Do You Know Your Audience?


May 17, 2011 , ,

As bloggers we need to understand the type of readers that visit our blogs just like our web traffic statistic we need to know the type of people that visit our blogs. For the simple reason you can start of planning how to interact with them. Your blog audience I critical to the survival of your blog so you should take the time to know the as this will help you to keep them coming back and become loyal readers. Knowledge is power there is no dispute to that having a blog or website requires basic knowledge however understanding the demographics of your readers takes more than just a simple writing content and promoting your blog.

Understanding what age range or gender of your audience is crucial as this will help you to plan and tailored your blog and your writing style to meet your reader’s needs. There are a few areas that if you get right you will be able to keep your readers coming back and this will help you to build a long lasting relationship. We all know that content is the king but what type of content are your readers looking for this is where the challenge  start for us as bloggers knowing your audience is very important and is something we should not ignore or take lightly.

When designing the layout of your website you should always take your audience in mind what they are looking for example younger audience might enjoy a trendy website design more than a mature audience bear in mind here there is no scientific proof to back this up and by no means am I an expert but equally so a  more mature and experience reader will value the information of your website or blog more than the layout, like wise a very frustrated surfer would leave your website immediately if the information you provide does not suits them no matter how trendy you blog looks.

Another factor which can affect your audience is the tone, yes your writing tone if you make the time and effort to understand your audience you can tailor not only your design but your tone to suit them. This will build a mutual relationship and let your readers trust and believe in you and ultimately become loyal readers. Understanding the type of people who visit your site is a very important task because you can use that information to modify your blog to suit the needs of your visitors. As a result, you will gain more and more loyal and dedicated visitors that come back again and even recommend your site to their friends.

Dou you know you audience? Share your thoughts and remember sharing is caring please spread the word.


34 thoughts on “Do You Know Your Audience?”
  1. Quantcast is very good tool to track your audience, I suggest everybody to try it out, it can give you better understanding who is visiting your blog. Great post!

    1. Quantcast is indeed a very useful tracking tool that certainly can help to track and understand your audience i used it sometime ago still have an account there however i believe that Quantcast give a better result when your traffic is higher.

  2. I Think Web page design should be eye catching. It should be attractive. It should successfully entice the visitors or the customers.

    1. Having a web that is attractive and eye catching is great however that alone does not work you need great content and you should know your audience that way you will be able to tailor your content and your design to meet their needs.

  3. Getting to know well the target market or the audience of a particular business is very important to every business as a part of marketing strategy. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Thanks to you too for taking your time to add your voice to the debate knowing your target audience will make your marketing strategy much more easier. Thanks for your input.

  4. In the start, knowing your audience is many times a guess. Only broader targets could be defined. With time however, it is easy to understand what people want from your blog. It is an ongoing process where a little tweak is necessary frequently.

    1. You are right Ashvini at the begining it is a bit harder to determine your audience however based on your niche you can basically get it almost right because you know exactly who you want to target.

    1. Hi Shabnam it is good to redesign your blog however it should be because of needs not just for design sake Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here your input is much appreciated.

  5. Yes, Understanding the audience’s needs, desires are important, we have to spend time and need to do little research on them. Once we understand who they are and what they need means its easy to share information that helps them to solve a problem.

    1. Research is the key word here Tessa this can be time consuming however like everything else we do on a day to day basics we need to spend the time to know who our targeted audience are.

  6. Yes, understanding audience’s needs, desires are important. We have to spend time to have little research on them. Once we found the audience who they are and what they need means share information that helps them to solve a problem

    1. Hey Dr. Bharatsinh Welcome to my blog yes you are right having repeated visitors is what every bloggers should aim for Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to add your voice to the debate here.

  7. Knowing your audience, in the sense that you described, that is knowing what kind of niche you are targeting and from where they come from is important but another important aspect of blogging is to create a dialogue on your blog. People need to feel the human aspect of the blog and it is very important to know who your blog readers are. It is really nice to see a lot of blogs where the admin and readers can engage in dialogue, share ideas, sometimes disagree with each other and I personally like it when bloggers take the time to read and comment on what every one had said-like what you do 🙂

    1. I must say that i agree with you knowing your audience is one but as you rightly said we need to create a dialogue with our audience. thanks for the kind words i try my best to respond to my readers comments. Thanks for taking the time to add your voice to the debate.

  8. This is very helpful , in my opinion every Blogger should have readers and huge number of subscribers 🙂
    Your blog theme is looking awesome , especially the footer ! Just superb 🙂

    1. Hey BLOG404 where have you been Thanks for your kind words and i do hope you will be around more often your comment is much appreciated.

  9. One of the most important things in writing blog articles is knowledge. There is just so much junk content out there written by SEOs just to keep the link wheel going. Content has to provide valuable information.

  10. Hi, Mate!

    One of the most important thing in my opinion is design, because I visit many blogs whom writings I don’t like much but I like their layout and design and some time writings as well and I visit them again and again.

    So must have good design.


    1. Hi Usman it is always great to have a good design but not all surfers are looking for Design some just want good information so it is important to get the balance right. Thanks for your comment

      1. I definitely agree with you on this one. Content is, as we all know and hear time and time again, king. The layout/design of your site is also very important, though. It’s important that your site is user-friendly and optimized with sharing buttons, certain widgets, etc. so that people can easily navigate your site and share your information on social media platforms.

  11. You right “Knowledge is power.” Readers is the key of a blog. If a blogger build a blog with paid template but he doesn’t get enough visitors, that blog will be useless. So a blogger also need knowledge of readers behavior & customize blog according to reader

  12. Thinking the way how your audience thinks is one important note to remember. You could always please them by offering and providing what they expect. One of my favourite books, The Customer Driven Company by Whiteley, tells how companies become successful because they adjust based on their customer’s desire. It really pays on knowing your audience. Thanks for sharing!

  13. the most important thing which impressed me is the design, which makes me so impressed to visit there again and again, however what you written is also true and very authentic but my choice is design

  14. Good day lawmacs,

    I indeed a lots of idea and techniques that this blog shown, for me to know your audience and crowd, you need to put a content not just a attractive web or content but also you need to put you heart and soul… to make audience crowd eye catching.. That’s my best way on how my audience to know and follow them…

  15. Sometimes i didn’t know who really are my audience, but i always keep value of what they say about my blogs image to they audience… Because if you care the feelings of your audience who ever they are, they will always keep coming back to your blog every now and then…

  16. Yeah i agree, themes is really big help to get more visitors adding the content that is very relevant to the themes it got more traffic…

  17. Knowing your audience is one of the best way to show your care and concerned to your followers and visitors. Thanks a lot lawmacs for sharing this very valuable post, You’ve made a again a very informational blog..

  18. Understanding the preferences and behavior of your audience can help you write posts that will surely benefit them. Knowing your audience can help you satisfy them by giving information that answers their needs.

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