Not Getting The Results You Need

It always amazes me to see the different sources where we look to get inspiration to write about topic within of blogging Niche. Is that we bloggers are creative or we just hard working and have the desire to provide our readers with great content? Many of you might remember the post I wrote titled what football and Seo have in common? It was sometime back. Now most of you have driven at some point in your life and along that road there is call to action sign that gives us a little piece of instruction as what to do a road junction.

That call to action is the traffic light when it shows red that means stop. This brings me to two questions. The first question, is your call to action like the traffic light? And the second question is, Do you think your call to action get the results as the traffic light? Don’t get me wrong here there are many of us that sometimes disobey the traffic light and pay the cost for running the red light. The point here is that if your call to action button does not clearly identify what you want your visitors to do then you might not get the desired results.

In most countries that i have been which is not many but certainly the bigger ones just before you reach the traffic light there is a sign that sometimes read “Stop here when light shows red” this is your backup plan or your secondary call to action it indicates clearly to your visitors what you are asking of them. Let’s face guys there are lots of traffic on the web some come by direct route and some just follow a link to your blog but do we even capture half of those no we don’t else if we all do we would certainly reach our target.

It is fair to say that our call to action does not get the same result as the traffic light so we need to take a look at this and adjust where necessary that might be in the form of changing the colours or even moving that button to a next location which could be higher up the page or lower down page. The thing we might need to do is to add another call to action pointy on our blog either way we need to strive to get the better results.

In summary

Getting people to take action sometimes is not as simple as slapping a “Subscribe Here” or a “Buy Now” button on our blogs. Sometimes we need to change the text may be instead of “Subscribe Here” you could use “Never Miss an Issue” or “Be the First to know” or whatever your taste may be. Take action be proactive be light the stop light it is time you get the attention of your visitors. Is your call to action getting you the results?


24 thoughts on “Not Getting The Results You Need”
  1. I have to admit, my call to action isn’t giving me the results I was hoping for. Then again, I’ve been pretty unimaginative with my calls to action. Marketing and selling just aren’t my strong suits. I need to find other ways.


    1. That means it is time to have a look at the location of your call to action Delena sometimes just moving it to another area of our blog will makes the difference a little experiment goes a long way.

  2. Interesting…honestly, I haven’t been much serious on these things though I understand the importance of call to action especially if you are into anything like online selling. Until and unless people are made to come and stop at your site or blog, I think it is foolish to anticipate anything. As you have pointed out, we need to follow the basics of site design properly along with a well written sales copy to make anything happen which finally can lead to desired profits.

    1. Thanks Aswani you have summed it up perfectly and for some of us a call to action is not our top priority unless we are in sales or sign up but as bloggers our call to action could be to get advertisers to advertise on our blog.

    1. Sometimes a simple task is more tiring however we need to be creative and start thinking out of the box. Before I forget welcome to my blog and hope to have you around.

    1. Our landing page should be well thought out and design in such a way that it tempts the visitors to take the desired action. Getting this right means sometimes we have to tweak the design of our landing pages.

  3. A call to action at the end of your knowledge based content encourages your reader to take the information they have gleaned from your site and apply it to a purchase of products from your website that can tangibly enhance what they have learned.
    Never be afraid to place a call to action in your website. You need to let your visitor know they can do something with what they now know.

    1. Having a call to action button placed at the end of your content is always a good place and i would always encourage it. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here.

  4. I like what you say about making little changes that could potentially have a very large effect, like simply changing the text from ‘Subscribe Here’ to ‘Never Miss and Issue.’ Sometimes, it’s only a matter of fine-tuning little things in order to see a big result. Good insights!

    1. That is true Petra a small change can yeild a big result for us as bloggers we need to always evaluate things and if we are not getting the desired results then we should always tweak chop and change.

  5. Fantastic post, i agree with that sometimes little changes brings some great results

    1. Thanks for the warm words and welcome to lawmacs blog i do hope you will be back and enjoy the next post simple things like making small change can always bring great results.

  6. I am currently testing two landing pages with different “power” of call to action buttons. It’s good to remember what are your visitors came for 🙂

  7. At least people or your audience can relate on your post. When I post about making money on my blog most of my friend don’t get interested. I got more response on post not related to money. It because may audience is not really interested on money. It also because I am not targeting people who are interested in money. To get the result you want target market is also important, find people or audience that you know that can relate on what you are saying. I got more subscriber when I try this on my other blog.

  8. Hi Gary,

    We need to make use of whatever traffic comes our way. I am in process of developing a plugin where call to action would be made really easy. I will let you know once it is done.

    Thanks and regards,

  9. Controversial subjects always attract conversation and debate. It can also attract you a lot of Diggs & Tweets etc.

  10. Sometimes I don’t have the usual result that I am expecting but I am trying to look for another alternative. I agree that it important to call to action if the same result as the traffic light haven’t been achieved. I should have take action and start being proactive.

  11. I met an issue sometimes of not getting expected amount of traffic or ranking. But, it depends Mainly on the site content & social media interaction. Even though I’m wondering sometimes due to more competitiveness.

  12. Calls to action are the gateways that your visitors must click through to become leads. If your calls to action aren’t optimized and attractive to your visitors, they are less likely to complete the actions you want them to on your website. And your post is a reminder that we have to make a call to action that will entice and persuade our readers if we want them to take that action.

  13. Call to action is so important. One thing that I think helps giving people a call to action is giving them some sort of credibility or showing them that you are going to respond in a timely manner (an email, available for chat, etc) that is going to motivate them and know that their comment is not going to get lost in the bunch.

  14. It is a great post, personally i agree with you that even small changes can bring some great results…good job, lawmacs… I’ll be back to read your new posts!

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