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July 28, 2010 , , ,

It is time again for another round up from the web this time as usual i will feature some very interesting sites from around the web as many of you may have notice over the past couple of days my blog was down for a short time the fact was that i was having a lot of problem with my Rss feed which keeps throwing up lots of errors. Well i Google the web ask question in the wordpress forum got no answer, by now as you could imagine i was getting frustrated .

The problem started right after i migrated to wordpress and as the days got by the problem get more and more complicated as i would not get any comment luv link back from any blogs, no trackbacks or pingbacks either then it dawn on me it must be a server problem. Another issue i face was trying to synchronize windows live writer with wordpress  that did not work either.the final decision was to move my blog from a windows server to Linux that solve everything lesson learnt windows and wordpress don’t work well especially IIS 7 for what ever the reason.

Now back to my web round up  Search engine Optimization  is on every bloggers lips and also on their agenda every blogger wants a first page ranking in all the major search engines well let me introduce to you an Internet Marketing Firm called Trafficke a trusted company run by professionals i have used them and found that their knowledge about search engine optimization is second to none and an internet Marketing firm i would recommend to any one.

Now for the real round up i am about to share with you some post of interest this one covers one of the hottest topics Making Money Online this is a subject that has been heavily discuss throughout the word wide web this article helps indentify areas which you can monetize you social sites online.

Here are a few must read articles

1)Blogging – Not the right career choice

Blogging as a career option. Perhaps this is one of the very first things which we for see when we decide to take up blogging. Well, many of us still take it as a hobby but somewhere along the way…a desire begins to build to give it a professional thought. It has happened to me and I am sure it happens with many of us.

2)Keyword Match Types

3)Should You Use Your BEST Article As Guest Post

These are just a few they are many more great post out there which will get mentioned here at some point i do hope these post or of some interest to you as always i appreciated the time you take to visit this site. please leave you comment and feel free to share this link.


12 thoughts on “Round up from the Web”
  1. Hi Gary,
    First of all, thanks for linking to my post. 🙂
    I enjoyed reading Aswani’s post about blogging as a career.
    It’s good to know that your problem has been solved. The experts say that Linux based servers are much better than the Windows based ones.

    1. I am very happy to have the problem resolved after so much frustration never the less i suspected that the main cause of the problem was the server because of the error message and thanks again for your comment

  2. Thanks so much bro for sharing my post in your list of must read. I really appreciate it. I hope its useful for your readers. Keep in touch and Keep writing 🙂

    1. Thanks Aswani it is my pleasure to mention post that i found interesting and of benifit to others you presence here is always welcome and thanks for the thoughtful comments

    1. You are welcome jenny it is always a pleasure to have you here and glad to have you back blogging again

  3. First of all i am happy to know that your RSS feed problem has got solved 🙂 .

    You have mentioned some nice posts and i have gone through them.
    Aswani’s post is really thoughtful.
    Thanks Gary for taking the efforts for doing this Web round up 🙂

  4. Great post Gary! I never had a problem to this type, however I’m glad to know you’ve solved it. Also, I read, Aswani’s post and I think could be useful to your readers. Great choice.

  5. Hey, Gary.

    Thanks for the mention, I really appreciate it. Good roundup, I didn’t realize that Lawmacs had this much to offer. The post about blogging as a career is really great for aspiring bloggers.

    Thanks for the share!

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