How to Get Help With Marketing Your Website

If you are a small business, and you know a website will make all the difference to your income, there are many ways you can get help with your online marketing. Without marketing your own website, no one will ever see it. Before it can work for you, you will need to do some work on it. Doing all the work yourself might mean a lot of effort before you see any results, and so here is a look at how you can get others to help you.

Students & Internship. Writing articles and posting them online is a big part of marketing a website. You could look for students who are looking to earn an income. You might need to teach them a little bit about your profession. Hopefully, you can find those who are already learning about your business. You could use their article writing as a part of an internship.

Professional Writers and Content Producers.Getting professional writers who know how to write interesting articles that really get attention online, will probably seriously boost your website traffic and search engine optimisation. Remember there are people out there who do this as their income source. Other professional freelancers specialise in producing short online videos too.

Client Participation. Consider getting your viewers and potential clients to participate in your business. If you are a serviced base business or trade’s person you could consider running a contest where you give away a free job or discount. A travel agency is my favourite example. Travel stories make some of the best reading. Be creative in relation to your industry.

Social Media. Have you ever thought about getting your friends to mention you on Facebook or Twitter. They should do it, as if they were your real client. This is a little sneaky, but you can be doing the same for them. This will have a huge amount of influence in search results in the future for both of your businesses among more than just your networks. Remember, it is friends’ friends, who this will spread out to. A very savvy way to make the most out of your existing professional and personal relationships. Nobody will ever be the wiser. Big companies are paying people to do this already, and so you might as well do it yourself! You can take this strategy and share the same kind of support among many websites and networking communities.

SEO company. The best thing about this option is simple. They are the best at doing this, and because they have all the systems set up, and due to the economies of scale, you can get a huge amount of online visibility with their techniques and strategies. Invest small as you start, and as your income builds, increase the amount of work you would like them to do.


31 thoughts on “How to Get Help With Marketing Your Website”
  1. Its better to get help through SEO company …your post is very informative as usual.

    1. Getting help from a Seo company is always advisable however if you are a blogger starting out on a low budget then this might not be an option because some seo company can be very costly. Point well taken.

  2. I would also add to the list that, depending on what you’re looking for, looking on a site like guru can be helpful when looking for people to do freelance work (sometimes at reduced rates) for your company. I know that my company has found freelancers to assist us with our SEO endeavors before, just as an example.

    1. You are spot on with your example i had a consultation for my website sometime ago from a Seo firm and it was great and all i had to do was to write a testimony for the consulttant.

  3. For promoting our website we need to work on various field which you already mentioned but these all points are covered in Search Engine Optimization or SEO technique from where we can get good result.

    1. You sum it up quite nicely we all need to work hard on promoting our website and leaving comments on other blogg is a great way of oing that which isn’t all that time consuming and very cost effective.

  4. Good and unique content along with proper SEO works for marketing websites.
    Social media is also helpful.Nice and interesting post as usual Gary 🙂 keep it up.

    1. Thanks Shabnam As always good content is essential and add Seo to it you can’t go wrong this is what helps drive organic traffic to our blog. Thanks for your input.

  5. The way that you started up this post and the last tie up with SEO is good. I like to follow your point Students & Internship. ya we can get quality articles from them

    1. Thanks Tessa fo your warm words and for taking the time to add your voice to the debate here at you participation is much appreciated.

  6. I find that very logical since we take the advantage of learning from SEO company from where we will be taught of what we need and have to do.

    1. Hi Luffy it seems as if this is your first visit here so firstly welcome to my blog and i do hope that this is not your lost visit and i sincerely hope to have you around to be a part of the community. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  7. One thing I’ve found that GREATLY increases traffic to your site is offering Podcasts. Podcasts are the future of radio, and if you can get a few employees together to chat about the content of your site, peppered with a bit of humor, you can gain a loyal following of users who will keep coming back to your site.

    1. Hi Greg i must say that i agree with you podcast has evolved over the years and has become a great marketing tool ever since the likes of website like youtube video has become so popular of late

  8. SEO is important factor in internet marketing. Off page technique in particular must be done in order to increase your website popularity.Article marketing, forum posting, directory submission and social bookmarking are some ways to promote your site.

    1. Search Engine Optimization still and will always plays a factor in our Internet marketing Strategy and as you have rightly mentioned directory submission and Social Bookmarking websites like digg and the others plays a crucial role

  9. I also market my site using offline method such as business cards. I think putting video, series and podcasts also help in marketing.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. offlne methods are a great way of marketing your website or blog you can use things like printed tee shirts or brochure to help your blog get publicity. Thanks for your input ashvini

  10. I like this list. I find that SEO is unavoidably necessary (and believe me, I’ve tried to avoid it!), but I also can appreciate those offline tactics as well, especially if they tie in with online strategy. For instance, handing out business cards with a URL to a specific landing page created for people who have my cards. Or something. =)


  11. It’s a great post, you really are a good writer! I’m so glad someone like you have the time, efforts and dedication writing, for this kind of article… Helpful, And Useful.. Very nice post!

  12. Definitely SEO and Social media are the major and significant factors indeed for website development and marketing………….. social media is the best tool for marketing, through which we can interact with people soon and its really helpful for marketing! Thanks @ lawmacs 🙂

  13. I’d say that it’s also worth considering promoting a website with old fashioned off-line methods, such as making sure it is mentioned on all print advertising.

    A website can easily replace brochures, but they do not really replace a flyer.

    Whereas in the past, people would have been asked to send off for a brochure if they are interested in the flyer, they can now just be directed to the website.

  14. Through internet can help to market your site.. we can get more tips and tutorial
    online. Like your tips here it does help the newbies in marketing..

  15. These are great options on how to market a website. But if you have enough financial resources I recommend that business owners hire people who are knowledgeable in internet/online marketing.

  16. We look at it as that you can’t really get the full benefit from seo without having a social media campaign in alignment. Especially considering all the algorithmic changes in the search engines.

  17. Onsite SEO is a must, and therefor it is more important than offsite SEO. Getting help from a pro with onsite SEO is a good idea, that way all of your other efforts won’t be wasted. Great article and great tips!

  18. I like to follow your point Students & Internship. Especially considering all the algorithmic changes in the search engines.

  19. It’s true that hiring a SEO company is the best course of action if you want to get the best and most reliable marketing campaign. However there are things you need to consider before hiring a company. You need to verify the site’s Page rank and their methods in building backlinks. There are a lot of SEO company out there, some are good and some are bad. Checking their Site’s PR is a good indication if the SEO company will be able to deliver positive results.

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