3 Seo Marketing Tips


March 21, 2010

On-page search engine optimization is definitely one of the key methods if a Blogger wants to improve the results for his or her website’s search ability. However, on-page Search Engine Optimization often involves lots of technical knowledge. Why? you may asked simple, must bloggers and website owners  does not learn HTML . There is always the need to tweak our codes which is a part of on-page Search Engine Optimization process . This an area where i believe every bloggers should be able to do some form of coding. Optimizing web pages.

Now that you have done all your On-Page optimization it is time to have a look at the Off –Page  side of things. We often heard the term Off –Page Optimization but what is it?, and how is it done?.  If  you are a SEO specialist has done all your On-page Optimization ,Then it is time to have a look at what needs to be done next. Some believe that there is nothing as Off –page optimization i do agree with this simple because most of the criteria for this process is for classified as “Marketing”, some of  you may agree  with me while some won’t what ever way you look at it is a matter of opinion.

Off –Page Optimization Or Marketing

One way back links from relevant blogs with good page rank is one main area where we focus as we know that major search engines uses this as part of their ranking factor when, so the more quality back links to your website the happier you will be. Getting Back links ,the relevant ones is a big bonus ,However i still believe any back links has is value to the website that it is link to this can bring you traffic which is one if not the most important factor for the success of your blog. If you do not possess the techie skills. Here are some off-page SEO tips:

1. Article Marketing Quality content has been discovered to be real king. for every bloggers, readers and visitors are crying for fresh and updated information every day. Every visitor is searching for information by the seconds and if write great post and market them through article directories and book marking websites like delicious you can’t go wrong your site will be found.

2. Social Networking Sites Participation sign up to social networking websites like Face book and build a fan page marketing your self. Find people who are like minded like you with similar blogs and friend them this will post your updates to their profiles. Forums that are relevant to your website’s content is another great place to share your website and its  information.

3. Guest Posting This is a very popular and productive way to market your blog as with forum participation you leave a signature at the bottom of the post with a link back to your website. In summary On-page Optimization is the technique used to tweak your codes and removing the HTML errors. Off-page Search Engine Optimization is the Marketing techniques used to get your website or blog and as i mentioned earlier three simple tips you can used to achieved this. Ask any SEO expert they will tell you that Blogs are one of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal , this you should notice for your self just check the amount of spam comments blogs received daily. Please participate by leaving your feedback and comments and as always please share this post.


19 thoughts on “3 Seo Marketing Tips”
  1. Hello lawmacs,

    Very good information for anyone who is looking for ways to improve their SEO. I use all of the methods you mentioned in your article and they all work extremely well.

    I recently started doing some guest posting and not only does it give you backlinks but you also get a bounus of increased traffic to your site. Leaving comments on quality blogs such as this one will also help your rankings. 🙂

  2. Could not have said it any better Robert These are some simple techniques that work well and along with guest posting on other blogs.I have done any guest Post lately but planning some soon.

  3. Yeah Shabnam i did create a fanpage but still lacking the support by this i meant not if enough fans but i think it’s because i don’t really spend much time on face book> Thanks for your valuable support.

  4. very informative and good article.. this is obviously agreeable that the feeling about knowledge about SEO made overload for anyone.(so vast sector!)

    But in the long run, these will beneficiary for anyone.

    Your write-up and following your instruction impressed me many ways. thank you very much…

  5. 3 simple tips. quite easy to follow. I am yet to try article marketing. And rest I have tried everything. Thanks for sharing this piece of information with us. Have a nice week ahead 😀

  6. There is so much imformation about SEO that sometimes we don’t know where to start however following some basic principles can take us on the journey. Thanks for your comment

  7. Article Marketing has its advantage and it is not that time consuming as with your knowledge you are doing well with your blog Aswani keep it up brother.

  8. Well i am glad that i can help some one SEO is something that takes time to get it right and i am very glad you find things interesting here.

  9. You are welcome Aswani i can see that you have the world at your feet now and your topics are very interesting and educational.

  10. You have across very useful tips Lawmacs, I just wan to add that getting a few backlinks for your new posts will increase the chance to get it indexed faster by Google!

  11. Not only that your pages get index faster but it helps with promotion and increase your page popularity giving the robots more reasons to see the relevancy of your pages and thus increase your chances of improving your page rank. Thanks for your support Hesham

  12. Nice list, article marketing is nice in that it helps to both drive traffic as well as increase SERPS. I’d add video to absolutely any marketing list right now, as YouTube is already the 2nd largest search engine on the planet and just seems to be picking up more and more page views as we go.

  13. Link building is an important factor for search engine optimization, try to focus on quality rather than quantity. The more quality links you build the higher your site will rank “quality” is a good word to remember when doing anything seo related to your site.

  14. Hey Gary,

    I liked this post of yours, you’ve chosen SEO methods that are very effective, ever since and until now.

    By the way I’m doing an experiment regarding content based SEO Marketing methods at the moment, just to give a quick concept about it, it’s about Blog Marketing, but setting up the site’s blog on a different domain, to make links pointing to the main site external and much powerful. And it’s really good in targeting long tail keywords 🙂


  15. Very informative post.These SEO marketing tips that are very helpful for SEO website that tend to improve ranking and traffic to website.Link building your website on different social network sites,social bookmark sites,forum posting,blog commenting etc which will help to increase backlinks and good SERP of website.

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