8 SEO Checklist To Be Followed By Bloggers


December 5, 2010 , ,

I take great pleasure in bringing you this brilliantly written guest post by a very great blogger and friend of mine.. Shabnam has been a season blogger for some time very experience and a great motivator who always encourages and support other blogger she is the proud owner and editor in chief of techniez lounge. You can follow here on twitter or check here blog out here at techniez lounge and as you may have notice lawmacs is now been powered by Thesis yes you read it right WordPress and Thesis.You can let me know what you think, without further a due here is Shabnam.

Before you start a new blog or a site here are few SEO steps which you need to follow to make your blog Search Engine friendly and to get better rankings.

  1. Domain Name: The first thing which you need to consider before starting your blog is the domain name. Choose a domain name which describes about your blog and has the keywords. You will find many blogs which don’t have keywords in Domain name but having keywords in domain name is good for SEO point of view.
  2. Keyword Research: Keyword research is often neglected by some bloggers but it is imperative that you do proper keyword research which are relevant to your blog and use them. It is advisable to use long tail keywords as they help you in getting better rankings in search engines.
  3. . Content: Write quality and unique contents for your blog and update it frequently. To avoid duplicate content issue in your blog use use robots.txt.Use of Robots.txt file helps you to control crawling of your blog.Duplicate contents affects indexing and search engine ranking of blogs.
  4. . Meta tags: Write search engine friendly unique titles for your blog with proper keywords but avoid stuffing of keywords. Create unique Meta Description for each blog posts which describes the content and Meta keywords for every blog post which is based on the web page.
  5. Anchor text: Anchor text is useful is creating internal link to your blog and is good for SEO.Use proper keywords as Anchor text and avoid too many use of Anchor text as it can lead to Spam.
  6. Sitemap: Create a Sitemap of your blog and submit it to Google Webmaster Tools and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.Sitemap helps in indexing of webpage. XML Sitemap helps Search engine spiders to find all the pages in the blog.
  7. Use of Image Alt Tags: Optimize image by using proper alt tags as the search engine spiders can’t read image.
  8. Webmasters and Analytics Tool: Sign up with Webmasters Tool in Google, Yahoo and Bing and track your blog performance. You can check the indexed pages of your blog, backlinks and performance of your various Keywords. The above mentioned are the important SEO Checklist which should be followed by bloggers and webmasters to get better search engine rankings.Do share your SEO Checklist!
49 thoughts on “8 SEO Checklist To Be Followed By Bloggers”
  1. Although it’s a very short (limited) checklist it presents the point to the readers. I won’t get technical as that will take some time, but from the 8 points she made (all legit 🙂 ) the one about anchor text could be more detailed as it the most important one of the 8 mentioned here together with keyword research. The rest is just a piece of a much larger puzzle, but hey, it all help right 🙂

      1. No one said that doing keyword research means that you write for the search engines, we are bloggers, we write for our audience, but keeping keywords in mind can only help, if you know what you are doing this is a bonus.

        I don’t see why we should separate the two?

      2. Writing for your audience is the key however doing keyword research is just to help with organic traffic writing topics that you love most doesnot mean that you can’t keyword research it. Thanks for your comment

    1. Thanks Zarko these are all 8 valuable points to remember when doing seo Shabnam has done a grweat job here although there are more we could add to the list these are eight simple straight forward tips to remember

  2. Nice and useful. I have been making sure that I have a fresh quality content on my blog with enough keywords to bring in the desired traffic. As my blog is hosted on Google Blogger, I don’t have much options left other than to work on my Title Text which really is very important from SEO point of view. Thanks for all these useful tips.

    1. Thanks Aswani this is a very good post written by Shabnam who is a very experience blogger very knowledgeable and also a great friend to have. Thanks for your continued support.

  3. I must say You have Written Awesome Post, I have great Knowledge But I came here to see How Much Knowledge you have and now I am Impressed !!!

    Conroy James

    1. Thanks Web Designer it is a pleasure to know that you found the post useful and that it impresses you so much Thanks for your comment and enjoy the holiday season

    1. Thanks Shabnam for your compliment and support just learning about thesis finding it useful the customization is what keeps so busy of late it ia at point where i can be more relax now. Thanks for stepping in and helping out it is much much appreciated.

  4. Its very helpful for newbies, however we can’t ignore the power of social media. Please consider adding that option also.

    1. That is true Ginni for newbies and any one doing Seo them selve this is a great checklist to follow yes in deed a great starting point

    1. Adding Blogs to website directories is also a great idea. and i am happy to know that you found the checklist helpful and is putting it to good use Thanks for your comment

  5. Great guest Shabnam! Are all valuable point to make your blog Search Engine friendly. In my view, domain is the most important thing in which you have to be careful, all other points will depend by it.

    1. Thanks Nicola for your comment what Shabnam is shown here is that she is a very experience blogger and a great friend thanks for your continued support and best of luck Bro

  6. Keyword Research is the actual entity for the SEO campaign. Good keywords always pay good to the blogger and invite more visitors to the blog.

    1. Thanks we could add that one also keywords does plays an important part in our seo campaign. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment here and add to the debate

  7. I liked your checklist Shabnam 🙂 As an SEO practitioner myself, I also do suggest getting data from your top competitors, since in the long run you do need to go against them in terms of link building. Some of the things that you need to know at first are:

    1. where you can get relevant links in promoting your blog
    2. study the relationships of your top competitors in order to build your reputation around the community
    3. estimate how long will it take to outrank or at least be on the top page for the keywords you have chosen to target.

    1. Thanks jason it is always good to have your comment and judging from your experience it is good to say we could add your three points to this checklist Thanks for your valuable input

  8. Thanks you did great job.

    About keyword research. Many clients will ask for hot -high copetitive- keywords. If the site is new and its content isnt that good you have to target for less competitive keywords at the beginning. That’s what i do when it comes to choosing keywords.

    1. Excellent idea you just mentioned a brilliant point here targeting less competitive keywords is always good at that stage of our website when your site is not in the situation to taget highly competitive keywords.

  9. Really good article and all of it complete common sense. I guess most of your readers know much of this already but it is useful to be reminded of the does and don’ts.

    I maintain a website, webbgear.co.uk and I will certainly consider using analytics to help with my site.


    1. Thanks david for adding your voice to the debate had a look at your website just wondering are you adding a blog any time soon Thaanks gfor taking the time to add your voice to the debate

  10. Gary and the guest writer:

    Good write up here, could be a little more descriptive. Shabnam it is a well written post.

    All the best

    1. Thanks Fran your point is well taken and thanks for your ontinued support here at lawmacs. Your voice to the debate is much appreciated.

  11. Are “meta tags” really that important for SEO yet? Haven’t seen much impact on SERPs for changing meta. And that too since years ago. I don’t think ANY search engines give enough weight to them. Except several tier2 meta search engines.

    1. Thanks Joel and welcome to my blog and with meta tags i strongly believe that they are still important however must of us still pay attention for them. Thanks for adding your voice to the debate.

  12. Great write-up you have here Shabnam. Thanks for your tips because I know for sure that this will help a lot of newbies. It is indeed true that image alt tags are helpful. SEO is a virtual rat race to the top so every single element is a great help to rank number 1.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and adding your voice to the Seo debate this is a checklist that is good for both newbies and season bloggers as you have rightly said Seo is a race that we need to win so covering every point is important

    1. Thanks for your input here most believe that Google ignore Meta Tags but other search engines like yahoo and bing still does so i would still uses them

    1. It is always great for a blogger to see that his post is appreciated and has always i am glad to see you taking the time to add to debate. Best of wishes and happy holidays.

  13. It is great checklist for SEO to be followed by bloggers. You have covered all the main points required by the crawler.

    1. Thanks glad that you found the post intereting and of use i must say i am glad to have you here and adding your voice to the debate have a happy holiday

  14. Like Zarko said, while this somewhat “limited” (broad I prefer), I think that it a nutshell, everything has been covered here as far on-page SEO is concerned. I also agree that proper research of keywords is important and its utilization within the article even so. I think that there is a misconception when we talk about this as it is normal for people to react and say to write for search engines. Search engines index and show results based on “user engagement”, i.e., they are trying to improve users experience based on what they are looking for. If the search engines returns relevant results that users are looking for, then it essence are you also writing for users? Balanced optimization is how I prefer to call it. If you can write a “killer” article for your readers while at the same time optimized, all the better.

    1. Thanks Ditesco this is a guest post written by Shabnam she is an avid blogger who is experience and dedicated. These are eight great points mentioned here and a very straight forward chcklist to follow. Thanks for your comment here at lawmacs.com

  15. No doubt Thesis is great. But as it is not free some time, the newbies can’t afford the cost and they have no other option left without using the WP free themes. Being a bit expert about WordPress theme, you can make a free theme very similar to Thesis.

    1. Thanks Tammy Thesis is great and a bit pricy however it is great for seo and easy customization i tried other themes but always love thesis and so far i am loving it. Thanks for your comment

    1. Thanks Tammy any feedback is appreciated and i will work on that i realize that when it comes to internet explorer it is a bit sluggish however firefox gives a better result. Thanks again

  16. Really good article. I’ve just discovered this blog, but will keep coming back.

    One thing to mention re. SEO and domain names, I find that Google doesn’t focus as much on keywords within a domain any more, but Yahoo and Bing still do.

    Also, as far as I’m aware, Google completely ignores meta keywords these days.

    Thanks for the information Shabnam, and keep up the good work.

    1. Google might ignore Meta Keywords but they form part of the website structure so i still believe that we should use them and with keywords in domain name if bing and yahoo still sees them them we must include them Thanks for your input.

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