5 Tips for Dealing with the Blogging Doldrums

Every now and then, we bloggers face dry spells in our writing. We get writer’s block. We get stuck in the doldrums. We stall out. We lose inspiration. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the same for everyone: a period of inactivity, despite our desires to stay up on our work! So, how can we deal with these doldrums? I’ve tried to put together a short list of 5 methods that I’ve used to get myself out of the blogging doldrums. Hopefully these can be just as useful for you as well!

Shake It Up

If you’re stuck with how the blogging is going, you should try to shake up your routine. If you’re stuck with writing a post, then work on the administrative aspect of your blog. If you are frustrated with seeking out advertisers for your blog, then switch up and work on a post. The point is that if you run into a huge barrier and need to step away with one aspect of your blog, that’s okay as long as you shift to another task that could improve your blog.

Take a Hike

Another thing you can try is to get away from the computer. If you’re block is really bad, it can help to completely shut down your brain’s access to all electronics. This miniature technology fast can really recharge your thoughts and abilities to think about your blog. Think of this short break as similar to getting a eight hours of sleep every night. Your body needs the sleep, and you feel refreshed the next morning. Your brain will feel the same way if you get away from the technology for a little bit.

Look for Six Sources of Inspiration

If you feel as though you’re all out of blogging ideas, you should go on an inspiration scavenger hunt. Make some categories for yourself: art, music, books, movies, nature, and friends. Seek out one specific thing from each category and examine how it could inspire you. Ideally, this exercise will give you six new possible topics that could help you write a new blog post.

Comment on Other Blogs

Sometimes we’re only stuck if we’re writing on our own blog, but we can write perfectly well when we comment on a post at another blog. In this case, you should check out your feed reader and look for a blog post that seems interesting to you. Force yourself to start writing a comment that responds directly to that blog post. Once you have a paragraph written, copy and paste the text into the post editor at your own blog and flesh out the text so that it’s a full post. Then make sure that when you post it, you put a link back to the other blog. Hopefully, your new post will draw some great traffic.

Stick to a Routine

One way to avoid blogger’s block is to write and work within a blogging routine. You can try to train yourself to always write posts at a certain time of day. That way, even if you get stuck, you can fight through it because you are just used to doing it every day. The routine of the blogging will help you force yourself to think of blogger’s block as an easy thing to overcome. Some people even argue that blogger’s block doesn’t exist, and this helps them overcome it simply because they work in a routine!

This guest post is contributed by Leslie Johnson, who writes about health, green living, parenting related articles at masters in health administration.


25 thoughts on “5 Tips for Dealing with the Blogging Doldrums”
  1. some time you feel very awkward that being a blog owner you are facing unwillingness of sorting out of unnecessary comment,but you have other option,to make these things valuable.

    1. Thanks for your comment these are things we as bloggers face however we as you have said needs to find away to deal with them in a positive way. Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog.

    1. As bloggers we all go through this at some point these are some of the ways we can overcome the dreaded writers’ block however we should not let this stop us as it cane be very frustrating

  2. Hi Gary,
    I often read a lot of books to get new ideas. However to write them in our own language and style is a challenge. When I don’t get ideas, I simply do something else. I plan in advance for topics to write(now about a month in advance) .

    So I guess I am doing something right ;))

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Reading Books to get new ideas for your next post is a good idea even commenting on other blogs and reading trending headlines on your favourite news readers can help Thanks for your comment

  3. To comment for a blog is not an easy thing to do. It requires responsibility to deliver a brilliant idea and not to spam a blog. Certain rules should follow before you comment for a blog.

    1. Hi Steve Welcome to lawwmacs i am greatful to have you here and i agree with you when commenting we muct never seems to be spamming a blog. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here.

  4. Making a blog should contain valuable and informative post to make it more catchy. Sometimes you felt being unable to deliver a good quality content but if you love what
    you are doing you will try to do everything just to make a good contribution to the viewer. Yes indeed sharing thoughts like this is really a great help to the blogger.

  5. You provide some brilliant points here but I’m mostly touched by six sources of inspiration.

    It happens in everyday life when we keep on doing the same thing over and over. We
    need a break to refreshing up and have our brains back.

    Realistically, blogging is not easy the way people perceive it.

  6. You provide some brilliant points here but I’m mostly touched by these sources of inspiration.

    Thanks for Sharng !

  7. Great tips from Leslie. These tips will help me a lot. Also, I think my recent break will refreshen me up for better blogging and I am surely ready for the same..:)

  8. Great article! I especially like your idea of commenting on other people’s blogs to get over your own writer’s block, or the blogging doldrums, as you like to call it 🙂 I notice this tactic used on several of the blogs that I frequent – bloggers using comments they’ve written on other blogger’s posts in order to generate ideas for their own blog posts. Awesome idea!

  9. i am a very social girl and its very difficult for me to carry on full weeks with blogging but the main thing which brings my interest is to read some funny and informative post. this trick also keep boldness from you while blogging

  10. I am greatful to have you here and i agree with you when commenting we muct never seems to be spamming a blog. Thanks

  11. I think my recent break will refreshen me up for better blogging. Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

  12. I agree with last 3 points. Really, its inspires me. A good resource, blog comment & being sticky in some blogs are more valuable points.

  13. Your article on the topic Dealing with the Blogging Doldrums includes the information that i was looking for.
    Your post includes great 5 tips and you managed to keep it simple and understandable.
    Your post helps me to understand what Dealing with the Blogging Doldrums really is, and i will surely recommend it to other people.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  14. I really appreciate your post and you explain each and every point very well.Thanks for sharing this information.And I’ll love to read your next post too.

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    Thank you for sharing this.


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  16. I usually try taking a walk first. The next thing is to try and read a bit on a topic and the ultimate thing is to have some coffee.

    I’m serious! I guess that it makes me more awake and attentive. After that I simply try to concentrate on the topic and start writing ANYTHING…all the rants and things that cross my mind. Soon enough, something good comes out, worth making it into a coherent text, so I do.

  17. This is a great tip for many writer’s who at some point lose inspiration. Well, writer’s block is a common problem and this post provided the best tips in overcoming it. To sum it all up if you are experiencing writer’s block just take a rest and seek for inspiration.

  18. Every blogger experiences a block at one time or another. The tips you have shared on this post can be of great help when someone experiences such a block. These can help relax your mind as well as give you new ideas on what to write on.

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