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February 5, 2011 , ,

It is Sunday so what does that mean? it is that time again when we feature Round Up where great post from around the web is featured. I have decided to stick to a particular subject this time around. I have choose a topic that one of my readers mentioned in their comment. this week Round Up covers Search Engine Optimization or Seo a topic close to most bloggers heart. read on and leave your comment Round Up is here to stay and as i have mentioned before you can play your part to making it better by sending in those great post that you read across the web.

(1) Making Money With AdSense? Here Is A Friendly Warning – Recently, Google has announced that it is taking a greater stance to control search results quality by providing better relevance, freshness and comprehensiveness. A stronger policy on websites that “copy” content is also in their menu and it does not stop there. Since more and more “auto blog” type websites are polluting the internet, so are the search results. These “auto blog” type websites benefit from “other people’s content”

(2) The Ever Present Debate – Linking Out From Your Website– Now here is a topic I have been meaning to write about for quite some time, linking out. I probably mentioned it somewhere on this blog, but I’m sure I haven’t given it the required attention. So we are talking about linking out, the thing that a great number of bloggers and webmaster fear. Well I am here to shatter those fears and those illusions.

(3) Thematic Link Exchange – What’s The Real Score?– I don’t really know why I’m so persistent with that keyword, I just like those words so bad! It was quite difficult to rank for and have substantial amount of monthly search volume, definitely the perfect candidate for a challenging match between an SEO and Google. Getting back to my story, that campaign was very successful, in fact, I was able to see my page ranking for the targeted keyword on the second page of Google’s SERP within 2 weeks. The strategy was so easy, and you should check it out

(4) New Page Rank Formula May Change Your SEO Priorities – The vast majority of website owners seem to be obsessed with Page Rank. It was one of the heaviest ranking factors in the original Google algorithm, and the fame persists. I must admit that I also find it hard to ignore the single most visible feedback figure presented by Google. Google has been worried about all the unnatural link spam that results from this. They emphasized that they used about 200 ranking factors, and that webmasters were better off focusing on creating valuable content and improving their conversion rates. Yet no-one seemed to listen much. Page Rank was bought, stolen and begged for in every possible way. So now Google seems to work extra factors into Page Rank value itself. This is very logical: if webmasters are so focused on achieving high Page Rank, why not make link quality a part of the formula?

There you have it four featured post covering Search Engine Optimization one of my favourite topic from some of the best blogs that cover Seo. Please feel free to visit those sites and leave your comment.


27 thoughts on “Round Up Featuring Seo”
  1. Write awesome content and then don’t worry about search engines. They will automatically put u up there in the top spots 🙂

    1. Thanks for your input here Bishwajeet i think your comment was meant for the other post yes you are right we should concentrate on what we are doing and not to worry about search engines.

    1. Thanks Shabnam The first link is very important for bloggers running Adsense ads on their blog and those like myself who accepts guest post i sincerely hope that the innocent don’t get penalised here.

    1. It is my pleasure Ditesco your post was one that needs to be mentioned many bloggers rely on Google Adsense for their earnings and there are loads of autoblogs around today i too found my content on lots of them and they are filled with Google adsense ads

    1. Thanks for stopping by and getting involve in the debate i do hope you find these links interesting and helpful Thanks for your comment. have a wonderful week ahead

    1. The fourth one is a great post Nicola glad to know that you found the post interesting i stick mostly with the topic seo because of the fact that one of my readers requested it. Thanks for your comment.

  2. From SEO point of view,it is important to keep an eye on new PR formula to get more authority for your website.

    1. Thanks for your comment seo is an intergral part of our blogging life Google Page rank is great but as for me it is complicated having a great page rank is good but it is more important to have good quality content.

  3. Thanks for provide in this link first page .This link is good information provide me future of a S.E.O.

    1. Thanks for your input here Seo is a topic that interest must of us bloggers so i take great pleasure in featuring it in this Round Up Thanks for taling the time to participate in the discussion.

    1. Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog it looks like it is your first time here and i do hope it is not the last hope to have you around feel free to browse through the site

    1. Thanks for stopping by sorry you did not put your website address in that could result in some back links and visit to your website. Thanks for your kind words.

    1. Thanks glad you found it useful Seo is a topic that floats around the web daily some worthwhile reading some don’t but i try to find those that gives you practical advice and how to optimize in plain simple terms

  4. That article on PageRank factors was really interesting, for one main reason. Why would Google strip the value of comment, directory, footer, and sidebar backlinks when determining page rank, but still allow them to be a determining factor for moving your page up in the SERPs? Is this some kind of foreshadowing for a future move towards stripping the value of these kinds of links for organic rankings? Or is it something that will remain seperate? A very curious finding for sure.

    1. You pick out a very important point but as we Google or Mr G we never know for sure what cards they have up their sleeves so my best bet on this one is to wait and see. Glad that the articles were of interest to you thanks for your comment.

  5. I’m often to blogging and i actually admire your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and preserve checking for brand spanking new information.

    1. Thanks for stopping by i am happy to know that you found the content interesting and looking forward to see you around more often feel free to browse around and share your thoughts

  6. PHP BB must have come with SEO feature but I want a different system which is simpler than PHPBB forum. Can any one suggest please? Thsnks……

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