3 Ways to Find New Clients


September 12, 2012 , ,

During tough economic times, like they are now, running a business is a tough gig. Even tougher than running a business is trying to expand a business, gain new clients, recruit new investors, etc. A business that has a built in clientele is great, and so is having repeat customers, but there comes a point in which a business needs to grow and expand rather than kick back and become stale. Business is about dynamics, and right now, one of the most important dynamics is bringing in more business, which means more customers and clients and more revenue. With the convenience offered to business owners on the internet, it is perhaps easier now to find new clients, than it has been for business owners throughout the entire history of business.

The internet provides hundreds, if not thousands, of resources that can be used in order to attract and recruit new clients. It may seem hard and confusing at first, but after a little learning time, it will become second nature, and you will find that the new techniques you have learned, and perhaps mastered, will pay off big time when it comes to expanding the customer base of your business- and better yet, the type of business does not matter that much, as the techniques listed below can be applied to any kind of business and any kind of customer.

How To Attract New Clients, Tip #1. Master Social Media
Social media has quickly become the number one client attracting tool available to a business owner. This is because social media is very cheap (or completely free, depending on what services you use and the comfort level you have with managing all of the social media accounts and activities for your business.) Also, social media is fairly simple and basic to learn and to master, and you can easily reach as many people as you want with just a few clicks of the mouse. There is not much else to it. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are probably the most popular social media sites, the easiest to use, the cheapest and perhaps the most effective when it comes to attracting new customers and clients to your business.

How To Attract New Clients, Tip #2. Writing Counts
Another thing you can do online is to write to your customers directly. Open up a conversation pathway between you and the client. This can be done via e-mailed press releases, a blogging site for your business (which is a very good idea, by the way,) and through newsletters and other writing like that.

How To Attract New Clients, Tip #3. Local Networking
Go to local business events and get to know your business neighbors in the area. It works!

Bill is a freelance writer for websites, blogs, magazines and newspapers in the Pacific Northwest area. His expertise lies in marketing and business solutions. More of his work can be read at this receivables financing definition website.

0 thoughts on “3 Ways to Find New Clients”
  1. Social media is really a master to get new clients online.And new clients only takes interest when the reputation is good in the market whether online or offline.

  2. Social media is not that simple as you say it is. One should spend days and days to build a decent social history people would follow or be interested in.
    It’s a sort of art to be sociably popular.

    1. I would differ a bit with you Bill, though time is required but if you are going to start any business you need time and effort to esstablish further more to use social media sites you don’t need to be a computer tycoon these sites are used by everyone nowdays just because they are so simple to understand.

  3. Social Media playing important role for finding new clients but i am also agree with your last point local networking is also important.

  4. To find new clients online with internet marketing you need to work out where they hang out online. The main thing to remember with marketing your business online is you need to go to where your client is, rather than waiting around for them to come to you.

  5. All the three ways you discussed in the above article are best but social media playing important role for finding new clients and with this local networking is also rather important.

  6. In any Business, to get new clients is main moto. There are lots of techniques to reach at more people and social media is easy and best way so far. But to converts users into clients is too tough job. Because you have to feed them all things which client always expect from you. So thanks to lawmacs for such a great tip.

  7. I have been massiely contacted by social media companies recently which offer social media marketing. They claim social netowking is booming on the market and that is why is all should actively use our social networks like FB, Tw and other. Maybe it’s a new way of gaining new customers.

  8. I started the business in my spare time, but my business is unfavorable .From your post, I had some new ideas. Thanks a lot

  9. Finding clients is the biggest challenge that I want to solve to generate income in my website. Thank you for the simple tips that you’ve shared with us, yet it makes sense and I know if I apply these tips I can attract more client in my online business.

  10. Good one! My opinion for that “Writing Counts” is good way for getting new clients.. but is should be impressive & highly professionalized…

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