7 Reasons Why Mobile Email Marketing Matters


October 6, 2012

Gone are the days when mobile phones were a rarity. Today, people not only use them to make calls but also surf the web and check their emails via mobiles. As the number of people using smartphones is on the rise, mobile email marketing has become a buzzword in the online community. According to a recent Knotice study, there was a 32% increase in mobile email open rates over the last six months.

Either you use the best email templates and get mobile emails optimised, or you may quickly lose a significant part of your client base to a more marketing-wise company. Look through the seven most important reasons why mobile email marketing matters.

1. More people check emails on mobiles. Figures show that 36% of users read emails via a mobile device, while 33% check their emails via desktop and 31% via webmail. As the key information about your business is read via a mobile, it’s essential to make the mobile version of your emails conversion-worth.

2. People preview emails on mobiles. About 90% of customers access emails on mobile devices first and then reopen them on PCs if interested. This means that both versions of your emails should be engaging to get the client on the hook.

3. More people browse websites via mobiles. As smartphone apps are the latest craze, “the bounce rate for site visits from a mobile device is nearly 10% higher than online site visits”, according to Coremetrics statistics. Make emails optimised for smaller screens to attract more visitors.

4. People check emails several times a day. Approximately 43% of smartphone users check emails four or more times every day. The data show that a lot of mobile email users read messages on the go to stay updated. This is exactly where timely email marketing campaigns can be a game changer.

5. A lot of people check emails when off work. Over 35% of mobile users in the U.K. check their emails in their spare time, while about 10% go online to read emails when on holidays. Keep this information in mind when targeting email marketing campaigns for professionals.

6. Mobile users pay more attention to subject lines. Creating attention-grabbing yet relevant subject lines is a rule of thumb anyways. Yet, more than 38% of people checking emails on their mobile devices admit that they open the message only if the subject line is engaging.

7. The number of mobile users is increasing. Depending on your source, figures may vary, yet the number of mobile users is growing every day as smartphones and tablets are becoming more accessible.

If your email templates are not mobile optimised yet, you may be not getting heard as well as you could. Use this information as food for thought to maximise your marketing opportunities in this competitive environment.

image credit https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Galaxy_Nexus_smartphone.jpg

4 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Mobile Email Marketing Matters”
  1. As the tech in getting into the hands of everyone and all are having access to web on their hands its much more important now to have a site which can be operated from both PC and mobile phones.As people are buying the amazing technology stuff(mobile) at a much faster rate due to the services being provided by them.

  2. Email marketing shall always bring the same result. I can say it like an advanced pc and smartphone user. It is very convinient to use your mobile device to look through your email. But I refer email marketing to spam, no matter what I use ( PC or cellphone).

  3. For the modern business, email marketing is an essential advertising tool to promote yourself and bring in new customers. It’s also a great way to spread promotions and deals, as well as keeping customers and clients up to date on your company’s very latest news.

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