to help you spice up your blog have you read the bloggers time table thanks for your valuable input.

  6. Are all important point to create a succesfull blog, design is surely important as seo optimizatioon as well, but I always think that create unique content is the best way to take the next level.

    1. Creating unique content is very important but if you don’t market your blog / website no one will no about it and firther more if your site design is bad visitors will leave your site.

  7. Content, design and marketing are indeed a perfect ingredient for a successful blogger. I believe this 3ingredients can make a difference. Thanks for sharing this secrets.

  8. what lawmacs said about three ingredients Content, Design, Marketing that will bring us success for us as blogger is true but for me the important part is the marketing. A lots of blogger today fail to earn money online because they fail to do the marketing. A beautiful design and a nice informative content still is not enough is we want to be success

  9. Content is king, and for other too, I would say that these days marketing is even more important then design. This is true especially in blog community.

    1. thanks for your input and i do how that you be back to participate in further discussions you presence here is always welcome

  10. Great points. I am definitely of the “content is king” camp, with an understanding that marketing is a close cousin second.

    I would also say that relationships (social networking) is becoming increasingly important to getting your blog found and admired.

    A lot of the time the difference between what one person says and another person says is just stylistic. What makes you like one blog over another can sometimes be simply how much you like the blogger.

    You come back again and again mainly because you like the content (since it is king. But can also be an extent of coming back because you like the writer (or your image of him/her) and this can be do in a large part to how much relationship building has gone on.

    1. You made some wonderful point here Steve thanks for this valuable points. There are different factors why we visit blogs but as we all know Content is still king.

  11. I guess that three (3) speaks of success. Without those 3 main factors for a successful website, one can never attain it’s goal.. First up, with the content, that really speaks of originality and sense. With the design, that’s also important, for it catches attention right away, and there are times that the simpler the page is, the better, as long as it speaks what it serves and without proper marketing, the two mentioned won’t work well.

    Nice post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment it seems that this is your first time here and i do hope that you find this post of interest to you and looking forward to having you around.

  12. Writing unique content and design that’s not too flashy and easy to load are the first and foremost considerations. Next comes SEO, Online and Offline Marketing. I agree with what you have said, the days of build it and the rest will follow are long gone and bloggers these days has to run far from the habit of doing so and market their content. Its never safe to be like a non-existent blogger, taking up space in the already crowded blogoshere. If no one reads what is written, then it might as well not have happened. Isn’t it?

    1. First i must say thanks for stopping by it seems like it is your first comment here i do hope to see you around more often participating in our discussion .

  13. I completely agree with the ingredients mentioned. But, I closely feel over Marketing for your sites ot blogs should be avoided. Marketing that is done smartly and accurately will yeild fruitful results.

    Thanks for sharing this information Lawmacs. Looking forward to some really great posts from you. Cheers!!!!

  14. I strongly agree with the ingredients you and we can say that its checklist for the success of a website. Because if one of the three mentioned things is missing will definitely rankdown a site. Thanks for such awesome contribution.

  15. Of the three you mentioned, I think marketing is the most important aspect. You can have the best looking website and well written content, but if you have no visitors, it doesn’t matter. After that, You’ve got to have great content to engage readers. You can get a way with a below average design and still have loyal readers as long as you are producing great content.

  16. Most people strive for blogs or websites that perform better. To be successful in the online world there are things that you must do. The ones you have mentioned on this post are some of the essential things that one should follow in order for his or her site to perform better.

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