5 ways that you should tweak your blog before starting guest posting

Guest postMore and more webmasters are now making use of guest posting in order to promote their blog. Indeed there are a lot of advantages that are associated with this activity but there are some changes that you will need to make to your own blog if you want to take the full advantage of guest posting. In this article I will be providing 5 interesting ways that will help you tweak your blog before you start your guest posting campaign. Accepting guest post is a great way of gaining exposure for your blog and it can bring increase traffic to your website. If you are interesting in writing a guest post for this website please make sure you read the guest posting guide lines.

Professional Template

The first thing that you will need to ensure is that you have a professional template for your blog. Normally you will be posting your articles on some professional blogs and it might be important that your own blog is up to the standard. If you are using WordPress then there are a lot of free templates that are available on the internet that will help give your blog a professional feel.

Quality Content

You should also ensure that you have enough quality content on your blog before starting guest posting. If people are really interested in your writing quality they will also want to read more from you. For this reason you should make sure that you have enough quality posts on your own blog before actually starting guest posting.

Social Media sharing

You should make it easy for people to share your content across social media websites before you start your guest posting campaign. More and more traffic comes from social media sites and it might be important that you make the most of this traffic. For this reason you should ensure that your readers can share your content quickly and easily by placing Facebook buttons and Twitter buttons in prominent position.

Email Subscription

Guest blogging can also be a great way for bloggers to build their list and for this reason you should ensure that your landing page is optimized for this purpose. For instance you might want to make it easier for people to subscribe by just limiting the amount of information that you need to input for subscription. Additionally you might want to offer a gift also to encourage people to submit their information.

Introduce Yourself

It is also important that you have an effective About Us page on your site in order to introduce yourself to your readers. In most cases people will only read the short bio that you will have attached to your guest post and will be interested to learn more from you. This is why it might be a good idea that you have a specific page with your contact information as well as your photo if you want to give your readers some accurate information of yourself. Although guest posting can be quite effective when it comes to promoting your blog there are some changes that you will need to make to your own blog if you want to make the most of guest posting campaigns. The more changes that you can make to your own blog the more effective your guest blogging campaign will be for you.

Robert Bellarmine is the writer behind Visitask.com where he covers topics related to project management and other management topics as well.


29 thoughts on “5 ways that you should tweak your blog before starting guest posting”
  1. Hi Robert,

    The actual topic within a guest post is also of interest. It is naturally assumed that the topic of the guest post should complement the existing topics of the blog. So, for lawmacs.com, the topics could be; guest posting, influential bloggers, social media, web design, etc.

    Alternatively, it may be interesting to use a less predictable approach. For example, contrasting topics of art, fashion, or music could be introduced.

    1. I must that i am total agreement with you Russell i strongly believe that all topic should compliment the theme and brand of the blogs they are written for . Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here.

  2. Guest posting is important for networking among bloggers. I like the first and last point as having a professional template and contact page will give others a better idea.

    1. You are right Shabnam Guest Posting is very important for networking purposes among bloggers and website owners alike and along with professional template and a contact page it is also good to have a page about guest posting guidelines.

    1. Thanks Aswani glad to know that these tips are the ones you are following and also that you find them useful and of benefit to you. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Well explained for guest blogging newbies. I am very much inspired of your post. Really, shared valid points for guest blogging. With my personal experience self introduce, quality unique content & social media sharing are more important.

    1. Hi Students Cloud looks like this is your first time here so firstly i will take this oppourtunity to welcome you to my blog and i am pleased to know that you find the post useful. Looking forward to your continued support.

    1. You are definately right about that these are the techniques that will help us to survive and have a very prosperous blog. Thanks for taking the time to leave you comment.

  4. Good point about an effective About Me page. I had finally posted one on my blog after reading an article dissecting the About pages from Blogging Bookshelf. Before then, I just had two or three lines in a teenie bio in my sidebar. People kept asking for more; I finally obliged them!


    1. Having an effective about me page is essential to all bloggers because this is what define who we are and what our blog is about it is what introduce us to our visitors. Thanks for your input Delena.

  5. Any website or blog in 2011 NEEDS to have both Facebook and Twitter icons prominently displayed somewhere on every one of your pages, right along with your
    usual contact info and logos. I hope everyone realizes that this is mandatory at this point if you want to be connected to people!

    1. Thanks for your input that is much appreciated having a twitter and a FaceBook icon displayed on our website is good as it helps to promote us on two of the most popular Social networking websites.

  6. As a general rule allowing guest bloggers is a good idea as it gives your readers the opportunity to read useful material and allows you to begin building useful relationships with other . Remember if you allow a guest blogger to post on your blog chances are you can post on their blog!.Although it only makes sense that you publish only those blogs that are pertinent to your real estate business and are of superior quality there are a few other considerations to keep in mind when inviting guest bloggers to your real estate blog .

    1. Allowing guest bloggers to post on ones blog is a great way to increase readership and build your network and yes we should stick with the ones that are in the same niche as ours however sometimes we need to broaden our audience

    1. Thanks for your input you are absolutely right Guest posting helps us as bloggers to network amoung each other and widen our reach to different audience.

  7. You are here How to Find a Guest Blogger to Write For Your Blog.. Thanks for stopping by!Having a blog that is successful depends on your creating high quality content regularly.

    1. Creating high quality content should be the aim of all bloggers after all content is what our readers expect to get having a well design blog with little or no information is not in the best interest of our readers. Thanks for your input.

  8. I would say, it is also recessary to install some SEO plugins like all in one seo or FV seo.
    One more important is daily updates and seo friendly permalinks while using wordpress.

    1. Installing some form of Seo plugin is great and regularly updating of ones blog is another way of making sure we get the full benefit of our efforts. Thanks afor your input

  9. I have had some experience guest blogging and I think that you make some good points here. You definitely want to be ready for traffic to come to your blog when you start guest posting. People who like your writing style, content, or just want to learn more will find their ay to your blog. It pays to have your objectives thought out before you guest blog. One reason why is that you may want to find blogs in your niche so their readers will be more likely to check out your information.

  10. Thanking you for the publishing of this article. Among the 5 topics I liked the social media sharing. Social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, etc provides great opportunities for the webmasters to interact with the customers and vice versa. It is also very great have the option of introduction of the website. It provides a detailed view about the company’s history and present time.

  11. Creating a quality content is very important in guest posting. First, because it shows your expertise in your niche. Second, we all know for a fact that search engine loves quality content. Lastly, people would be more interested about you or your product/services if they see through your writing that you definitely know what you are doing.

  12. Guest blogging definitely helps build your authority across all channels – subscribers, social followers, and overall recognition of your personal brand. Can’t beat it!

  13. Guest posting is a very good way of making more people to know you. However before you start on guest blogging you need to ensure that your own blog is in the right shape so that the people who will be visiting your blog after your guest posts will remain loyal to your blog.

  14. I think everyone knows that commenting is one of the most an important part for blogger because blog commenting is one of the best and powerful way to rapidly ranking any website develop on the search engine.

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